"Kagome! Tono gave you another outfit to wear today," Hikaru called out, as Kagome walked up to their rooms from the bathroom.

"Oh? What is it?"

"Dunno, but we got suits," Kaoru shrugged, showing her the expensive looking clothes, which were on two identical hangers.

(Later, in class)

"Kagome, have you seen anyone? I heard it's a freeday." Kaoru stretched, grinning.

"Tono probably wants us to hang out together with the rest of our family," Hikaru added, smirking.

The classroom was strangely empty, for whatever reason, no one knew.

"I can't even find Haruhi," Kagome admitted, looking worried. Where was everyone? A few boys hung around, but not from the nice group.

"Well, let's just go to the club."

Before reaching the door, the twins were whisked away by Tamaki, which startled Kagome so much that she didn't notice Haruhi, Ime, Hana, and Umi step up behind her, predaciously shining eyes.

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!" Kagome, Hikaru, and Kaoru yelped, all three in their respective outfits. Everyone was wearing their fanciest clothing, frilly dresses, pretty shoes, hair all done.

"Is this what you guys were doing the entire time?" Kagome asked, wide eyed. "But why?"

"Because!" Tamaki held out a white rose to her, charmingly smiling, "You're our Host Club's princess!"

Kagome stood there, in shock, before reaching out to delicately caress the rose, and grabbed the stem. She drew it close to her face, inhaling the scent. Then she opened her eyes, which were watery, and said in a very, very quiet voice, "Thank you."

Everyone burst into cheers, and the twins each wrapped an arm around her shoulders, leaning in to kiss her cheeks, causing the cheers to turn louder.

"Now let's dance!" Hunny yelled excitedly, grabbing Kagome's hand and spinning. The flower was quickly placed in her hair, and she grinned widely, twirling around with him. Next, she was passed on to Mori, who was very difficult to dance with due to his height, and had Kagome giggling ridiculously. Tamaki was surprisingly graceful, and quickly spun her over to Kyoya. She never danced with Haruhi, instead the two girls went over to the snack table, chatting happily. When Hikaru approached Kagome, the miko and the brunette pushed their raven haired friend over to his blonde crush's arms.

Embarrassed beyond belief, Kyoya coughed nervously, trying to detach himself from Tamaki's grasp. "Sorry, Tamaki, Kagome-"

"Ohmigosh, they're going to dance!"

"Well, Kyoya. Let's not disappoint!"

Kagome smiled, before winking at Tamaki. "Thank you...papa..."