Alania slip and told her mom that Charlene is not having James's baby, it is his twin, Cody Morgan that he been shot and kill by James.

Charlene went to visit her Mom about her not having James's child which it's Sam and Jason son. Charlene walk in and said, "It's true."

Destiny and Alania turn their head to Charlene.

Drew stays on his Dad's side for the trail of Monica Corinthos, daughter of Michael Corinthos and Starr Mannings try to shoot Matthew for her boyfriend and her daughter murder.

Drew said, "I can't believe she try to kill you, Dad."

Matthew said, "I know, but, Michael knows who really murder Monica's boyfriend and her daughter."

Drew said, "Who did it, which kills those indecent people?"

Matthew said, "Your sister, Alania."

Drew was shock.

Ryder pulls a gun on his grandfather, Clint Buchanan.

Clint said," Ryder, Why you want to shot me?"

Ryder said," I don't need you to tell anybody that I murder Monica's boyfriend and her daughter, and I don't need you anymore, old man."

Ryder shot Clint five times and he was dead.

Clint was a ghost and said, "how does it feel to be a murderer, wait till Tammy finds out you the one who kill me, and Monica's boyfriend and her daughter.

Ryder just stair at him as shock that he can see Clint.

Bree talk to Tammy about her brother, Ryder is acting weird since this girl, Monica's boyfriend and her daughter was murder.

Bree said, "Hey, Tammy, do you think that Ryder is acting a little weird since Monica's boyfriend, Ashton and her daughter, Tiffany was murder?"

Tammy said, "kind of, why? You don't think he got something to do with it, do you?"

Bree said, " No, I don't know, it's strange, he never been so friendly to The Corinthos's, he always hate them, and he rather spend time with Dylan Corinthos, Monica's brother than spend time with me and Liam, now that's strange."

Tammy said, "I know, he keep cancelled our date to hang out with Dylan and the Corinthos, maybe he trying to get a job with Michael Corinthos or something?"

Bree said, "I hope that's it, I can't take it if he really a killer, I don't think mom can take it, especially since Robert Ford was shot by Mitch Lawrence.

Tammy was shock about Ryder's Father was killed.

Destiny walk up to Charlene and said, "Oh honey, come here."

Destiny gave her a hug and said, "What happened? Why James is not the father of the baby?"

Charlene said, "Because, his brother, Cody Morgan is the father of my baby."

Destiny said, "Why is that?"

Charlene start and said, "Because, Cody Morgan rape me five months ago."

Destiny and Alania was freak out.

Drew was shocked and said, "What? Alania murder Monica's boyfriend and her daughter?"

Matthew said, "Yes, she confesses to me yesterday."

Drew said, "Oh my god, Dad what are we going to do? We can't let Alania go to prison; I don't know if Victor can take it, they got a son together."

Matthew said, "I know, that's why we are just going to protect your sister for anything, especially Michael Corinthos."

Monica talks to her dad, Michael Corinthos and said, "Dad, what if they say I'm guilty for trying to kill Matthew Buchanan?"

Michael said, "Don't worried, I already make sure that won't happen."

Monica said, "Why? What you do?"

Michael was quiet as a mouse.

Ryder said, "What do want for me old man?"

Clint said, "For you to get what you deserve, your mother, your sister and Liam will be disappointed of you."

Ryder said, "No one won't find out, so leave it."

Clint said, "You can't hide what you did, Grandson."

Then, Liam knocks on the door and said, "Hey Ryder, it's me, Liam, I got to talk to you."

Clint said, "Good luck." and disappear

Ryder tries to hurry up and hide the body and clean up the blood on the floor.

Liam said, "Dude, hurry up."

Ryder got done and opens the door.

Liam said, "It's about time and why you shaking like you nervous?"

Tammy said, "Ryder never told me anything about his death, what happened?"

Bree said, " It was on New Year Eve and my family was celebrating my cousin Rex and Gigi's wedding and later the lights went off and Statesville prison guard were on the loose, this Troy guy kidnapped Drew, Charlene, Alania and Kaya's Grandmother, Nora Buchanan. Mitch Lawrence kidnapped my Aunt Natalie and took her to this church and my mom and my Uncle John try to save my Aunt Natalie and somehow Ryder's dad try to save my mom when took take my Aunt Natalie's place and Robert and Mitch was fighting over the gun and he just got shot."

Tammy said, "Oh my god, I didn't know anything about it, why didn't he tell me?"

Bree said, "Maybe because, he don't won't you to be so worried about it."

Destiny said, "Oh my god, honey I'm really sorry, why didn't you come to us, your father and I will be there for you."

Charlene said, "Because, I don't want to think of me like Marty Saybrooke when Todd Mannings rape her."

Destiny said, "Oh, honey you know I don't think of you like Marty, you're my daughter and I will always protect you."

Alania said, "Yeah, sis, you know you can to us, were family."

Charlene said, "I know, even if it's on the Newspaper?"

Destiny said, "The Newspaper? Why would it be on the newspaper?"

Charlene shows her the newspaper and Destiny and Alania was shock.

Monica said, "Dad, What did you do?"

Michael said, "I made a deal with Matthew."

Monica said, "What kind of deal?"

Michael said, "To let you be not guilty of trying to Matthew Buchanan."

Monica said, "But, how? How did you get Drew's dad to make a deal with you?"

The guards were ready to bring Monica to the trail.

Michael said, "Listen, I'll tell you later."

The guards were taking Monica to the trail and Michael follow.

Matthew said, "But, son I want you to drop the charges of Monica Corinthos."

Drew said, "Why? I thought you want Monica be charge for almost shot you?"

Matthew said, "I do, but, right now, we need to protect your sister, for murder her boyfriend and her daughter.

They saw the guards bringing in Monica to the court room and Michael and Matthew stair at each other.

Everybody went in the court room.

Monica said, "Please, don't forget to call Aunt Kristina."

Michael said, "I'm right on it."

Michael calls Kristina and left her a voicemail.

Matthew walks beside Michael.

Michael said, "So, we have a deal?"

Matthew said, "If You won't press my daughter for murder your granddaughter and you're your daughter's boyfriend, I let your daughter be free."

Michael said, "Deal."

Tammy said, "maybe your right, Oh shot, I got to make over to Ryder's house, were going to the movie."

Bree said, "Which movie yawl seeing?"

Tammy said, "Men in Black 3, I heard it's good."

Bree said, "It is, let me tell you."

Tammy said, "Don't tell me, I want to know for myself."

Bree said, "Alright, dang."

Tammy said, "Alright, I see you later, bye."

Bree said, "Bye."

Liam said, "Dude, why are you being shaky like you hidden something."

Ryder said, "I'm not hidden anything, why you think that?"

Liam said, "Cause you still shaking."

Ryder said," Dude, I'm fine, what you want to tell me?"

Liam said, "It's about our cousin Alania, she the one who really murder Monica's boyfriend, Dylan and her daughter, Tiffany."

Ryder was freak out because, he told Alania to confess that she murder Monica's boyfriend and her daughter.

Destiny said, "Oh my god, did you know did this?"

Charlene said, "Not a clue."

Alania said, "Hey, what if Kaya know about the newspaper?"

Destiny said, "I doubt it, she haven't answer my call."

Alania said, "Maybe she answers my call?"

Charlene said, "Let me use your cell phone to call Kaya."

Alania handed her phone to Charlene.

Charlene dials the number and call Washington University.

Charlene said, "Hello is Kaya Buchanan there? What? She left two weeks ago, ok thank you."

Destiny said, "What's going on?"

Charlene said, "They say that Kaya is already left two weeks ago."

Destiny said, "What? Where can she possibly be?"

Charlene said, "We don't know."

Destiny said, "Well, I'm calling your father to come straight over here."

Destiny dials the number to call Matthew.

Matthew got the call for Destiny.

Drew said, "Dad, what's going on?"

Matthew said, "It's Kaya."

Drew said," is she alright?"

Matthew said, "It might be her report card or something, listen I got to go home, but, I want you to get Monica not guilty."

Drew said, "Alright dad."

Matthew left.

Drew just watches Monica.

Matthew made it and said, "What's going on?"

Destiny walks up to him and said, "It's Kaya."

Matthew said, "I know that."

Destiny said, "She missing."

Matthew said, "What?"

Charlene said, "They say she was gone two weeks ago."

Destiny said, "How can you let this happened?"

Matthew said, "You say you want Kaya have experience in college and that's what I did."

Destiny said, "Great. While you try to call somebody, I'm calling the police."

Charlene said, "Mom is it, necessary?"

Alania said, "yeah, mom."

Destiny said, "Me or your father don't know where your sister can be, need to find your sister before anything happened to her."

While Matthew and Destiny start calling, Kaya shows up, she the baby girl.

Kaya said, "Don't worried, I'm here."

Matthew and Destiny stared at their daughter.

And Kaya stared back.

To be continued…

Part 2.