Title: Harry's Unknown Sister

Rating: K

Summary: Takes place during Harry's second year. Professor Snape has the class brew a Paternity Draught that totally blows him away. Not only does he have a sister but he's not even a Potter. He finds unusual friends, enemies, and finally a family.

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Chapter 1

The Paternity Draught was a sudden addition to the Ministry of Magic roaster of potions that Professor Snape had to teach. He heard about it when Dumbledore visited him with the new list. A total of two were to be taught before the students left for the outside world. One for second year and the other for seventh year.

"I'm going to need three barrels of dragons blood for this," Snape told Dumbledore.

"I fully understand," Dumbledore said, "I'll have them ordered at once."

The one that second years would be taught showed not only the father but the mother. The more advance showed ancestral lines. He was also told to send students to their Head of House if the results were not what they thought, in other words: adoption. Snape doubted that it was needed but he decided not to go against the Headmaster about this. How many students thought they were who they thought they were when they were someone else.

Several weeks later, second week of September, he came in and slammed the door shut. He called roll, sneered at Potter, and then told the class to put their books away. Everyone did but Miss Granger looked confused.

"A new potion has been added to my list and as your all second years I have to teach you one of two. The second will not be shown until seventh year. This potion, known as the Paternity Draught, shows not only the father but the mother as well. Some of you know who your parents are but still the Ministry requires this to be taught. Special, and I mean special, ingredients have been bought for this potion so don't mess it up.

"You will all go in pairs, according to who I dictate, and then you will get your ingredients and set to work. I will be watching everyone for signs of tampering. So don't be caught with any ingredients to ruin another students potion. If anyone gets a result that they aren't expecting I will send you to your Head of House."

He waved his wand and the potion appeared. He then paired people up and Potter and Granger were paired together.

"You have two hours to brew this potion, begin."

He watched, from his desk, the students chop up, cut, measure, and then add. He didn't dare move as he didn't want the dragon's blood to be spilled and wasted. Even Longbottom wasn't having any trouble and that was a first. Suddenly he saw Crabbe get up and go over to Potter's cauldron. He whispered a spell and Crabbe cried out in pain. Thankfully the root didn't get into the cauldron but landed on the floor.

"Mr. Crabbe, go back to your cauldron," Snape ordered.

He knew he had been caught and thankfully returned to his cauldron.

Nearly two long hours later Snape came around with several bottles to pour the potion into. He would then hand them out and have the students add a drop of their blood to it. They would all find out if they had been told the truth all their lives for clever made up stories.

"Mr. Nott, hand out these bottles," Snape said, "Everyone here will pour some of their potion into it and then add a drop of their blood. Wait until it turns from blue back to red and then take your parchment out and pour some of the potion over it. The parchment will tell you who your parents are and what your blood status is."

"We know what Granger's blood status is going to be, Mud," Malfoy commented and the Slytherins laughed.

Snape glared at him but said nothing.

He watched as Nott did was he was told and the students added their blood. They all turned blue and then red and then each student poured their potion over the parchment. The process took ten seconds and over at the Slytherin side everyone cheered as they saw the results matched who they knew who their parents were. Suddenly Granger burst into tears and left the classroom, Snape totally confused.

"Mr. Zabini, bring Granger back in here," Snape ordered.

"Clean your robes later," Malfoy said, "Don't want the Mudblood to get them dirty."

"Shut up, Mr. Malfoy," Snape hissed, clearly not in the mood for one of his foul sentences.

Zabini left, the door closing behind him.

"If any of you have results that don't match I will send you to Professor McGonagall," Snape added.

"Then I'm going because this can't be right," Potter said.

Snape smirked at him and then asked, "What's not right, Mr. Potter?"

"I'm not a Potter," Potter answered, not paying attention to the smirk on Snape face.

"Then what are you?" Snape asked, wanting to laugh, though he didn't know what the joke was suppose to be.

"You're my father," Potter answered.

Snape was floored.


"Granger, are you there," Zabini asked.

"Go away," Granger said.

"Oh Granger doesn't like what the paper said," he taunted.

"Shut up, I'm not in the mood," Granger said, "They lied to me, they freaking lied to me. I'm nothing, I'm not a Granger."

She came out, tears coming down her face.

"Then what are you?" Zabini asked.

"I'm a Snape," Granger answered, "Professor Snape and Harry's mum are my parents."

"Uh oh!" Zabini said.


"YOU'RE MY DAD, OH GODS!" Potter screamed to a now shocked class. "YOU TREATED ME LIKE DIRT AND YOU'RE MY DAD."

Snape didn't know what to say, he had no idea. Potter stormed out of the classroom without allowing Snape to dismiss him. Snape needed to see Dumbledore… now. The door opened and Zabini walked in with a crying Granger.

"I think that you need to talk to her in private," Zabini said, "Because I don't think that the class needs to hear this."

"Right now I think nothing can shock me," Snape said, not sounding like himself at all, "Tell me why Miss Granger just stormed out of my class?"

"You're my dad," Granger said, "I have the same mum as Harry does."

Snape fainted.


"Mr. Potter, I'm sure that the potion didn't lie," McGonagall said.

She had been in her office when Potter stormed in. He was mad and she wondered what Severus had done this time.

"My dad is alive and he hates me," Potter said, "And I don't know what made Hermione leave?"

"I'm sure that I'll find out," McGonagall said, "Look, if Professor Snape wants to get to know you then you should let him."

"And why?"

"So that this hate will stop," McGonagall answered, "You need each other now more then ever. Come to me if you have any problems."

Potter nodded and he left.

Ten minutes later Miss Granger arrived with Zabini and he told her what had happened. McGonagall was blown away by this. Not only did Severus have a son but he also had a daughter. This wasn't good, not good at all. How many would seek their revenge on them? She really didn't want to know. All she told Granger was that she would have a talk with Severus and see what he wanted to do.


Everyone talked about what had happened in Potions. Both Harry and Hermione sat by each other and didn't talk. They just didn't know what they had to talk about. The Gryffindor's, minus Neville, didn't talk to them.

"It's not that bad," Neville said, "At least you know that you have a dad."

"Thanks," Harry said, not looking at him.

"Don't worry about what others think," a blond girl that Neville introduced as Luna Lovegood from Ravenclaw said.

Neville said that she was different but right now Harry didn't care. Any friends was better then none.

"Hay, bastards," said a cold voice that they knew belonged to Draco Malfoy. "So how does it feel to be unwanted?"

Some of the Gryffindor's laughed including Ron Weasley. Harry glared at his former friend and then something odd happened.

"Leave them alone," said a boy's voice and Harry saw that it was a boy from Slytherin, "They can't help it that they just discovered that they have a dad."

"Stand down, Smith," Malfoy said, "Or things will be unpleasant."

"I'm not going to stand down," Smith said, "Your just bullying them because your afraid that your going to have to share your godfather with his kids. Get over yourself, the world is not about Draco Malfoy."

Malfoy looked like he wanted to say something but then he smiled.

"I'll see you around, Smith, real soon."

"What ever," Smith said and then he turned to Harry and Hermione, "Just ignore the blond git, I can't stand him."

And then he left, leaving Harry and Hermione confused.

Of course having a Slytherin defending him caused their own problems. Harry was shocked to discover that Oliver Wood had taken him off the team and made Ron Weasley Seeker. The grin on the moron was enough to make Harry want to punch something.

"I can't believe that they took you off the team," Hermione said, shocked.

"I'm leaving," Harry said, "I don't care where I'm at as long as it's away from the Gryffindor team."

Hermione sighed and followed Harry out of the common room.


"Wood did what," McGonagall said.

"He told me that he was worried that Potter wouldn't score well for Gryffindor if he thought his father would be mad. I agreed to allow Ron Weasley to be Seeker."

"I don't freaking believe this," McGonagall said to Dumbledore, "And you actually believe this."

"I don't know what to believe anymore," Dumbledore said to her.


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