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'Dixie, oh my god Princess. How are you feeling, you had me so scared I swear don't you dare ever do that again...' he rushed out before Dixie stopped him squeezing his hand.

'Ice chips?' She asked her throat feeling like it was on fire. Jeff looked confused for a couple of seconds before he realised what she meant.

'ooooops sorry, here' He apologised as he found the small bowl and spooned a couple of the chips into her mouth.

'what happened?' She asked after a couple of minutes, looking towards Jeff as she waited for an explanation as to why she felt like she had been hit repeatedly by a truck or two.

'You..You were attacked' he said looking down to the ground until he knew he could keep the tears at bay 'I found you outside the ambulance, you erm well technically died for a little while.' He stopped when he saw her shocked face.

'I what?' She asked shocked at what he had just said no wonder he was in such a state.

'Yeah well you had a fit, and then stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest. It was the scariest ten minutes of my life' he exclaimed further sitting down but refusing to let go of her arm. 'How do you feel?' He asked again trying to change the subject, she was here now and that was all that really mattered.

'Not dead' she muttered however upon seeing his disapproving look she soon added like I've been hit by a couple of trucks my heads killing.' However, as she said the last bit she reached up with her potted wrist and felt the side of her head where they had to operate, Dixie's face turned from one of pain to one of horror as she felt the long thick scare and bald patch.

She looked at Jeff and began to panic, before Jeff could say anything she was having a full blown panic attack. Jeff jumped up pressing the help button and tried to sit Dixie up, giving her words of comfort he attempted to get her to breath in deep breaths through her nose and out through her mouth but Dixie couldn't understand him she was gasping for breath and freaking out even more when she felt she was suffocating.

Suddenly, a large group of people including Zoe came running in the room, Dixie felt dizzy and couldn't stop the tears that were falling, someone placed an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose while someone else rubbed circles around her back.

Zoe put the oxygen mask over Dixie's face, but even with comforting words she wouldn't calm down. A machine near her beeped Dixie's blood saturation levels where becoming low, the last thing Zoe wanted to have to do was sedate her but if she got any more worked up she may have to. Jeff looked at Zoe realising her train off thought and quickly took Dixie's head in both of his hands, making her look straight into his eyes.

'Princess its me your here and your safe, you need to calm down okay baby. Deep breaths in and out through your nose and out through your mouth.' he commanded his relaxing tone finally got through the fog and she began to breath slowly it took a while but finally they got her into a calm state.

The panic attack drained all energy out off Dixie and she soon fell asleep, once Jeff and Zoe knew she was out cold for a bit they both stepped outside 'What the hell happened Jeff one minute she's in a coma, the next she's awake having a full blown panic attack?' Asked Zoe she wasn't angry at him, but angry at herself she was meant to be monitoring Dixie's vitals but she missed this.

'I..I don't know one minute I was asleep, the next she's looking down at me asking what happened then she felt her head and all hell broke lose' he explained stunned at the events of the last fifteen minutes.

'It must have been the realisation of everything, it can be a scary thing waking up not knowing what's happened' summarised Zoe, 'come on lets go get Nick he can explain everything to her she may need it' She added dragging a reluctant Jeff to the lift.

10 minutes later Jeff and Zoe arrived back on the ICU ward followed by Nick who had welcomed the news with a relieved sigh.

As they entered her room they noticed Dixie was still sleeping but she soon began to stir, Jeff ran back to her side rubbing smooth circles across her hand with his thumb.

'Hey lazy' He smirked as she opened her eyes to look straight at him.

'So it wasn't just a bad dream?' She questioned her head really did hurt.

Before Jeff could say anything Nick answered 'I'm afraid not Dixie, how are you feeling?' he asked concern obvious in his voice he hadn't forgotten what she looked like at the scene.

'mmm my head is absolutely killing to be honest' she replied attempting to sit up and greet the man and women in the room, but was soon gently pushed back by Jeff.

'Don't over do it princess' He said with a small wink, he was just happy she was awake and talking he could still see the pain clearly written across her features. 'how's about some morphine for my favourite girl' he suggested.

'Oh Jeffrey you do know how to spoil a girl' She replied with a laugh quickly hugging her sides as the movement jostled her healing ribs. 'ow' she muttered.

After going through her injuries and the steps they had taken to ensure her survival Nick and Zoe left leaving the pair alone with the promise they would call if either off them needed anything.

'So superman what happened to your hand? Hit the thug who did this?' She asked with a bemused look on her face.

'Nothing as heroic as that, I hit the shower wall got your damn shampoo in me eye' he said both of them knew exactly why the shampoo had caused such a reaction and it wasn't from getting it in his eye but neither off them said anything they would leave that until he was ready to talk 'anyway if I had caught the thug it wouldn't be me getting a broken hand you would need to worry about' he muttered anger flashing across his features.

'Hey' she said grabbing his chin with her uninjured hand 'I'm here look I'm on the mend and I don't plan on going any where any time soon, I know that look you had the same one when Pol died' She said a hint of sadness in her voice remembering their fallen colleague.

Her reassurance was the one thing he had needed since the whole attack occurred, and now that he had it he couldn't stop the tears as he bent down hugging his wife and sobbing into her shoulder. Dixie couldn't do any thing but let him cry, he had obviously worried a hell of a lot, god she knew the feeling every time he ran off, did something stupid or jumped into a dangerous situation she was left feeling in some ways the same as how he felt now.

Their relationship although not romantic was the most loving and caring relationship she had ever been in and she wouldn't trade it for anything she enjoyed being his wife, his best friend and his colleague she knew she would never let him down and she was just as confident he would never let her down. It was with this thought that she feel asleep in his arm's letting the feeling of him on her offer security and protection.

Two months after she woke up Dixie was finally released from the hospital, as she walked through the front door lil Abs came up to her but not jumping and bouncing in his usual way, instead he approached gently nudging her legs and licking her hand.

'I swear that dogs psychic' muttered Jeff he had noticed that as soon as Dixie had woken up Lil Abs had moved from lying on her bed to lying on her favourite spot on the couch. Then as she began to get up and about the dog did too, Jeff often came to the hospital freaked out about the pairs synchronisation. Dixie told him it was because he loved mammy more than daddy but Jeff was convinced that wasn't the case.

As she moved to sit on the couch she gasped as she twisted her side awkwardly both lil Abs and Jeff came running 'Chill boys, I'm still tender remember?' she told them patting the dogs head.

'Chill boy's, CHILL! Princess in case it may have escaped your notice I nearly died from stress these past three month's so don't you tell me to chill, look I'm wasting away to skin and bones here' he complained pointing to his trimmer stomach.

'Is that what happened to your hair too, oh no sorry my mistake!' she joked clutching at her side's as her ribs complained.

'Ha de ha ha everyone's a comedian nowadays' he muttered as he walked into the kitchen to put away Dixie's new med's and get a beer.

As he walked into the front room he stopped and smiled Dixie had fallen asleep sprawled out on the sofa with lil Abs lying on her legs staring at her face.

'I know buddy, I know' he said as he stroked the dog's head neither of them would ever take her for granted again although he silently agreed with the dog to never let her know that 'it would be mental suicide' he muttered as he went to fetch a blanket smiling to himself. He finally had his Dixie back.

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