"But Raven, you don't understand! I NEED to!"

"If it's that important that you can tell me what you need specifically. Magic is not for fools looking to have fun Beastboy, it is serious and even the simplest of spells can end up fatal if done incorrectly. Until you are willing to share your problem with me my answer will remain the same. If you try to enter my room and look at my library of grimoires a proximity spell will send you back in time four thousand year where you can't do me any harm or minor annoyance. Oh, and if anyone or anything else tries, it's still you that gets sent back." His mouth was agape and his eyes pleading.

"B-but…but Raven!"

"No." at her last word she opened a portal and stepped through, leaving Beastboy alone on the rooftop.

"Fine, if you won't help me I'll find someone who will." He made his preparations and two days later he was ready. He went to his room and packed a small bag of what little clean clothing he could find and left a note on his door. It read 'Gone to find someone to help me, since Raven can't. Be back soon, hopefully, if not soon then I am taking a three week vacation. Don't look for me, don't try to call. - BB' "There," he said stepping back "that should do it. Now to cover my ass." He walked down to Robin's room and knocked. He waited a full five minutes before the door opened to an irritated looking Boy Wonder.

"What Beastboy?"

"Geeze, someone not get their four am coffee? Look uh…are you dating Starfire?" Robin flushed and he stammered

"Wha-I-uh , w-what are you talking about Beastboy? Where would you get that idea!"

"Uh-huh, that's what I thought, thanks Robin." Beastboy left, heading to Starfire's room leaving a very red and very confused Robin at his door. He knocked on the tamaranian's door very loudly, trying to be heard over the horrible sounds coming from inside. Bang-bang-bang. "STARFIRE." Bang-bang. STAAARFIIIIIRE!" Deep breath "STA-"

"Yes Beastboy?" she said from behind him.

"EEEP!" Beastboy jumped three feet in the air holding his chest which was trying to contain his heart which was about to explode from the surprise. "Geeze Star, give a guy some warning will you? Now, I…wait…if you're right here, what's making that noise?" Starfire held a hand up to her mouth which became a perfect 'oh'.

"Oh thank you for reminding me friend, I left my glebnorks on! Excuse me."

"Wait Star I need to ask you-" but she was already in her room. As soon as the door closed there was silence for a few seconds. Then an explosion of Tamaranian, followed by some roars, crashes and real explosions, and what he was guessing were a few choice words in her language. Then there was silence for what was a disturbingly long three seconds before her door opened again. Her hair was frazzled and she was splattered by what appeared to be glowing blue blood. But other than that she looked perfectly pleasant, like she might be strolling through a park with a smile on her face.

"Hello friend, what is it you wish to ask me?" she asked like nothing at all was even amiss.

"A-are you ok Star?"

"Yes friend, I thank you for your concern." She said, still breezy.

"W-what was that?"

"There are some things you should not ask Beastboy." She said with no change in her demeanor.

"But Star-" He got no further, she didn't do anything but seemed to tower over him and suck the light out of the room, still standing there smiling, covered in alien blood.

"There are some things you should not ask Beastboy." Beastboy was scared and cowering now and decided to just ask.

"A-a-are you and Robin going out?" her presence shrunk back to normal.

"Oh, yes friend, we are enjoying the 'going out' very much so. Why do you ask friend?"

"Uhhhh…survey?" he stood back up to normal.

"Oh," she said perplexed at his word but still smiling, albeit a little confusedly "then I wish you luck with your vey of sur."

"Uh, thanks Star. I'll see you later ok?" he started walking away to Cyborg's room.

"Yes friend, farewell."

"Oh and Star," She looked at him and he pointed a finger in a big circle around his face and upper chest "you got a little…something, in this area, you might want to clean it up." As he was turning the corner he heard the Tamaranian go 'eep' and chuckled. He got to Cyborg's room and knocked, now to his real questions.

"Yo, BB wassup?" he said when he opened his high tech door.

"You still dating Bumblebee?"

"No, we broke up last month, why?"

"No reason, how about Jynx, you dating her?"

"No, we broke up six months ago. What's goin' on Beastboy?"

"I need some help and they can help me, but not if they're dating anyone, it's weird so don't ask. Anyway, didn't want to step on any toes so, thanks. Bye." And before Cyborg could say another word BB morphed into a cheetah and left for the front door.

"Freak-ass little green bean." Was all he said before going back inside.


Beastboy was on the island shore. He called Kid Flash.

"Beastboy calling Kid Flash. Come in Kid Flash."

"Yeah, I'm here." Was the immediate reply. "What do you need?"

"You dating Jynx?"

"No, we didn't work out. Broke up two days ago. I'm with someone new now and she's crashing with Bumblebee. Why?"

"No reason, just need her help. Can you run me over to the titans east tower?"

"Yeah sure, hang on to your bag ok?"

"How did you know I had a ba-" his words were blown away as he was suddenly picked up and going faster than he had ever gone before, within seconds it was over and Kid Flash was standing in front of him. "Do it again, do it again, do it again!"

"Have fun?" asked an amused Kid Flash

"Yeah, you need anything, you got it, just wait a few weeks ok?"

"Sure, I gotta go, I gotta get back to my date."

"Your da-" Kid Flash was gone "te? Uh-huh. Well then, guess I need a doorbell." He flung his bag over his shoulder and walked up to the front door. He looked at it. It was just as large and imposing as their own door. He took off his glove and held his hand up and placed it on the palm scanner. The door beeped and opened enough for him to enter. He looked around a bit and stepped inside. "Hellooooo? Anyone home?" no reply "Guess they're somewhere else." He walked around a bit, went up in the elevator and sat at the table at the upper level. He got back up and put his bribes, uh, insurance in the freezer. He fell asleep there. He woke however hours later to rapid Spanish. "Uwah! Huh?" he looked around and saw Mas y Menos, Speedy, Aqualad, Bumblebee, Jynx and surprisingly Argent. "Huh, Argent? What are you doing here?"