Chapter one

The sky was overcast with heavy clouds. Rain and fog made it impossible to see the horizon. The daylight did not really show up and the evening darkness came early. The bleakness of the weather had a great impact on the character of the Irish people. Even the buildings and their architecture were examples, Ashford Castle being no exception. The cold and roughness of the nature was present in the old walls and lead to depression and resentment of the inhabitants. Within it's 500 year history the castle had seen a lot. It outlived a lot of owners who did not properly take care of it. It was only because of the patience and generosity of the businesspeople in town and the dedication of the employees, that the castle still showed some dignity and beauty. Now the new owner had been living there for a couple of days and he was already sure he would not and could not keep the castle. During these couple of days a lot had happened and put him and his wife through quite a trial.

Laura Holt-Steele, as she called herself after the unfortunate wedding, woke up in the middle of the night in her old and cold bedroom. She was alone in her bed. Dozily she let her eyes wander through the room until they set on a forlorn person in front of the fireplace, wrapped in a warming blanket to have some protection against the cold. "Oh come on, Harry!" she called out and walked over to him. After he found out Daniel was his real father, Laura decided to call him Harry, too. "Mr. Steele" was not an appropriate name for a husband and was most likely to bring nothing but difficulties. She did not like "Remington" as a real name and "Remy" made her think of a pretty, but stupid and evil-minded cheerleader. Laura assumed, Daniel had a reason to call her husband Harry so she decided to do the same. Remington Steele would continue his work as Remington Steele, and this would just support Laura's idea of keeping business and pleasure strictly apart.

But now, in the middle of the night he was her husband Harry. And good old Harry was sitting in front of the fireplace, staring into glow going out, as he did all the previous nights. Laura was mad. She could not stop thinking of Tony Roselli. Though he definitely lacked style and beauty but she missed his cheerfulness and vitality even more, now that Harry threatened to drown in sorrow and gloom more and more every day.

"Harry?" she asked as she sat down right next to him. "For how long do you think you will continue with this?" He lifted his head and Laura saw that he had been crying again over Daniel's final letter. "Oh come on", she said. Maybe to comfort him, but the annoyance in her voice betrayed her. "You know what, let's go back to Los Angeles. The sunshine will be good for your disturbed mood and if it won't get better soon we'll find some professional help for you. All those dull thoughts can't help you. Get over it!" Shakily Steele rose to his feet. „Laura, it seems to me you are not able to take my problems for serious. My entire life I was – incomplete. I lack something that everybody in this world takes for granted. Just because you gave me a – actually extremely silly – name does not mean this is my real name. And not my real life. I am so sick of always having to borrow things. Especially identities. Now you call me Harry. Why not Gordon or Mick, Douglas or Tony? It is so degrading! For me there is no happiness in this world as long as I do not know who I really am and where my family is. You may just go back to L. A., but I will stay here and try to find my ancestors."