Quick little Memorial Day Drabble (or MDD XD) Enjoy :D

Draw a circle that's the Earth,

Draw a circle that's the Earth,

Draw a circle that's the Earth,

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Britain hated the fourth of July, when America was even louder than usual, smiling like he was dumber than he already was, and setting off enough fireworks for a dozen Chinese New Years.

He hated President's Day, when America dressed himself in stars and stripes, his face glowing with pride, stupid grin growing even wider and stupider, singing his patriotic songs loudly and off-key.

But he hated Memorial Day most of all.

Sure, America would act like he was happy, inviting other nations over for barbeque and a water gun fight, yelling and smiling like he always did- but it was different. Underneath it all, America was… off.

Britain just happened to be around one Memorial Day, and, on a whim, he decided to follow America home after the party.

America hummed The Star-Spangled Banner while he walked to a graveyard, a brown paper bag hanging off his arm. He entered and strode up to a certain place. That bright smile was gone, replaced by an air of melancholy.

America reached into the paper bag, pulling out a miniature American flag. He laid the flag gently over the grave, stopping a moment to close his eyes. He did the same to the others, pulling out flag after flag, until he'd given them all out. Then he stood there for a longtime, perfectly still. He even cried a little.

"Thanks you guys…what you did…it means a whole lot to me," he said, softly. (Britain never knew America could be so quiet.)

"But, if I had one wish," he continued, "I guess it would be…that you didn't have to die just so I could be free. I wish that you could've lived."

He turned, cast one last look over his shoulder, and then left without another word. He never even noticed Britain.

Once America was gone, Britain went to the graves, kneeling down and reading faded writing- each grave was a fallen U.S soldier.

He shouldn't have been surprised-that's what America had Memorial Day for, wasn't it?

He just didn't expect America to care so much. But then again, America was full of surprises, wasn't he?


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