Beastboy looked at the tower, god it was good to be home again. He had been away from the tower for seven months trying to control the problem, and now he was home again. He hadn't told anyone what his problem was, only that he had to work through it alone. He had left a note saying that and left without anyone knowing in the dead of night. At first he had tried to suppress it, but that didn't work. He next tried to let it roam free, and that's when he found them, he'd hurt one of their own but they had been understanding, not even commenting on his skin or hair. They helped him find peace within himself and balance with his other half, and for that he would always be thankful. He had been about to return months ago when they had been in trouble. He decided he would help them no matter what before even thinking of returning, and that turned into a really long work week, the kind that lasts for four and a half months.

Beastboy had been all over the country, trying to set things right, and he had, for the most part, and now he was returning home, but he had changed. While he was away he had hit his growth spurt, and at eighteen it was a little late but he thought he would never get one so he wasn't exactly complaining. He turned nineteen while he was away and wondered if they had thought of him that day . With his accelerated maturity his hair had grown out faster as well, which was weird, but he didn't question it, he accepted it as part of being different and now it reached the middle of his back. His muscled filled out and tightened, his voice deepened and lost its squeak. Beastboy had decided to stop wearing gloves to hide his claws and his fangs had grown larger than they already were. He no longer wore his skintight costume, mainly because it didn't fit anymore but also because he thought it just wasn't him, so he got a new wardrobe. He was dressed in dark blue-jeans and plain solid colored t-shirts, he wore combat boots and sometimes a large purple hoodie, when he felt like it.

On the left side of his neck was a tattoo of two crossed fangs and a feather over a full moon, below was a ribbon with the inscription 'Viridis Pluma Gens'. On his left pectoral was another tattoo. Bearing Greek letters overlapping like dominos. On the left, underneath it all was an Omega, covered by a Beta, covered by an Alpha, covered by a larger Alpha, covered by a small simple crown. Underneath the letters was another ribbon inscribed this time as 'Lupus Rex Regis'. He wore three size ten hoop gages in his left earlobe, the bottom and top ones red and the middle one black. Around his neck on a simple chain was a gold ring stamped with a simple coat of arms, a wolf over a shield over the moon, that he never wore, but kept with him at all times. The final thing he always wore were the scars he had earned, they covered him like spider webs and at random. They went over his chest and sides, his arms and shoulders, his back and somewhat his legs. One of the least damaging but most noticeable ones however was the scar on the right side of his face, it started at his scalp and crossed the very side of his eyelid, continuing over his cheekbone and down to his jaw. The scar was a joined by a shorter one close to but slightly to the right of it

He carried a duffle bag he had acquired from a family he had stayed with, inside were his clothes, a picture of the titans, one of his parents and his communicator, with the GPS disconnected and the battery out.

He stared at the tower, bathed in a waxing crescent moon's light, and was glad to be home. So as not to wake the titans in the middle of the night Beastboy changed into a pterodactyl and carried his bag up to the roof and landed softly. He opened the door to the roof and descended the two levels to where his room was and opened his door. He was immediately appalled by what a slob he had been and resolved to clean it in the morning. He stripped down to nothing and lay on his now too small bed, pulled the covers over himself and fell into a restful sleep.


Beastboy was awakened by a voice he had not heard in a long time, Starfire was calling out something his still half asleep brain was failing to process just then.

"Siiiiilkiiiie, where are you my little bumgorf? Come to the one who loves you - Starfire. Oh Siiiiilkiiiie, come here my little bumgorf so you may be fed and given the affection of the 'hugs'." She heard a noise as Beastboy sat up and bumped his head on the upper bunk, blanket across his lap. "Silkie, are you in friend Beastboy's room again? You know he would not want you disturbing his mess for when he comes back." She moved forward and the door to Beastboy's room opened, revealing the green changeling standing up with the blanket in his hand as he was in the process of removing it. When the two saw each other they froze, not even breathing for several seconds before Starfire rushed him, getting him in a killer hug almost before he had time to put the blanket in between them. She was shrieking at the top of her lungs before she shouted "Friend Beastboy! Oh, you have returned home to us! This is a most glorious occasion! We must celebrate at the 'lunch' with a grand feast in your honor!" Beastboy however was more concerned about his bones not breaking and the small matter of an oxygen supply.

"Star…I'm…glad to see you…too, but…air…I need air!" she loosened her grip on him but did not let go, and she began to cry.

"Oh friend, I have missed you so these past months," she pulled back enough to look at him "oh how you have changed friend. Where is it that you went? Are you going to stay now, at the tower, with us?" Beastboy was happy to see her too but had a more pressing matter to attend to, namely getting some underwear in between them.

"Star, I'm very happy to see you but right now-" Robin, was yelling outside in the hall, getting closer all the time.

"Starfire! I heard you scream, is everything okay?" He Cyborg and Raven burst in at that moment, ready for a fight, but not what they saw "Do you need our he- Beastboy?" Everyone stopped and stared in shock at him and his bare form, given modesty by a small blanket. Robin ignored this and went straight into interrogation mode. "Where have you been all this time?" Beastboy tried to interject.


"Do you realize how worried everyone was?"


"You leave with no real explanation other than a 'problem' you don't tell us about!"


" You deactivate your tracking beacon!"


"I want an explanation and if it isn't-"

"ROBIN! It's bad enough Star barges in on me while I'm naked and then gives me a giant hug, but will you at least let me put on some underwear before you start in on your interrogation?" Everyone looked down at his blanket just then. The girls blushed and the boys diverted their attention straight up to his face.

"Fifteen minutes to shower and dress any later and we're doing it in whatever state of dress you're in." and so he left

"Friend Beastboy, I shall also leave, and I apologize for the 'naked hugging' as you might say"

"It's okay Star, you were just a little enthusiastic was all." She smiled, happy he was not mad, and then left, walking on air, well flying really. Next was Raven. They looked at each other and without so much as a 'good to see you' she turned and left. "Yeah, kinda expected that." That just left Cyborg. They looked at each other and no words were needed, they knew they'd work it out, eventually. They were best friends after all.

"It's good to have you back BB."

"Thanks Cy, it's good to be back." They shared a mutual head nod and Cyborg left. Beastboy sighed.

"There's no place like home."