My Bestfriend's Girlfriend

Chapter 3

Author's Notes: Third chapter here. Guess who makes her guest appearance in this chapter. Unlike the previous chapter, this chapter will contain only a little bit of Filipino elements/references. If you haven't watched My Bestfriend's Girlfriend yet, then I encourage you to watch it. That'll give you a clue as to what movie I'm parodying. I think there's one uploaded on YouTube with subtitles in it. To those who have added this story to their story alerts, thank you! Anyway, have fun reading! Positive, negative, and in-depth reviews are all welcome.

Disclaimer: I do not own My Bestfriend's Girlfriend, the characters of Sailor Moon, and Playstation Portable (PSP).

List of Filipino words you will encounter along the way:

Mang - a title of familiar respect used with the first name of a man. It's sort of similar to Mister.

Yaya – is used to refer to maids or nannies.

Setsuna comes out of her house wearing a black dress. She is being followed by her two maids. Setsuna gets her white purse from one of her maids.

Haruka, riding a red motorbike, enters the mansion of her girlfriend Setsuna.

"Good morning Sir!"

Setsuna's driver, a man in his late 40s, wearing a white short-sleeved button shirt, black pants, and black leather shoes, greets Haruka and closes the gate. For the nth time, he mistakes Haruka as a boy.

Haruka performs a "wheelie", a vehicle maneuver where the front wheel comes off the ground, on her motorbike before parking it on the driveway.

"I'm here." Haruka says.

"You're late." Setsuna says.

"I am?" Haruka raises her left eyebrow and gives Setsuna a teasing look.

Setsuna crosses her arms.

"Haruka, how the heck am I going to ride THAT [motorbike] wearing THIS [dress]?"

Haruka gets off her motorbike and approaches Setsuna. Setsuna notices Haruka wearing a black leather jacket over a black shirt, black pants, and black rubber shoes.

"And please, change your clothes. We're going on a recital and you're wearing THAT? You look like a delinquent." Setsuna is already pissed off.

"Delinquent? Me? What are you saying Setsuna?"

Haruka smirks and kisses Setsuna on the cheek.

"Dang, you look hot today." Haruka says to Setsuna.

Haruka squeezes Setsuna's butt. This startles Setsuna. The maids bear witness to what Haruka did to Setsuna. Setsuna slaps Haruka's hand.


Haruka grins at Setsuna and kisses her on the cheek again.

"You know what? I don't want to go to the recital anymore. Let's stay here and have lots of fun. What do you say? Huh?"

Haruka grins and winks at Setsuna. Setsuna rolls her eyes. There's an awkward silence between Haruka and Setsuna. Seconds later, Haruka decides to break the ice.

"Are we gonna go or what?"

Setsuna stared angrily at Haruka for a moment. She then calls the attention of her driver.

"Mang Dado, please get the car ready. Haruka and I will ride there."

"Yes Ma'am." Mang Dado, the driver, replies.

"No way!" Haruka protests.

"Yes way." Setsuna said in a harsh tone.


When it comes to the stubbornness game, between Setsuna and Haruka, Haruka always ends up defeated.

Setsuna approaches the maid.

"Yaya, kindly prepare Haruka's suit."

"Yes Ma'am." The maids go their way to get their jobs done.

"No way! I will not wear that! It's too itchy." Haruka objects.

Setsuna walks away and ignores Haruka.


Haruka punches the wall.

Haruka and Setsuna are going down the stairs on the way to the recital. Haruka ends up wearing a suit anyway. She is wearing a grey suit with a black shirt and a black necktie. Setsuna clings onto Haruka's arm while they are going down the stairs. Haruka keeps on adjusting her necktie.

"Tss… if only Setsuna hadn't tied it too tightly…"

Along the way, Haruka and Setsuna meet their friends. One was male, wearing black-rimmed glasses and a long-sleeved white button shirt, while the other one is female, wearing a black dress.

"Setsuna, Haruka, glad you were able to make it." The male friend said.

"Nice suit by the way, Haruka" The female friend said.

"I agree." The male friend said.

Haruka forces a smile.

"Come, I'll introduce you to my friends." The female friend invited Haruka and Setsuna to come with them.

"See, I told you. You look good in that suit." Setsuna says to Haruka.

"Tss…" Haruka turns her head away from Setsuna and rolls her eyes.

A beautiful woman with wavy aquamarine hair, wearing a black gown, plays the violin on the stage. She is surrounded by people, all of whom are wearing formal dresses and suits. Among those people are Haruka and Setsuna. They are seated in the front row. While Setsuna is enjoying the music being played by the violinist, Haruka is busy playing a game in her white Playstation Portable (PSP).

"YES! YES!" Haruka shouts out loud, interrupting the violinist and turning all of the people's attention to her.

Everyone in the room stares at Haruka, including her girlfriend Setsuna. Haruka looks back at Setsuna and clears her throat. She hides her Playstation Portable in her suit.

"Yes… you're really good. Bravo. Bravo!" Haruka stands up, claps her hands, and praises the violinist. Everyone follows her lead. They too gave the violinist a round of applause.

The applause wanes and the violinist continues playing. Haruka gets her Playstation Portable from her suit and resumes her game. But before she can play, Setsuna confiscates her Playstation Portable. Setsuna gives Haruka an evil look. Haruka crosses her arms.

To be continued...