The day before they arrived Raven called Argent, the two came to an agreement, and Raven prepared herself. Around seven the next day Raven grabbed what she needed, got Cyborg and the two Titans teleported to the front door of the Titans East tower. They were immediately accosted by rock music that could be heard through the front door. They looked at each other and opened the door, recognizing the music as Avenged Sevenfold's The Beast and the Harlot. Cyborg's first thought was 'Well they got good tunes at least' and Raven's first thought was 'How appropriate, that slut, trying to steal away my Beastboy.' Her emotions reminded her otherwise.

'H-h-he wasn't really ours' said Timid

'Yeah, but I bet we could show that Argent a thing or two and make him ours!' Brave said boldly

'Why don't we just go in there and hop on 'I'm. I don't even care if I get Argent's sloppy seconds, as long as I get some!' this of course was Crass

'I can't believe I'm saying this but I agree with Crass' this from a shuddering Love 'if he's happy and we can be around him it doesn't matter what…or who, he's doing. Love will endure until he returns our Love. Love can endure suffering.'

'Screw all of you I just want him inside of me!' screamed Lust. Happy was silent throughout all of this as she didn't have anything to do with the conversation, but Rage was very loud about her opinions.

'NO!' cried Rage 'He's mine. I own him. He belongs to me and no one else. If that Bitch Argent wants to take him she'll have to get through me first.' All of this came a dark voice from the back of Raven's mind yet clearly echoed throughout 'He gives me such power in you Raven, such Rage, And I intend to use it. First I'll kill Argent to teach her not to mess with my man, then beat him to teach him never to stray from his mistress again.'

'But he doesn't know we're his mistress yet does he?' asked Knowledge 'I think there have been less than ten instances where we have said something nice or encouraging to him. The best we otherwise do is to not insult him outright. I don't think he knows we even like him.' Rage roared at her 'well it's true' replied Knowledge sheepishly Raven was getting tired of this and told everyone to be quiet. Well, shouted, but really, it was her head after all.

They went inside, took the elevator up and Cyborg turned off the music so he could hear himself think. He wished he hadn't as he immediately heard the moans of one very happy Bumblebee. Then he heard Speedy yell out.

"Alright! That's it! I'm renting a hotel room!"

"I'm going back to Atlantis for a while" that was Aqualad. Then there was some very rapid and unintelligible Spanish. The next thing the two saw was the small herd of boys all leaving with suitcases packed. They stood still watching them leave before they were reminded why they left as they heard Bumblebee scream like she was being murdered. And then there was silence. The two blushing titans made their way to the main room where they saw Argent and Jynx talking and practically naked, save for Jynx's slip and Argent's towel. It was Argent who was speaking.

"When he said he'd be nearly insatiable when his season started, I thought he might be exaggeratin' just a tad."

"I know right? What's this, their third time today? I'm at with number four. You?"

"four as well mate. Dear god, I never thought I'd say this but, too much mind-exploding, universe-ending, fuck-me-into-a-coma, insanity-inducing sex."

"Oh come on!" Cyborg shouted startling the two boneless women, which meant that they took the effort to turn their heads. "I know the green bean! He can NOT be that good!" the girls just looked at him and Jynx took the time to speak.

"You ever sleep with him? I don't think so. Yeah, he's that good." Argent nodded.

"I may be a nymphomaniac but I'm gunna need at least a week to recover. Right, we need food. Forget the sound proofing Cyborg, it's not worth it. Go home ya big blue bloke, but leave the lady, we need her help."

"What? I came all the way out here an-" He got no further because Raven suddenly engulfed him in black energy and pushed him through her portal to the original Titans' tower.

"Good on ya luv. Did you bring it?" Raven nodded and reached to her back where she had hidden it. She pulled her hand out from behind her back and pulled out her meditation mirror.

"That's it?" asked Jynx. She was a little skeptical. "What did you expect, a giant stone doorway breaking the very laws of reality and covered in a language no one on earth ever spoke?"

"Well, actually, yes." Raven rolled her eyes,

"Well sorry to disappoint you, but that's on the inside, on the outside, it's a mirror." Beastboy walked in wearing a pair of boxers and covered in sweaty sheen. He went straight to the fridge and started talking.

"Hey girls, I think I'm done for the day, I actually almost feel like myself again. But damn, you girls can scream, my hearing is waaay out of whack." He froze came out with a large peach in his mouth and three more in his left hand. He looked up and asked "Why doeh ih hmell like Raben and Cyhorgh?" he bit down and slurped up as much of the juice as he could, but while he was talking some of it had dripped down his chin. Then he spotted Raven and his eyes went wide. "Uh, hey Rae-rae. You really shouldn't be here um..." she gave him her best ' oh really, and why would that be?' look with exaggerated patience "because, well...why are you here again?"

"For this." she held up her hand and revealed her mirror. Beastboy's eye's went wide and he turned to run but he wasn't fast enough. As soon as he had turned and dropped the peaches a black arm shot out of the mirror, heading towards him. The peaches were at his waist and his left leg was extended when the hand at the end of the arm closed around him. Everything paused for a heartbeat. Beastboy began to change, digging his claws into the ground even as the black arm began to drag him into the mirror. He let out a guttural roar and grew stronger, slowing his progress to the mirror, slowing but not stopping. Argent and Jynx looked on wide eyed with something like fascinated horror. It was like a car crash, they wanted to look away, but they couldn't. Yup, a big mystical, breaking-the-laws-of-physics, sucked-unwillingly-into-an-alternate-imaginary-crazy-demonic-dimension car crash. He struggled hard, tearing away the floor beneath him, but the magic of Raven's mirror would not be denied. He was dragged, inch by screaming inch, into the portal, first his right foot, then up to his knee. Next was his left leg and left arm, by now he was up to his waist only his torso, head and right arm were free. Black tendrils of power shot out and wrapped around him, spiraling up his arm and shoulders, wrapping around his head, covering one eye and slowly dragging him in until, with one last terrifying roar, the last of him disappeared. The mirror calmed, reflecting several different colors, all mixed with green before darkening and appearing as a regular mirror once more.

"Okay..." said Jynx "that was impressive." Argent nodded her agreement

"Yeah, but I feel kinda bad for tricking him like that."

"It's for his own good, we all agreed." Raven said "Inside of 'Nevermore', as I call it, I will have complete control and teach him to control his lustful urges."

"Right, 'control' through practice I presume? And you got all those emotions inside of you with their own bodies and all?"

"Well, knowledge isn't technically an emotion and-" she saw the dead stares from the other girls and sighed. "Yes, the 'emotions' have their own bodies."

"How many of you are there?" Jynx this time, she was curious after all. Raven began to list the emotions off on her fingers.

"Happy, Timid, Brave, Crass, Knowledge, Rage, Lust and...Love." she said, rather embarrassed by the last one.

"So basically, he has a Harem of the eight of you and each of you is a different person?"

"I am not a harem! I have complete control and will use it to help Beastboy, really help him, not just satisfy him for a week." the other two girls shared a look before Argent tried her hand at walking again and Jynx talked to her.

"Chya-right, I bet you that by the end of the week he's fucked all of your emotions senseless, except maybe Rage." they all paused to think of what it would be like to be that close to Raven's dark side long enough for not just a few seconds but however long their session lasted. There was a simultaneous shudder. Raven spoke.

"If he's stupid enough to try anything with Rage the best he can do with her might just be survive with most of his limbs. If he's lucky." Their conversation continued while inside Raven's mind something was happening. A portal ripped through the barrier that called itself the 'sky' in Raven's head and dropped Beastboy down. Unfortunately for him when he entered Nevermore he was still in his muscled defender, escape mode and so as he hurdled towards the ground he didn't think to turn into a bird and fly away. He hit the ground hard and was almost immediately unconscious. Unbeknownst to him several sets of eyes saw him fall and were already rushing to where he would land. One however, got there first and used her powers to lift him away to her private dwelling. She set him on a bed she conjured from nothing and checked him over. She determined he would be out until morning. She could deal with that. Once he awoke however, then the fun would begin.