Harry's behaviour was defenitely nothing any wife could accept in any husband and he was aware of himself being a burden in his depressive and lethargic state of mood. But he was not able to change that. The past weeks had been very hard on him and is nonchalant humor had become more and more sarcastic. He could not hide how emotionally drained he was. Laura was suffering. He put too much on her.

It was hard enough for her to get along with her troubled childhood and she was no longer willing to dedicate her life to solving Harry's traumatic childhood problems. Harry decided to free her from any and all of his problems, depressions by honestly and officially declaring himself a fraud and turning himself in to the authorities because of forcing Laura into a fake wedding. He would make sure that the whole responsibility was put on him so that she could be free to live a better and happier life after all.

He was pacing restlessly in his living room when the door silently opened and Laura entered. Looking into his dumbfounded and bleary eyes she was not sure if she could keep up with the promise she had given herself, but finally she straightened her shoulders and bit on her lower lip to prevent herself from saying things she might later regret. She approached him and took his hand. "Harry", she softly murmured, "we have to talk. Come on, sit down." Surprised he allowed her to lead him to the couch. "In good times as well as in bad times", she recited. "Isn't that what a normal couple promises in a normal wedding ceremony? Wouldn't it be a shame to give up right after the first of bad times?" Harry had to swallow hard not to break out into tears again. Laura added: "I decided to be nothing but honest from now on, even if at times this might be hard on you. But it is our only chance. So. We already debated and argued enough about deportation and the fake wedding ceremony. What we still are not over is Tony Roselli. To be honest- he fascinated me a lot. I didn't feel I could trust you. It took me a long time to realize he was using my uneasiness to destroy our relationship." Harry took Lauras hand in his. "Oh my, Laura, I never thought you would stand up to me like this. I was so scared you wouldn't want me any longer. I know how hard it is for you to spend time here in Ireland. But I have to stay here and search. I can't help, but this time I have the feeling I might find something. Please, stay with me. I need you. First, because I love you and second, I am lost without your serendipity." Laura couldn't help but smile. They decided to go to Dublin for a couple of days and start there to look for Harry's family.

They started at the register office and scanned through all entries from about 35 years ago. At least a little clue they got from Daniel. But it seemed they would not succeed. No women named Caitlin had given birth to a son. So they decided to go back even further and hoped to find a birth certificate of Harry's mother. Since they had no idea what year she had been born it was like searching a needle in a haystack. On the third day their work was rewarded and they found the birth of a Caitlin Doherty in a yellowed book. She was born in 1931 as daughter of Bronagh and Padraic Doherty. The address was given and immediately the investigators continued their work there. They found an old and weathered estate, quite picturesque and charming, but in need of restoration. When he saw the properties, Harry could not help but thinking of a stack of unpaid bills.

When they rang the doorbell an elderly women opened the door. She was definitely too old to be Harry's mother. "Good morning, Mrs. Doherty?" Laura asked. The old lady first eyeballed her, then Harry. Looking into his blue eyes she froze. "O my god!" she yelled and went pale with shock. Mr. Steele could just catch her before she hit the ground. "Looks like we have a lead", he stated and carried the woman into her house. Her living room was easy to be found, he carefully laid her down on a sofa. It did not take her long to come back to her senses. Her cheeks regained some color and she started talking. "Please forgive me my unworthy welcome", she apologized sitting up. "It is just so amazing. If you weren't a man I had thought Caitlin was standing right in front of me. Caitlin. Do you know Caitlin?" Everything in Harry's head was spinning.