Ciel Phantomhive, through the eyes of Undertaker.

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When Undertaker looked at Ciel Phantomhive, the first word that came to mind was angry.

His body tense, lips pressed into a thin line, his one uncovered eye narrowed, Ciel gave off the aura of a cat-unapproachable, perpetually agitated. (A cat. No wonder Sebastian took a liking to him...)

His raw determination showed on that youthful face, perfect and beautiful. And yet he was still a child. Young. Naive. Innocent, almost to a fault.

He couldn't seem to tell a joke or remember how to laugh, which, to Undertaker, was a fate worse than death. After all, laughter could brighten even the darkest days, couldn't it? As long as you could laugh, you had hope, right?

He supposed, then, that Ciel had run out of hope.

(A crying shame, that. No sense in life if you haven't got hope.)

Undertaker had seen many people in his time, from all walks of life. Rich men, poor men, Lords and vassals, prostitutes and orphaned children. Some also seemed to have forgotten smiles and laughter, but not quite. All of them, it seemed, had at least one thing that gave them happiness; one thing that gave them hope for a brighter future.

But not Ciel. He shut his eyes and lived in the dark. To Undertaker, he might as well be dead. If all he had left was anger and cold determination, then what was the point of life? And suppose he got his revenge, satiated his anger. What would happen then?

Weren't children supposed to be happy? To laugh and play without a care? Weren't they supposed to be innocent? Was it even possible for a child (a child) to look so ancient?

He supposed that Ciel giving his soul to the demon was a fitting end. After all, after his vengeance, what was left but to fade, to rot away and be forgotten?

It seemed an awful fate, to Undertaker. He'd lived a long time, and seen hundreds upon millions of people. And yet, in all his time, he'd never seen anyone quite like the young Earl Phantomhive.

Ciel was one in a million. It was a shame that it wasn't a better one.


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