Through The Many Years And Marigolds

Baccano! Fanfiction

Summary: Not many people knew of the turbulent beginning of the Genoard-Gandor family, but those who did still don't know how they managed to stay together. A reflection on Luck and Dallas's family, from the 1930's all the way to 2012, though the hard start, the ups and downs, and the settling end to the roller coaster of life. LuckxDallas focus, shounen-ai, yaoi, mpreg.


Part One

September, 1933 – November, 1933

December, 1933 – January, 1934

March, 1934

April, 1934 – September, 1934

Introduction to Part One

Not many people knew of the turbulent beginning of the Genoard-Gandor family, but those who did still don't know how they managed to stay together. From that first cold September night when everything went wrong, to the rough November that same year when Dallas came to the Gandor house, to March when Luck's startling revelation came, to May 30th, perhaps the "official" beginning to their little family. That first year, from September to September, is all documented here, the beginning of the story...

Part One

1933, September

Dallas shifted slightly and let out a yawn, opening his eyes and sitting up. God, he was tired—what had happened last night, anyway? His eyes wandered to the dresser, where a small note sat on its edge. Taking it, Dallas examined the letter, before his stomach lurched and turned ice cold.

Sorry for last night. -Luck.

That was when he remembered. Running fingers through his reddish hair, Dallas fell back against the pillows, pulling his blanket over his bare midriff. Where the hell were his clothes, anyway? Oh, yes, strewn about the floor, right. Crumpling up the paper, Dallas threw it across the room at the wastebasket (it missed), before sitting up again. He'd better get changed before Eve came home today, and fix his room, get rid of any evidence that anyone else had ever been there that night. Nobody needed to know about what had happened there.

After he was dressed and had straightened up his room, Dallas went about the house to make sure nothing was awry. He was surprised to see that everything was very much the same as he'd left it before he'd gone out the night before. He'd at least expected something to be messed up from them drunkenly traipsing through the house, but apparently not.

Afterwords, Dallas lied on the couch for a while, trying to forget what had happened last night. He kept remembering, the way he felt when they'd touched, how Luck had kissed him, his hands moving down his waist, looking into his bright gold eyes as they...

Dallas swore under his breath and silently cursed Luck Gandor to the ends of the earth as he covered his eyes with one hand, sighing heavily. Damn him, taking advantage of him like that. It wasn't fair.

Benjamin came out later, asking him if he wanted breakfast, but Dallas refused. His stomach was still unsettled, and he didn't want to risk getting sick. He wouldn't want Eve to worry when she got home. She'd been away for a few weeks on business matters; Dallas had wanted to accompany her, but she declined. She'd wanted to go alone, and Dallas let her. Now that he thought about it, he was regretting that choice.

For a long while he waited for Eve to return home, watching and waiting to see their car appear in the driveway. Eventually, he fell asleep, still tired from waking up so early. Although he'd tried to stifle the memories while he was awake, he couldn't stop them while he slept. Vividly, he remembered the feeling of his hands gripping Luck's shoulders, face buried in the nape of his neck, panting heavily as Luck whispered into his ear, gently rocking him back and forth as they...

"Dallas?" Opening his cobalt blue eyes, Dallas looked up into the worried face of his younger sister, before sitting up suddenly. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Dallas replied, rubbing wearily at his head. "Just a little tired. And what about you, how was your trip?"

"Fine." Eve sat on the couch beside him, smoothing out the wrinkles in her dress. "I've missed you."

"Missed you too, little Eve," he smiled, pulling his sister close into a tight hug. A smile crossed Eve's face as well as she leaned in to the hug, wrapping her arms tightly around Dallas's figure.

This was one of the last good moments Dallas and Eve would have for quite some time.

A few weeks later

It was three o' clock in the morning, and most normal, sane people would be sleeping; in fact, that's exactly what Dallas had been doing, before he'd suddenly awoken and ran to the bathroom, one hand over his mouth, the other wrapped around his stomach. Now, he was vomiting violently into the toilet, like he'd been doing a lot that week. Shivering heavily, he wiped his mouth off with a nearby towel and curled up on the tile floor. He'd been inexplicably sick for some time, and neither he nor Eve knew what was causing it. It seemed to be bothering Eve an awful lot; she was always worried about hi, and kept telling Dallas to see a doctor. He refused every time, however.

"Again, Dallas?" The red-head turned, looking over at Eve, who wore an almost sad expression. "You should really see a doctor..."

"I don't wanna see a doctor," Dallas muttered, wrapping his arms around his stomach as he lied on the floor. "I don't need to see a doctor."

"Dallas, you're sick!" Eve exclaimed. "And I know, your body is immortal, but if this was normal then wouldn't you be better by now? Come on, I'll call the private doctor, please, Dallas..." She looked at him with silently pleading blue-green eyes, and finally, Dallas surrendered.

"Alright. Call him in the morning, okay? I'm tired." By the time Eve had left, Dallas was already asleep, curled up on the tile floor.

Nothing anyone could have said could have prepared the brother-sister duo for what happened the next day. The doctor came to the house, just as Eve specified, and after doing many uncomfortable and somewhat painful tests, Dallas was feeling quite unhappy and impatient. After he took one look at the doctor's face, however, that unhappiness and impatience faded to fear. He looked solemn and very grave, and almost confused.

"I'm not sure how this could have happened," he started to say. "I've heard of cases like this before, but I've never experienced it..."

"Just tell me what's wrong with me," Dallas growled, and the doctor sighed.

"Alright. You're pregnant." For a moment, all was silent as both Dallas and Eve stared at him.

"Is this your idea of a joke?" Dallas growled lowly, and the doctor shook his head. He still wore the same solemn and grave expression. He wasn't kidding, obviously, and Dallas realized this. Feeling sick and numb, he leaned against the couch, wrapping his arms around his stomach subconsciously.

"Since I don't know much about this kind of thing, I can't tell you anything," the doctor explained. "But I can direct you to someone who does know..."

The next thing he knew, Dallas was stepping shakily up the stairs to the home of Maiza Avaro, the Martillo family's bookkeeper. Dallas knew that Maiza had been one of the very first immortals, and, through his research and others' (mostly the now-imprisoned Huey Laforet), he had found out a lot about their new bodies.

After knocking on the door and hearing the loud barks of what must have been the dog he owned, Maiza's spectacled face appeared in the doorway, holding back and enormous fawn Cane Corso.

"Ah, hello Dallas, I've been wondering when I'd be seeing you—down, Pequeño...Luck told me about what happened between you two."

"So you already know then?" Dallas asked, surprised at his hospitality and tranquility about the whole subject. ""

"Yes, I was afraid this might happen," Maiza sighed as he was jerked to one side by the enormous dog. "Would you like to come inside?"

After he'd gotten past a curious Pequeño who'd attempted to sniff his entire body, Dallas sat on the couch, arms subconsciously around his stomach again. Maiza had been kind enough to pour him a glass of warm tea, and Dallas sipped gently on it, trying to ease his churning stomach. Maiza sat in the armchair in front of him, the dog curling up at his feet, apparently bored of the visitor.

"Luck doesn't know, does he?" Dallas asked quietly after a moment. "About this?"

"No, as of right now, I'm the only one besides you and your sister who know about your pregnancy." Dallas flinched at the last word and stared down at the floor, eyes stinging painfully.

"So what do I do?" Dallas murmured. " did this even happen?"

"Sometimes the elixir messes with the taker's body," Maiza explained. "It can change appearance, personality...and can add or take away organs and body parts."

"But I didn't drink the full elixir," he protested. "I had the imperfect elixir."

"Apparently it had the same effect," Maiza murmured. "Either way, this is still a relative unknown. Your pregnancy could proceed like a normal woman's, but since we don't know, it might be best if I can keep an eye on you for a while. Also, until the baby is born you'll be completely mortal, since the body inside of you is mortal. Unless..."

"Unless what?" Dallas barely whispered, finally looking up at Maiza's face.

"Unless you decide to terminate the pregnancy," Maiza finished. "At where you are, you might be able to terminate safely if you wish..."

"No," Dallas answered strongly. "No, I could never do that. Killing a man is one thing, but killing a baby..." He went quiet. "I'm definitely keeping it."

"Well, if that's what you want, then you should probably move in with me," Maiza suggested. "So I can keep an eye on you, like I said. There's a spare bedroom beside Ennis and Czeslaw's room..."

"Wait, Ennis lives here?" Dallas blurted out suddenly, face paling. "S-so does that mean..."

"Firo often comes and visits for long periods of time, yes," Maiza finished for him. "Don't worry, I'll explain it all to them in due time. As of right now, they're both away with Isaac and Miria on one of their trips again. They won't be back until next week." For a moment, the only sound in the room was Pequeño's heavy breathing and snores, before Dallas sighed heavily.

"Alright. I'll tell Eve tonight, and I'll come tomorrow morning," he murmured. He knew that she'd be heartbroken, but...for now, this was the only option.

"I'll have everything ready for you by the time you get here," Maiza told him as Dallas got his feet. "'re sure that you don't want Luck to know?" Dallas visibly stiffened at his name before shaking his head.

"He can't know about it now," Dallas murmured. "Maybe later, but not now."

That night, Dallas found it almost impossible to talk to Eve, but somehow, he managed. After dinner, he went with her up to her bedroom, where he sat on her bed to talk to her.

"Listen, Eve," he'd started to say, words catching in his throat. "I...I have to leave tomorrow morning, to go stay with Maiza, the guy the doctor told us about." The blonde girl turned suddenly, looking at her brother with wide eyes.

"Why, Dallas?" She asked, moving to sit closer to him. "Why...why do you have to go?"

"For the baby," Dallas replied, moving closer so Eve could lean on him. "And for me. Nobody really knows how this works, and...we just need to play it safe right now," Dallas sighed. "I'm not leaving forever..."

"I know," Eve whispered sadly, close to tears. " hasn't even been that long since you...since we..." She buried her face in Dallas's chest and started to sob. The older red-head just held her there for a while, letting her cry, before she pulled back, wiping tears from her eyes.

"One more night, Eve, we got one more night," he told her gently. "Let's make the most of it, alright?" And make the most of it they did.

The next morning, Dallas left before Eve awoke. It would be too painful for both of them if they waited until she woke. Dallas didn't have many things to pack, anyway; as soon as he was finished, he gave the still-sleeping Eve a kiss on the cheek, before finally leaving the house.

He'd been told to simply walk right in when he got there, so he did. All was quiet in the house; Maiza lie on the couch, glasses askew, curled under a thick blanket. Pequeño lied beside him on the floor, snoring happily. Dallas cautiously made his way up the stairs, past the first room that was obviously Ennis and Czeslaw's, and into the guest room.

It wasn't very big, which was fine with Dallas, but it wasn't too small either. There was a one-person bed, a dresser, a night table, a lamp, a desk, and one lone window with an old bird's nest outside on the sill. Sitting on the bed, Dallas dropped his bag of things and curled up on the bed, again wrapping his arms around his stomach. He felt sick as a dog; in fact, he'd already gotten sick twice before arriving. It was still so early, and Dallas was so very tired...within a few minutes of arriving, Dallas was asleep again.

Within that week, Dallas had fallen into a routine; wake up, get sick, eat breakfast, be sick again, sleep some more until lunch, eat lunch, get sick, lounge around until dinner, eat dinner, get sick, and go to bed. Overall, he was really too sick to do too many things; he called Eve a few times and talked to her, but never for very long. To him, this whole pregnancy thing was becoming tedious and tiring.

He'd also been told his due date, May 30th, and had marked it on a calendar he'd managed to get a hold of. May 30th, 1934, that was supposedly his son or daughter's seemed so far off, but it was already November. Only seven months left.

During that time, he'd also pondered over what to do about Luck. He was the father, after all. Due to his close contact with Maiza, Firo, and Ennis, Dallas had no doubt that Luck would be coming around to visit at some point. Dallas wouldn't be able to keep his secret forever; one day, he'd be a parent, and if the baby happened to resemble its father...he had no doubt someone would start sniffing for answers.

Eventually, just as Maiza had said, Ennis and Czeslaw returned from their trip. To Dallas's relief, Firo wasn't with them; he'd gone right back to his place after returning. Dallas had expected Ennis to pounce on him almost immediately (he wouldn't have blamed her, either, considering what he'd done to her and her friends). However, she showed little to no resentment towards him after hearing his story.

"It was me who injected you with the imperfect formula, anyway, so I guess I'm not exactly guilt-free," she told him. "So when do you plan on telling Luck?" There it was again. Dallas sighed heavily, looking down.

"I don't know. Sometime soon, though...sometime soon." That sometime soon would arrive sooner than Dallas thought it would.

One slow Tuesday morning, Dallas woke feeling slightly less nauseous than usual. Since he felt better and was starting to get hungry, Dallas made his way down the stairs, before stopping suddenly as a familiar voice reached his ears.

"So explain to me why you're forcing me to drink this stuff?" Luck muttered, looking into a cup of something in his hand.

"Because the last time you didn't, bad things happened," Maiza explained. "So from now on, you take two doses every day, one in the morning and one at night." Luck shivered as he looked down into the cup again, curled his lip, before downing it in one gulp. He shivered again, shudders passing through his body. Dallas wondered what he drank that had been so vile.

By that time, Dallas had inched past the two of them and started busying himself looking for something to eat. Again, he heard Luck speak;

"Fancy meeting you here," he said, and Dallas jumped. Turning his head to look at Luck, he stiffened, before turning away again. Maybe if he didn't answer him, Luck would stop talking to him, yeah...

His technique seemed to work, because Luck went back to talking to Maiza without engaging him any further. As soon as he left the kitchen, the voices paused, and Dallas leaned up against the wall, listening while out of sight.

"What's he doing here?" Luck finally asked, and Dallas felt his body stiffen.

"It's only for business matters, don't worry," Maiza spoke with certainty in his voice. "Nothing you need to be concerned about."

"What kind of business?"

"Medical business."

" in?"

"The same reason you visit me."

Letting out a silently relieved sigh, Dallas started back up the stairs, feeling a little bit safer. But only for the moment.

After Luck had finally left, Dallas made his way downstairs. Ennis was busy fixing a hole in the knee of Czeslaw's pants, Czes himself was reading a book, and Maiza was sitting in his armchair, reading the newspaper.

"So Maiza, why was Luck here earlier?" He asked, sitting on the couch beside him.

"The elixir messed with his body too," Maiza murmured. "He can't drink alcohol safely anymore, whenever he does, he gets sick for days. The medicine I'm giving him helps ease the effects."

"So he'll be coming here every day then?" Dallas exclaimed, feeling that familiar stiffness in his body again.

"There shouldn't be a problem as long as I'm here to mediate," Maiza replied simply. The tone of his voice stated that the conversation was over, so Dallas fell silent.

As the days rolled on, the stress was starting to get to Dallas. Although Maiza warned Dallas against stressing, he couldn't help it. Whenever Luck came around, he was on edge, even up until an hour after he'd left. He didn't want to hurt his baby in any way, but he couldn't help but be nervous. Most of the time, Dallas tried to stay up in his room whenever Luck was over, but it didn't help much; it was almost like he could feel his presence.

Today, however, was different. Dallas was feeling much sicker than usual as he lied almost lifelessly on the couch, pulling the blanket he'd dragged wit him up to his shoulders. He felt so very cold, yet hot at the same time. He wondered for a moment if he had a fever, but the thought slowly drifted away, like a boat in the sea.

"You alright, Dallas?" He was vaguely aware of someone speaking to him, and Dallas groaned and rolled over.

"m'fine." The words were muffled by the couch pillows, and Dallas shivered as he felt a cold hand run across the back of his neck, then his forehead, before pulling back. Wondering what the hell that was for, Dallas let out a heavy sigh as he finally fell asleep.

When he woke up, Dallas had no idea where he was. He was in a room, but it wasn't his. Dallas sat up suddenly and jumped when he heard someone say,

"Hey, calm down, you're gonna tear the needle out!"

Needle? Dallas looked over at his arm and noticed that there was, in fact, a needle attached to his arm that was a part of an I.V full of what looked like water. "What happened?"

"You got a really high fever and passed out," Firo, the one who'd first startled him replied. "Maiza said somethin' bout a heat flash. You were really dehydrated, too, that's what the I.V is for."

"How long was I out for?" Dallas asked, leaning back against the pillows. He wondered vaguely if the baby was okay...

"Two days," Firo replied. "You kept callin' out for Eve in your sleep, so we called her over. She's downstairs right now, she was talkin' to Maiza but now she's with—" The boy suddenly stopped himself. Before Dallas had a chance to ask him who she was with, Maiza walked in through the door.

"You're looking better," he commented. "And I hope you're feeling better as well?"

"I'm fine. What about...?" Dallas started to ask, letting the sentence trail off.

"The baby is also fine," Maiza assured him. "You suffered from a bad heat flash, that's all."

"What baby?" Firo asked quizzically. "Do you mean...are you sayin' Dallas is pregnant?"

"Yes," Dallas sighed, looking down at the floor. For a moment, all was silent, before Dallas looked up at Maiza. "Who's my sister talking to now?" The tall man's body went rigid, and Dallas felt the blood rush out of his face. "She's talking to Luck, isn't she?" He nodded, and Dallas felt a sick feeling wash over him. "Bring her up here."

As soon as she arrived, Eve threw her arms around Dallas's neck, burying her face in his neck and sobbing. Dallas gently wrapped his arms around Eve's shoulders, careful of the needle, before she pulled away from him.

"Oh, Dallas, I was so scared!" Eve cried, sitting on the edge of his bed. "I thought something terrible had happened to you!"

"It's alright, Eve, I'm okay," he told her calmly. "We both are." A little smile spread across Eve's face. "Tell me, Eve...when you were talking with Luck downstairs, what did you tell him?"

"Well, I...I told him you were sick and staying with Maiza," she replied. "And he...told me about what he did that night. But that's all...he seemed pretty upset...I think he might know, Dallas." Feeling dazed and even sicker, Dallas leaned back again, closing his eyes. "You have to tell him, Dallas." Opening his cobalt blue eyes again, Dallas shivered. As much as he hated to admit it, Eve was right. Luck seemed to be on his tail now, and he'd figure it out soon on his own. Dallas had been putting it off for weeks, but it couldn't go on any further.

"Alright, I'll tell him as soon as I'm out of this bed."

Dallas kept his promise to Eve, and the next day he found himself on his way to the Coraggisoso, where he knew the Gandors often were. If he'd felt nervous when coming to Maiza, it was nothing compared to how he felt now. He knew that they would probably want to kill him on sight; Dallas just hoped that they would let him tell his story first.

Walking up to the door, Dallas put one hand on the handle. Suddenly, all of those memories he'd tried to suppress since that awful year in 1930 came rushing back: stealing the elixir, losing it to Luck, all the killing he did, being injected with the imperfect formula, the river... Dallas was sucked out of his memories by the taste of blood in his mouth, probably from biting his lip so hard. Turning the handle, Dallas stepped into the building, shutting it behind him. To his relief, it was just Luck sitting there at the table, boredly shuffling a deck of cards.

"Luck," he finally spoke, and the blonde turned to look at him, golden eyes narrowing slightly.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, and Dallas took a deep breath.

"I need to talk to you," he murmured softly. "About what happened after know..." Luck was quiet as Dallas stepped forward to the table where he was sitting.

"Go on." Luck was staring at him with his peering foxlike eyes, making Dallas feel extremely uncomfortable.

" see what happened was...I don't know how it happened..." Dallas bit his lip again, feeling the sting from the unhealed cut. "I'm pregnant." The words came out much easier than he expected. All was quiet for a moment, and Dallas half expected Luck to angrily protest, but all he heard was a heavy, shaky sigh.

"How long?" Luck asked, eyes now downturned towards the table. "How long did you know?"

"Since late September," Dallas replied. Another awkward silence, before Luck brought his fist down hard on the table, making Dallas jump.

"I knew this would happen," Luck snarled, face contorted in a mix of rage and depression. "I should've been more careful...Maiza warned me..." Looking back at Dallas, his demeanor became only slightly less frightening. "I'm sorry, Dallas."

Feeling shocked, yet also angry, Dallas frowned. "Sorry? What the hell are you sorry for? Raping me? Getting me pregnant? Leaving me?" Luck flinched as though he'd been hit, and Dallas sighed. That had come out a lot harsher than he'd meant for it to.

"I'm sorry for everything." He finally murmured. "If I'd listened to Maiza, none of this would've happened."

"Well...that might not really be true..." Dallas murmured. "I would've gotten drunk anyway, and I'd rather you be the father than some random jerk." A little smile crossed Luck's face, and Dallas sat down beside him. "Listen, if you don't want anything to do with me, that's fine, I understand—"

"No," Luck cut him off, and Dallas looked anxiously in his direction. "I mean...I want to help you," Luck finished. "I want to be a father." For a moment, all was quiet, before Dallas leaned over and tightly hugged Luck.

"Thank you," he whispered happily. "Thank you, Luck."