February 14th, 1934

"It's that time of the year again," Luck proclaimed, watching many happy couples roam the streets. He and Dallas were sitting on a bench, waiting for a whole lot of nothing to happen. Some of the buildings were decorated with red and pink papers and paints, little hearts floating in windows. Dallas was quiet as he pulled his jacket a little tighter, but not too tight, to keep him warm.

"Eve and I used to go out every Valentine's to get ice cream," he stated. "And maybe do somethin' else." Dallas fell silent for a moment, closing his eyes. "I miss her." They were both silent now, and Luck gently took Dallas's hand.

"Hey, why don't we call her later?" He suggested. "I'm sure she'll be happy to hear from you."

"She's out of town," Dallas murmured quietly.

"Hey, cheer up," Luck told him, nudging Dallas gently with his shoulder. "Why don't we go get something to make you feel better?"

"Ice cream?" Dallas asked, eyes lighting up with enthusiasm. Luck laughed a little and nodded.

"Whatever you want."

Not thirty minutes later, Luck and Dallas sat outside of the ice cream parlor, Dallas busily eating his chocolate cone. Luck leaned back against the bench they sat on, sighing as he looked out across the street.

When February 30th eventually rolled around, there would only be three months left, right? Time was starting to run out. Not much longer and he'd be...they'd be...

"You're starin' off into space again," Dallas called, and Luck was shocked back into real life by his voice.

"I was, wasn't I?" Luck murmured, giving a little half-laugh. "Sorry." Dallas was now crunching on the side of the cone, having licked all of the ice cream out of it. Vaguely, Luck wondered what would happen after the baby was born. Would Dallas stay? What would happen? Would he give Luck a chance to be a father? Luck wouldn't blame him if the answer was no. If he were in Dallas's shoes...

He heard Dallas gasp softly, and immediately Luck's attention turned to him. "You okay, Dallas?" He asked, worry tinging his voice. Dallas gently rested a hand on the side of his stomach, smiling a little.

"I'm fine. The baby kicked, that's all." Luck's eyes lit up suddenly at his words, and Dallas's smile grew wider.

"Really?" Luck asked in awe. Dallas nodded again, gently taking Luck's hand and putting it where he'd felt the baby kick a few seconds earlier. For a moment, nothing happened, when finally, Luck felt a tiny, strong kick beneath his palm.

"That's amazing," he murmured, rubbing small circles on Dallas's swollen stomach. "Is this the first time?"

"Well...not exactly," Dallas replied. "It's moved before but no one'd be able to feel it..." Dallas saw the smile on Luck's face widen as the baby kicked again. Dallas moved his hand to rest on top of Luck's, looking into his deep gold eyes. He no longer was afraid to talk to him or see him, when only a few months ago he hid in his room whenever Luck came around. He was no longer afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing around him in fear of punishment. They had changed so much, it was almost like...they were, in fact...were they? A couple?

"Luck?" Dallas asked when Luck pulled his hand away. "When I...when...the baby is born...what are we going to do?" Luck was silent for a moment, before sighing.

"I don't know. I want to be a father, Dallas, but I'm a mafia man and that's not the best example," he finally said. "And I don't want to put you two in any kind of danger. In the end though...it's up to you."

"I want to stay," Dallas told him strongly. "I could never raise a baby on my own...even if Eve helped me, it'll need a father." Dallas smiled up at Luck, cobalt blue eyes shining. "And Luck, I know what you are, I don't care. I think you'll be a great father." Taking Luck's hand, Dallas gently slid his fingers between Luck's.

The tiny smile on Luck's face told Dallas everything he needed to know.

March, 1934

To say the least, Luck and Dallas returning home with their hands intertwined had mixed reactions. Upon learning that their relationship has blossomed, Isaac and Miria fawned and cooed over them, Firo, Ennis, Czeslaw, and Maiza congratulated, Claire (once they'd mailed him the news) was ecstatic, Kieth gave a look of happiness for Luck, and Berga was now ignoring them completely. The rejection by his brother obviously hurt Luck, but in the end, it didn't matter. He was happy with the relationship he had.

As of March 30th, they had been officially dating for a little over a month, and Dallas was seven months pregnant. It was now quite obvious, so Luck was trying to keep Dallas from going out too often, but it was really annoying the hell out of Dallas. He wasn't used to not being able to wander freely, obviously, and Luck's clinginess was beginning to annoy him. Today, however, was different. Luck was currently taking the confused (and blindfolded) Dallas into the park. It was a warm day; spring was coming, and you could feel it in the air. It was the perfect kind of day for what Luck had planned for Dallas.

"Luck, what's going on?" Dallas asked from where he trailed behind Luck, gripping his hand tightly.

"Just be patient, we're almost there, okay?" Luck replied, and Dallas huffed. Finally, Luck stopped in the middle of a small clearing, with trees all around and a small bench. It was cool and secluded, with light filtering in through the leafy canopy. "Alright, now you can take the blindfold off." The red-head wasted no time in taking it off, letting it rest easily around his neck.

"Wow, Luck, it's really...pretty," Dallas observed, sitting on the bench. He rested his hand subconsciously on his stomach, gently rubbing it to calm his restless child. "When did you find it?"

"In my free time," Luck replied, sitting on the bench beside him. "When you were asleep." They were both quiet for a moment, staring upwards past the leaves and into the cloudy sky, before Luck shuffled his feet awkwardly and stood up. "I have to admit, I didn't just bring you here to...ah...enjoy the scenery," he murmured. Dallas noticed that his olive-toned skin was developing a reddish tinge in his cheeks. "I...ah...wanted to ask you something."

"Well, go ahead, then." Dallas was staring quizzically at Luck, wondering why Luck was acting so shy and stuttering all of a sudden.

Gently taking Dallas's hand in his own, Luck sank to the ground on one knee. Finally realizing what was going on, Dallas's eyes widened. "Dallas Raymond Genoard," Luck spoke softly, looking into Dallas's cobalt blue eyes. Pulling a black box out of his coat pocket, Luck opened it, revealing the shining silver ring. "Will you marry me?" For a moment, Dallas was so shocked he couldn't move, before he finally threw his arms around Luck's neck, burying his face in his chest.

"Yes! Oh, yes, Luck, of course I will!" He cried, looking at him with tear filled eyes. "It's just, this is all so fast and...we've only been dating for a month and a half..."

"Well, we are having a baby," Luck stated. "I think that constitutes marriage, right?" Dallas just smiled, and Luck took his chin in his hand. Gently tracing his jawline with his fingers, Luck leaned down to kiss him, to really, truly kiss him, for the first time since that September night. When he finally pulled away, Dallas leaned against Luck's chest, feeling the blonde's strong, protective arms around him.

"I love you, Dallas Genoard," he murmured, and Dallas nuzzled into the crook of Luck's neck, sighing gently. He thought he'd never heard those words.

"I love you too, Luck Gandor."