AN: I'm not terribly fond with how this story is progressing, I'll keep it up but I think its because first year means introducing things and working with 11 year olds. Being 22 I don't really remember what being 11 was like so I'm having trouble. I think once I work bullying, romance, drama, and malicious behavior into the mix it'll go along a little smoother.

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A Proper Introduction

Life was going pretty smoothly their first week at Hogwarts for the four boys; they were getting closer to one another and making new friends both from within their house and outside of it. Though they began to realize that they hardly even knew the girls in their year. Knew their faces, sure. Names? Yeah. But personality? Who were they?

So one weekend evening when the boys entered the tower from a rather exhausting few hours in the library trying to finish a transfiguration essay they saw the four girls sitting on the couch in front of the roaring fire. There were several other students in the common room as well, but not many, and those who were there were talking quietly in a group or working on a paper for a class.

Sirius determinedly walked up to the girls and gave them all a goofy smile, a smile that in only a couple years would become a smile that could melt the heart of any teenage girl.

"I'm Sirius, Sirius Black and this here is James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew."

The girls looked up and blinked for a moment, surprised at the sudden introduction by this boy they had only ever seen. After exchanging a small look between them they seemed to accept how this was going to happen and replied.

"Kathleen Rizen," the bushy haired brunette said first. "You can call me Kat."

"Michelle Franklin," the light brown haired girl said. "Nice to meet you," she flashed them a he smile that forced her to squint her eyes.

Next was the red head who had been talking to Andy for a moment. "Lily Evans," she said pleasantly. "It's a pleasure."

"Andrena Volk," Andy said. "Call me Andy."

"Well," Sirius said. "It's great to meet all of you, you girls having fun so far?"

"Oh yes," Lily said excitedly. "I'm so overwhelmed with all of this; I wish Petunia could see me now she would be so jealous! She's my older sister." She explained with a giggly smile.

"Lily here is a muggle-born," Kat informed with a knowing smile.

"Ah," Sirius said sitting down with a level of suave an eleven year old shouldn't possess. "So you're new to all this then, huh? I bet your letter was exciting."

"Well actually," Lily began. "Mum and dad didn't believe it at first, took three letters for them to believe something weird was happening regardless of what I told them. Then Professor Dumbledore came to the house to explain what was happening in detail. They didn't know what to make of it all at first. I mean, how could all this actually be real? It's incredible, magic is amazing, I still can't believe I'm a witch!"

James laughed. "Yes, I imagine it would be quite a shock."

"You grew up with all this right?" Lily asked.

"Oh yeah," James said. "All four of us."

"That must have been so wicked," Lily said barely containing herself.

"Not as much as you'd like it to be," Andy said rolling her eyes a little. "No underage magic, even for us, Lil." She reminded Lily.

"Even so, I've been reading up on this whole world, it's fascinating! History of Magic is just so interesting, I mean, I suppose Professor Binns could be a little more exhilarating but he's a ghost, what do you want from him? Oh goodness, am I talking too much?"

"Little bit," Kat said with a sly grin.

"Hey," Sirius said looking at her with narrowed eyes. "Have I met you before?"

She raised a brow. "I don't know, why?"

"You look familiar is all."

"Both have pure blood family." Andy pointed out and Sirius gave her a surprised look. "What? You're a Black, you're the purest of the pure," she rolled her eyes.

"Didn't know my family was so famous." Sirius commented. "If I wasn't ashamed of their very existence I would be excited. But back to you," he pointed at Kat and leaned in to get a better look at her. "I have met you, and you are a pure blood?"

"Yeah," Kat snorted. "My family isn't exactly on great terms with any other pure bloods and with mum marrying Steven, a muggle, that makes me the last pure blood of the immediate family, aside from mum."

"Who is you're father?"

"Avery Longbottom," she answered.

"Oi," James said. "Are you related to Frank?"

She nodded. "My dad was his uncle."

At the mention of "was" everyone fell silent; they didn't realize her mother had remarried due to the death of her father.

"Pure blood families are confusing, I don't quite understand it all." Lily said after a moment.

"You're telling me," James said leaning back. "And they're running out of people to marry, soon the pure blood line will die."

"Is that such a problem?" Sirius asked. "A world of half-bloods sounds pretty awesome to me."

"So these houses," Lily asked suddenly. "Why does Slytherin hate us?" She leaned forward clear that she wanted to learn more. "I have a friend and he got sorted into Slytherin and whenever they see him talking to me they make fun of him. These three just say that's the way it is, no help at all."

"Slytherins and Gryffindors have an old world grudge against one another, goes all the way back to the founders." Remus explained reasonably.

"Yes," Andy agreed. "But Slytherins are also filled with pig headed jerks who think everyone is trash but them regardless of blood status."

"Wow," Michelle said dully. "Way to generalize a whole house."

"Who is you're friend?" Peter asked looking back to Lily.

She smiled. "This nice boy, I met him in the playground back home one day, he was the one who told me I was a witch when he saw me levitating some flower petals in the field. We were friends for a couple years until we each got our Hogwarts letters, though I wish we could have been put in the same house. That would have been great to be with someone I know, not that you guys aren't fantastic." She smiled to her friends.

"But what was his name?" Peter asked again.

"Oh sorry," she said. "Severus, Severus Snape."

Sirius snorted and was about to make a joke along the lines of 'oh that greasy haired weirdo in Potions' but then thought better of it when he saw the look Lily shot him. It truly was icy.

"Do you make fun of him too?" She asked defensively. "Because he is my best friend and I will not tolerate making fun of him."

Sirius shook his head despite the small grin that remained on him face.

Lily seemed annoyed at this and stood up. "I'm going to bed." She said defiantly. "I'll see you all in the dorm room." She told the other girls and stomped up the stairs.

Michelle let out a long breath and followed her without another word. They could hear her trying to calm Lily down as they walked up the stairs and eventually out of earshot.

Andy snorted and allowed a small grin. "Personally I don't like that Severus kid too much," she said in a low voice as if Lily could still hear. "He's a real nice guy to her, but then whenever anyone else talks to him he's kind of a jerk."

Kat nodded. "We went to talk to her once outside when they were together by the lake and you would not believe the look he gave us, like we were interrupting the most important moment of his life."

"We've come across him," James said with a nod. "Didn't say much until we charmed his books out of his hands with that handy levitation charm Professor Flitwick showed us." He high fived Sirius.

Andy smirked. "You guys did that? We saw it all the way from the lake it was hilarious."

Kat smiled, she clearly thought it was humorous too. "And, need I remind you, made Lily stop talking to you for two days? You openly laughed." She giggled a little.

"So did you!"

"Well," Sirius said with a broad smile. "I'm glad we provide you all with good entertainment."

Remus couldn't say he enjoyed it when the other boys made that lonely kid drop his books like that. He felt rather sorry for him and if he wasn't surrounded by three laughing boys who were supposed to be his friends he probably would have. He just didn't want to loose the only three real friends he had his whole life. He would be dorm mates with these boys for the next seven years. He was in deep.

A cat ran along the ground and brushed against the back of Remus' legs pulling him out of his thought. "Huh?" He jumped looking down at his feet.

"Look at that," Andy said leaning down and picking up the calico cat that was circling around Remus' feet. "Vega doesn't normally get along with strangers. You must have a way with cats."

Remus forced a humorless laugh. "Actually they've never really been a fan of me."

"Well," Andy said letting go of the squirming animal. "She likes you, at least. Stop that," she said picking her up again so she would stop batting at Remus' robes.

"Oh no," Remus said reaching over to pet the young animal in Andy arms. "She's sweet, I don't mind."

"Jeez," Kat said with a huff. "She hated all of us for the first two nights; she still only lets Andy feed her. It's like she doesn't trust anyone else."

"Give her time, I've only had her for a few months now, she still doesn't really like my mother, she liked my father though." Andy mussed letting her go.

Sirius smiled down at the animal who stared up at him and hissed, he was immediately taken back by this. "I didn't do anything."

"You don't have to of done anything." Kat laughed.

James laughed and Sirius crossed his arms and made a face at the cat. "Thinks she's such a little princess, doesn't she?" He asked Andy who gave a curt nod.

At that moment the portrait door swung open and Frank Longbottom walked in followed by Alice Kallsworth, a third year Gryffindor.

"Oh hello," Frank said with a smile. "You all know Alice?"

She gave a small wave, "I've seen the new kids around," she said with a smile. "It's nice to finally meet you."

"I'm helping her with her Potions essay," Frank said to them. "I am… we came here to get her potions book before heading over to the library. That's what we're doing." He sounded almost defensive. "Melissa knows what we're doing," he added, Melissa was his Ravenclaw girlfriend.

"That's nice," Kat said still grinning at him.

"Go on," Frank said pushing her along. "Go get your book, I'll wait here."

"Alright," Alice said and skipped up the stairs two at a time.

Kat gave Frank a short mocking giggle. "You've been hanging out with Alice a lot I've noticed."

Frank stared at his little cousin. "You're eleven; don't talk about matters you don't understand."

Kat bit her bottom lip. "I might be eleven, but I do notice the plainly obvious."

"Wait," Sirius said with a blank look. "What's plainly obvious?"

The two girls tilted their heads incredulously. "Really?" Andy asked.

Sirius looked to James who then looked to Remus and then Peter. "We're lost," Sirius stated.

Frank nodded. "Good, stay that way," he said as Alice hopped down the last step and met him again.

She grinned at him a little out of breath; she really must have ran to get her book. "I got my book, Frank."

"Wonderful, lets go, that Grindylow essay isn't going to write itself." With one last look at them Frank lead Alice out of the Gryffindor Common Room and away from the prying eyes of his cousin and her little friends.

Kat huffed at Andy who returned the look.

"Seriously," James said. "We don't get it, he's helping her with an essay what's so terrible about that?"

Andy shook her head as she scooped up Vega. "There's nothing terrible about that, absolutely nothing at all." She and Kat both stood up at that moment. "We should go check on Lily and Michelle, make sure they're not bashing us too much up there."

"See you later, guys," Kat said and they walked up the stairs to their common room.

James snorted and folded his arms leaning back against the couch. "Can you believe that? They didn't tell us what was going on, on purpose!"

"Girls," Sirius shook his head. "And did you head how that Lily girl was talking about Snape? I mean, really, she's friends with that weirdo?"

"Probably not for much longer," Peter added to the conversation. "I mean, he is Slytherin and she is Gryffindor."

Remus cleared his throat. "Yeah, right?" He said lamely. "I mean, he's a real slimeball that one, looks like he doesn't even wash his hair."

Sirius laughed. "You're right, Remy! We'll be sure to bring that up to him next time we see him, eh?"

Now Remus felt bad, he just wanted to contribute to the conversation now the poor boy was going to be getting even more grief and it was his entire fault.

"What time is it getting to be?" Remus asked desperately trying to change the conversation.

Sirius looked down at his watch. "We have about an hour until dinner, maybe then we can ask Fabian and Gideon what all that nonsense with Frank is about. They probably know and will probably tell us." He said looking up to the girls dorms with a sneer that only a Black could give.