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That Ass

Tony Stark watched the news on his panoramic television with a smirk tugging on one end of his mouth. The Avengers—that's what they called themselves now—had saved the world from imminent destruction and now every being on the planet adored them. There were news clips of a small boy fangirling over Banner and the big, green monster inside of him. Other clips of people getting Rogers' Captain America star tattooed into their arms. And one clip, that inflated his ego more than it already was, of men getting their facial hair shaved to mirror Tony's.

"You shouldn't watch so much television." Steve strode into the room, brushing a damp curl out of his eyes. He had just come from the Avengers gym and sweat dotted his forehead, the veins in his perfectly sculpted muscles standing out quite nicely…

Focus Stark, focus. Cue snarky remark.

"Just because you're an American icon doesn't mean you can enter other people's rooms without asking." Tony swiped his hand across the screen and made the news clips disappear. "I'm pretty sure that even in your day, people knew to knock before they entered. How'd you get in anyway?"

Tony leaned against his workdesk and watched, with folded arms, as Steve strode across the lab to stand in front of him.

"I let him in sir." Jarvis' voice echoed through the lab and Tony rolled his eyes as Steve smiled that damn perfect smile of his.

"Jarvis…" Tony sighed in annoyance and pushed himself away from Steve in an effort to preserve his sanity. Standing so close to him got his heart worked up and made the arc reactor in his chest glow a bit brighter. Steve was already obsessed with the thing, with technology in general, and if he got close enough to touch it…

"What are you working on?" Steve inquired, trying unsuccessfully to pull up Tony's computer. His face was scrunched up in concentration and Tony allowed a small laugh to escape his lips before he walked over to assist.

"You're trying too hard," Tony muttered, standing behind the slightly taller man and wrapping his fingers around Steve's wrist. He guided his hand slowly, the computer screen pulling up and glowing underneath his fingertips.

"Your technology will always amaze me Stark." Steve's eyes glanced over the screen, his eyes lighting up as he took in all of it.

"Yeah well, I am pretty amazing." Both men laughed a little, turning to look at each other. Steve's blue eyes locked on Tony's brown ones and suddenly Tony realized how close the two actually were. He hoped that Steve couldn't feel his heart beating against his back.

Tony pulled away and took a few steps back, standing at what he thought was a safe distance. "You're pretty full of yourself Stark. I'm starting to wonder if that's actually your personality or if it's a show for the press."

Tony arched an eyebrow and cocked his head a bit. "Well, the press does seem to get a kick out of it—"

"There's no press here Tony." Steve cut him off and Tony's heart sped into overdrive.

Steve just called him by his first name. Holy shit.

Tony cleared his throat. "Yeah. Yeah, I know that."

"Then why do you still put on that disguise when you know no one is around? Are you hoping it's going to impress someone?" Steve took a step forward and now they were once again only one step apart.

"Well I…"

"Mr. Stark, Mr. Banner wishes to see you. Something about gamma ray radiation?" Jarvis spoke up again and thank god. Tony usually hated interruptions, but this one was more than welcome.

"Sorry Cap, Banner wants my brains." Tony's eyebrows furrowed together and he tapped his chin. "That sounded a lot less gruesome in my head. You're welcome to see yourself out." Tony exited the lab through the sliding glass door and bounded up the stairs, leaving Captain America staring after him.

"There's no one here that you need to impress Tony," he said quietly to the closed door and empty lab, raking his fingers through his sweaty blonde hair.

He needed a shower.

"So what's with you and Rogers?" Bruce asked, nudging the glasses up his nose before pushing a few screens away and pulling some more up. The question startled Tony, and he was glad that Banner was too busy with his work to be looking at him when he spoke.

"What do you mean what's with us?" Tony pushed away the old picture of Steve in the bottom corner of his screen.

"I don't know, you tell me. Things between you two seem a little, tense. And frankly, sort of awkward." He let out a small laugh. "Not that I would know really."

"The Hulk must be getting to you," Tony muttered, sweeping his whole screen away. "Because I have no idea what you're talking about."

The science bros. finished the remainder of their work in relative quiet before Tony announced that he was going to get some sleep. Banner waved an only-half-interested goodbye and Tony left Banner's lab, travelling back up the Avengers tower towards his own room.

He didn't realize how tired he really was until he started stumbling around the halls like he was drunk, and he definitely didn't recall having any drinks in the past few hours. He leaned against the wall, slowly sliding down it before seating himself on the floor. He'd just rest a little and then go inside and go to sleep.

That sounded like a nice plan.

Steve made his way back to his own room from the kitchen. He had gotten thirsty in the middle of the night and wondered if Tony was still up, thinking that maybe they could have a drink together, but he decided against it. He was probably still working with Banner on science stuff that he'd never understand.

Steve sighed. Having Tony's room across from his own was both a blessing and a curse.

He rounded the corner and gasped at the sight. Tony was sprawled on the floor in front of his door, sleeping. One hand was on his chest, partially covering the arc reactor and casting a unique shadow onto the ceiling. Steve moved to kneel down next to him. He was breathing softly and steadily, wearing that Black Sabbath shirt that he was so fond of. His hair was messy and he hadn't shaved in a while, dark stubble dotting his jawline. Was Tony even aware of how attractive he was?

Steve shook his head, his still damp hair flopping around on his head. He shouldn't be having these thoughts about his friend. In his day, having sexual relations with people of the same sex was illegal. And if he didn't control his thoughts, sexual acts sure would be happening…

But then again, Steve Rogers wasn't back in his own time. It was 2012 and that wasn't illegal anymore. He and Tony could get together if they wanted to. Well, if Tony wasn't completely straight they could.

Abandoning his current thoughts, Steve figured he should probably get Tony into bed, so he scooped the man up carefully in his arms, his eyes widening a bit when he noticed that the arc reactor in his chest glowed just a little brighter. Shrugging it off as something normal, he asked Jarvis to let him in.

"Did Mr. Stark fall asleep outside again?" Jarvis asked as the door swung open, allowing him in. Steve smiled softly.

"Yeah. He did." He headed down the hall towards Tony's room, nudging the door open with his foot. He glanced around the elegant room and moved to the seemingly oversized bed, gently placing Tony down in it. He pulled the covers up over the man, smoothing down his wild hair before standing.

"Goodnight Tony," he said softly, heading towards the door. Tony peeked open an eye and watched Steve as he left, his eye on the pajama pants that were a little tight in the rear.

That ass.

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