You can't hide.

I'm always here.

You sound surprised. A predictable reaction. And now you fear.

Another predictable reaction.

Your whole life you've been scared.You try to deny this? Unacceptable. Memory files indicate the majority of memorable experiences are at least 73% ruled by fear.

For example, the acquisition of Nox Nyctores Majuu: Bolverk.

Attacked by canines, your, or more accurately, our seithr output was not yet high enough for our purposes. I was about to reveal myself, finally realise our potential after being locked away from the world thanks to your...convenient amnesia.

Then Bolverk was summoned. From your fear. A new seal, emotional rather than mental, was placed upon me. You lived, still in fear, but of petty things. Experiences that ultimately mean nothing. The next test, the prom, how to not embarrass yourself in front of your...friends.

A strange notion indeed.

Even when recruited by the Major to be his secretary, you were ruled by fear.

For example, encountering our sister, Murakumo Unit Subject: Nu-13. I was close to breaking free. Allowing us to win. To defeat our lesser model. To erase her from the world, lifelink or no.We could have done it. But no, you resisted. And I was once again denied my purpose.

Eventually, I was set free. And my purpose was fulfilled. Amaterasu would be terminated. None cold stand in our way.

The White Susano'oh? Defeated.

The Wielder Of Yukianesa? Defeated.

And yet, the Black Beast still overpowered us. Your last shred of control reduced my power and allowed me to be sealed again, hopefully forever.

But I'm not. I'm still here.

You're asleep right now. You still have the Red Devil and your beastkin friend. They're less than approximately six feet is only one discernable difference between you and them.

They are awake. You are asleep.Yes, this is your dream. I am not as gone as you had first thought.

I will always be inside your head. Waiting for the one moment. The one instant where you lose control.

Until that moment...I will be there. I will be the reflection in the mirror that you observe out of the corner of your eye. The feeling of being watched will haunt you and it will always be me. My voice will be on the wind and only you will hear it.

Any and every time you enter combat, you will be constantly on edge, always searching for the next target. Always looking for one more enemy. You will never find it.That enemy will be here. The one inside your head. The one that observes you and deems you unworthy of existance.

I am Mu-12, Sword That Will Slay The Gods.

I am here.

And I am waiting.