Holy freaking bejesus crap. I'm so sorry to spam you with an Author's Note, truly I am. I am also terribly sorry for leaving anyone who may have been keeping up with this story hanging.

I'm terrible. But for anyone who's familiar with my work, I actually have an excuse for my absence this time!

1) Shortly after beginning "A Piece in Their Games" I was offered a Summer Job. It was a five week program and I really enjoyed it.

2) Not even a week after I finished work, I was off to a music camp that I had received a scholarship for earlier this February. It was a week long and I just got back on Friday.

3) After I got back from camp, I was forced to jump right back into my dance season. I missed a captain's practice so I had to stay after practice yesterday. Besides that, I've just been home recooperating from the hectic schedule of SUMMER.

Again, I'm very, very sorry about this story being inexcusabley on hiatus without any sort of explanation for so long. Please try to understand that I'm going to try very hard to get this story back on track.