Lara in Space

On most nights,

Wherever Lara is,

She would look up into the night sky,

Staring at the stars,

Sometimes the lunar moon would be shining too,

Lara would observe with deep thought on many occasions,

Ranging from many areas in her life,

Past adventures, Love, Friendships, Her Personal History, Her Possible Future Plans, Favourite Things, her mind would wander of imagining many things...

Until a couple of times she dreamt up an amazing concept,

What would an adventure be like in outer space?

Lara was just imagining what a breathtaking experience it would be,

Far out from the ordinary,

Could that become a dream come true?

Thinking that the reality was far to real for this marvellous vision,

Lara would move on to other trail of notion,

While still admiring the view of the midnight atmosphere,

She would go to sleep peacefully,

With those ideas turning into sweet dreams,

A smile formed on Lara's lips as she slept.

However it was one day that had arrived,

Where one of Lara's dreams would turn real,

Some call it a wish coming true,

In the morning Lara received an unusual call,

A representative from NASA visited Lara at her home,

Showing that she was the ideal person they have chosen to make a proposal,

NASA had done their research on her,

Knowing the adventures she had succeeded in, her for being head strong and determined,

Making Lara the most suited person for this role,

They made her the offer of a lifetime,

Sending her on a program through the depths of space and onto the moon...

With high spirits and her hands closed on her mouth in awe shock,

Lara enthusiastically accepted the offer given to her,

Knowing even though this was totally out of the blue,

She knew it was genuine and became so speechless...

"Thank you so much!"

The representative smiled at Lara's initial excited reaction before she said another word,

"Glad to have you on-board Ms. Croft, we'll arrange flights and transportation to NASA Headquarters. We'll contact you when the taxi will collect you and take you to the airport"

It wasn't long until Lara got the following phone call,

Confirming her travelling details,

The next week the taxi turned up ready for taking Lara to the local airport,

Once Lara got her luggage all packed,

The taxi drove her to the airport and in no time Lara found herself already seated in the airplane,

Heading for Washington D.C in The United States Of America...

There, Lara greeted the team she would be with in outer space,

She unpacked her belongings in the cabin quarters to where she would sleep,

Whilst the thorough training would commence,

Lara had to reach a certain peak for the tests before she was allowed to be sent to the stars,

These required her to be of a certain intellect and have the fitness capable of withstanding the trials of space exploration.

Two months passed,

Lara and her team were ready for an experience of a lifetime...

The launch day finally arrived,

A lot of spectators came and watched the rocket,

As within T-minus 30 seconds,

The rocket than came into life,

As the boosters burst into full firepower,

Lifting the rocket and the shuttle with the team in it,

Straight into the Earth's atmosphere,

Leaving the area in a huge cloud of smoke.

Lara held on tightly to the console,

During the time they continued to speed up,

They'd reached the final atmosphere layer of Earth,

Lara could feel the agony and torment,

But she was trained for this,

It didn't take long until they were in space itself.

"Lara, take a look out here, it's beautiful"

One of the team members told Lara as she took one long stare outside,

There it was...

Planet Earth...


The globe that Lara had been exploring for years,

Seemed huge from when she was standing on it,

Now looking back at it from afar,

She didn't know what to feel,

It was an amazing sight,

An emotional tear formed from Lara's eye and fell down her face,

It was...breathtaking.

They landed and stationed on the moon,

The team set up Lara for her trip outside,

Fully fitting on her astronaut outfit,

Lara took her very first step on the celestial body of the moon,

Nothing but the shuttle station, the stars, Earth in its full glory, the American Flag and the Red Planet Mars was in a 3600 view,

The thing that stood out though,

Were the twinkling luminous stars,

Millions of them were everywhere,

Being the tiny sources of light in a large dark blanket.

Lara began her mission and small adventure on the moon,

To simply collect samples from the moon,

And to bring them back to NASA for research,

Even though the objective NASA had wasn't a complex challenge nor difficult,

It was an opportunity not to be thrown away,

Lara successfully completed her mission,

As they were coming back into Earth's orbit,

A happy teary smile formed on Lara's face,

Knowing in her mind,

A wishing dream gazing into the sky,

Did indeed become true for her,

An adventure not on Earth, but into outer space,

Something that was unbelievable and miraculous,

She was never going to forget the time she spent in space,

Lara and the team landed safely back onto Earth's soil.

She was always going to remember...