It had been a day since Mars had arrived and she had settled in quite nicely to the tower. The others were still curious about her though so Beastboy volunteered an idea and soon recruited Starfire to help him as soon as it was approved.

"Care to repeat that?" Raven was pretty sure what she had just heard, but she wanted to give him a chance to change his mind, just in case.

"We're playing 'Truth or Dare'." Beastboy said, clearly oblivious to his impending doom "I thought it would help everyone to get to know each other since we're going to be staying together for a while, and Robin agreed. He made it a mandatory team building exercise." He was so damn smug. She resisted the urge to bitch-slap him and closed her eyes taking a deep calming breath. She opened her eyes. He was still grinning.

"Yes friend Raven, friend Garfield's idea is most wondrous! I have never before participated in this joyous event! I wish greatly to share tales of myself and preform the acts of bravery with my dearest friends!" Starfire was beaming but somehow Raven couldn't find it in her to be annoyed like she was for Beastboy. "Oh, please friend, we will not be able to enjoy this event fully without you to participate!" Raven looked at her pleading friend and almost gave in, but she was made of stronger stuff.

"No." she shut her door, but Beastboy's foot stopped it from closing all the way. He stuck his face in as much as he could.

"Please baby, for me?" She scowled at him and growled out.

"Never in a million years, shirtless wonder, and if you keep talking to me like that I'll make it two".

"Awe c'mon Rea-rae, you know you love it." She glared at him and opened her door and he smiled, thinking he had won, until she slammed the door on his foot.

"GAAAAHHH!" he held his foot, jumping up and down on the other "RAEEE! That hurt!" She shrugged and turned going into her room and shutting the door. He pouted at her before it shut. Beastboy turned to a concerned Starfire "Okay Star, time for plan 'B'." She nodded and held her hands out, arms wide open and he transformed into a kitten, jumping into them.

"Friend Raven?" Raven sighed loud enough to be heard through her door and opened it just barely, she was tired of this.

"What Starfire?" she asked exhaustedly

"I wish to apologize." Raven was confused

"Apologize? For what?"

"For the 'plan B'." Raven looked on in horror as Starfire and Beastboy teamed up to tear down her defenses. Starfire gave her the saddest pair of puppy-dog eyes she had ever seen, looking like she was about to cry, with her lip quivering like ever so slightly, and her hands up under her chin, wait, something was in her hands, was that, Beastboy? It was, and he was giving her 'the face'. Oh Azar, one she could have dealt with, if she was in the right mean state of mind, but the two of them? Together? She was putty. She knew it, and they knew it, and she was berating herself for not realizing and looking away sooner...but she looked so sad, and he looked so cute. Not that she would ever admit either but...she tried closing her eyes. After a while she peaked to see if they had stopped yet. They hadn't, and impossibly, they seemed to have gotten even sadder, even cuter, and even more doe eyed than before. She groaned, pleading.

"Ok, ok! Fine! I'll play, just stop it! You two look so...ughhhh!" she turned away and slapped her forehead, seeming to be trying to wipe her face off from the top down. She turned back to see her two companions normal again, Beastboy grinning like a fool, obviously quite proud of herself, and Starfire smiling slightly and giggling. "Never do that again!" she warned them and she turned back to the direction of the common room and stomped off.

"High five Star!" he held his hand up for Starfire to slap and she did, the force of which spun him around face first into a wall. She tried to apologize to him but he waved it off saying, "It was worth it, now come on or we'll be late!" They ran off to the common room, extremely eager for the game to begin.


Raven entered the common room only seconds before the delighted duo who were responsible for her being here and Robin and Cyborg looked over at her a little shocked. Mars turned to Robin and Cy and held a hand out to each of them, grinning as they each handed over a twenty, grumbling the whole time. Mars was still grinning like a fool, like Beastboy really, as sped over to Raven, holding up a twenty in each hand.

"So, who's money do you want, Robin's, or Cyborg's?" Raven looked back at two said boys and saw that Robin was more shocked. That irked her. What, she couldn't have fun? She couldn't want to participate in a group activity? She couldn't want to bond with her friends? Admittedly she didn't really, but still, she wasn't bad enough for Robin to get in on the betting, was she?

"Robin's." was all she said as she snatched the bill on her right and stored it...somewhere on her one was ever really sure where. The boys were smart enough not to ask and since it didn't cause any problems Starfire didn't care. Mars gave it some thought but decided it really didn't matter, so she shrugged and dragged Beastboy and Raven to sit in the circle Star, Cy and Robin were making. Raven sighed, she just wanted to get this over with "How long is this stupid game?"

"Let's say an hour." This was Cyborg, he was usually the master of events in the tower, managing movie night, card games, board games, video games...well everything really, and he was reasonable about it...most of the time. He was grinning broadly, never a good sign, he was also grinning at her, definitely not a good sign. "I even made a special timer for you Raven." He pulled something from behind his back and shoved it in her face. It was nice. She looked at the timer, it was a guillotine with a Beastboy doll on the chopping block. "Check it out! Just set the time on the top," he entered five seconds "and hit the blue button," he hit the blue button "aaaaaand-" 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. *THUNK* The blade came down and knocked off the mini Beastboy's head, which was attached by a string. Beastboy grumbled something about how he was way more handsome, and Raven watched the little head get drawn back up to the body and the 'blade' went back up. "Pretty sweet right?"

"Cyborg, I'll use it every day." The others laughed while Beastboy continued to grumble. Raven set it for an hour and five minutes, and she hit the blue button. Everyone got settled down and Raven asked "What are everybody's rules?" She looked to Robin at her left.

"Nothing leaves this room and no one gets behind the mask." he looked to his left. It was Cy's turn.

"Everyone gets ONE pass." left. Star's turn.

"Please, no harm is to come to us, yes? Friends do not do the harming of each other." left. Beastboy's turn.

"Uuummm...I don't have a rule." left. Marsilla's turn. She looked back at Beastboy.

"Nothing's like know...right?" he shook his head. "Okay, my rule is no one asks about it." there was some grumbling but everyone had a rule. Raven's turn.

"Nothing to bring out Rage." the other Titans shuddered. "Who goes first?" Beastboy's hand shot up in the air "Not Beastboy." he glared at her for a second.

"Fine, I say Mars." Raven paused...

"Fine. Mars, choose someone." she picked her finger up and pointed at Cy across the circle from her and pointed at different people saying

"Eenie meenie minee..." she landed on Robin "! Robin, truth or dare?" Well, considering how angry they were at him yesterday, maybe it wasn't a good idea after all.

"" For a werewolf, Mars had one hell of a cheshire grin

"Have you ever snuck into Starfire's room for non-Titan reasons" everyone knew he had, it wasn't much of a secret "without her knowing?" now she had their attention

"..." His face was as red as his costume and the floor was suddenly very fascinating

"So that's a yes then. And she had just forgiven you too, too bad huh?" oh, she was evil.

"A-anyways um, Starfire?" he turned to look at his pissed off alien princess "Are yo-"

"Dare." he shrunk down. Mars and the guys were smiling. She was sooo evil.

"Um, ok, I dare you to forgive me?" He looked up at her with a final gleam of hope in his eyes.

"I use my pass." his hope died. Beastboy and Cyborg were on the ground rolling with laughter while Mars was giggling.


"Friend Cyborg, the truth or the dare, which shall you decide?" Cy sat up still smiling

"Dare, 'cause I'm the king of this game, baby!" this got a jealous glare from Robin who got a crushing look from Star.

"Then friend, I dare you to perform the joyous song you performed to cheer me once more!" Cyborg blushed and sat down

"I think I'll pass." Beastboy smirked

"King huh?" this was a challenge. From his best friend no less. There was no way to back out of this. He was challenged. He was doomed.

"Rmngrmn, rgle-frgl. Fine." he got up and pulled out a disk

"No friend, you must wear the proper attire for this event to be a performance! I shall retrieve it!"

"Star wait no!" but it was too late, she was gone, and back with a long, blonde, female wig, and a giant tube top. Beastboy couldn't remember being this happy.

"Oh, I'm gunna enjoy this."

And so it came to pass that The titans were treated to the hilarious and scarring event of Cyborg singing and dancing to the music of Barbie Girl. Cyborg got back at Beastboy's laughing at him by getting him to admit he kissed Starfire, though he insisted it was just so she could learn Swahili. Robin wasn't so convinced. Beastboy got Raven to admit she tried tofu once and she asked him if she was afraid of hospitals and he passed so everyone knew he was. Beastboy got Mars to eat a spoon full of Starfire's 'pudding of sadness' and she got Robin to paint his toenails. They were sparkly. Raven got a mohawk, Cyborg passed on his call to ask Aqualad out on a date, and Starfire switched outfits with Raven. It was truly odd. Then Starfire chose Mars.

"New friend Mars, the truth or dare to you."

"I choose truth."

"Splendid! Friend Garfield has told us many times his naked wanderings are because of his slumber during the time away we now know was with the lost wolves."


"Yes, those too. I ask you new friend, are you clothed or un-clothed when you sleep with Beastboy?" Beastboy choked

"Dude Star, we don't sleep together!"

"But you both slumber in the same chamber, correct?"

"Well yeah but-"

"At the same time?"

"Yeah bu-"

"On the same bed?"

"Yeah b-"

"Then you are sleeping together, correct?"

"I...technically yes, but that's all." he turned to a now irritated Raven, she wasn't as menacing in a short skirt and small top with that ridiculous improvised mohawk, but she could probably make good use of those boots. "I didn't do anything with her, I swear! I'm all yours Ravie baby."

"Well it's too bad I don't want you." the guys, and Mars, let out a collective 'ooooohh'

"Ouch BB, you got put down, hard."

"Shut up tin man."

"Please friends! No more mean words, new friend Mars, the truth, yes?" she shrugged, it wasn't a big deal really, to her at least

"Yeah, we're naked when we sleep together but Gar is almost too hot not to be naked with when we dog-pile, he has a really high body temperature. It's just natural to us, in fact it's so ingrained by now that..." she blushed a little "that I can't get to sleep unless I have something to hug..." she blushed harder "like Beastboy." If she blushed any harder by now there wouldn't be any blood anywhere else in her.

"And what about you Beastboy? What do you get out of the dog-pile?" his 'best friend' asked 'innocently'


"What was that? I couldn't hear you."


"Just a little louder please."

"She's warm and soft." he muttered

"And how do you know how soft she is Beastboy? There can't be too many places on toned lady like her that are too soft."

"Shove it up your tailpipe robo-cop. It's Mars' turn anyway." He rolled his eyes, he had what he needed to tease his friend 'til say, forever.

"Whatever green bean. Mars."

"Alright, Raven, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Raven had gotten more confident. She should have known better.

"Ok. Get one cup of syrup...and chug it." Raven twitched

"Pass." there was a collective 'awwww' of disappointment. "Beastboy."


"Tell us about the scars you got when you went away."

"I meant Dare."

"Okay. I dare you to tell us about the scars you got when you went away."


"Already used it."


"Well Beastboy?" he grimaced, rolled his eyes, and sighed, in that order. He lifted his left arm and pointed to a foot long scar down his rib cage.

"Got this in a fight for a girl. I was drunk and I was stupid, but it was worth it." he wasn't smiling or making any lewd comments. "I saved her and sent her back to her family." he pointed to the scar on his face, he was sad "I got this from the last king, dude was a serious jerk, and a hardcore brawler. Almost didn't make it out alive." he pointed to the back of his right leg to a horizontal scar. "Dude tried to hamstring me, but it didn't work...and that's it. Cyborg, tr-"

"Woah-woah-woah-woah-woah. Three scars? That's it? You gotta tell us more man."

"Actually I don't. You wanted to know about the scars I got when I was away being wolf boy. I told you. Don't be surprised just because I have a bad past. Cyborg truth or dare?" Cyborg got a set look in his eyes.

"Fine, truth."

"First kiss?"

"Jinx. Truth or dare BB?"

"Uh, truth?"

"What do you mean a bad past?" Gar glared.

"I know what each of you went through and go through probobly better than any one else ever will. Robin truth or dare?"




"Dude, you can't just do that!"

"I just did. Beastboy, truth or dare?" Beastboy was scowling now

"...This is just going to be everyone ganging up on me to find out what I meant when I put my foot in my mouth huh?"

"Yup. Gunna tell us?"

"Fine. Jerk-holes." that got him a few looks but he didn't care, they deserved it. "Cy, you can't go anywhere without people staring, people will always know who you are no matter where you go. People call you freak, un-natural and monster and guess what? I've had to deal with the same thing since I was a kid."

"Robin, your parents died right in front of you and you feel like you could have, no, should have done something, anything, to save them. My parents went over a waterfall while I was flying not three feet from them because I couldn't think of anything to transform into to save them." two titans down two more to go.

"Star, you're nice, and I know everything that happened to you. I could smell it when we met." Her face paled "I won't tell it all." he re-assured her. "But I will say I know you were a slave. A peace offering. After my parent's died I was given to my 'guardian', a guy by the name of Galtry, who only took me in for my parent's money. Once he wasted that he started beating me, I was already his slave, and I don't use that word lightly, so I ran away and lived on the streets. I stole to survive, always moving, never having a place to call home...until the Doom patrol saw me, they thought I had potential and so Rita became my mother. Mento put me through hell and called it 'training.' I have more scars from him 'training' me than I do from the Brotherhood, including when they tortured me. I'm guessing Batman didn't drive you that hard, right Robin? I've heard you say that when Batman gave you encouragement, or compliments it meant the world to you. It would have meant the world to me if Mento had said something that could not in any way be taken as a slight, or an insult, or a critique, or pointing out my shortcomings. Too slow, too stupid, not strong enough, not clever enough, I hesitated, I was too nice, too concerned with civilian casualties, not dedicated enough, disgracing my parents name." he looked up to see everyone watching him, god, was it so goddamn surprising? "He never once said to me 'good job' the closest I ever got was 'that's the least you've screwed anything up in a long time.'" well, one last one to go.

"Raven...all those voices in your head? All your 'emotions', all like what, eight of them? I have those, except they're not emotions, they're animal instincts, I have a set for every animal I've ever been. Do you know how many animals I've been? A hell of a lot more than eight. Oh and Rage? I have the Beast. Just as bad if not worse at times." he looked to Cyborg "I may be able to feel my entire body," he looked at Raven "not have a demon overlord as a father trying to destroy the world," he looked to Starfire and in a softer voice, devoid of his previous venom "not have had to handle what you did," he looked to Robin "or have to lead my friends around in battle and file reports with the city, but I've had my share of crap." he looked at Mars "And you know exactly what I had to do to get to where I am now, and what you won't ever have to do. What I had to sacrifice to try to save them." he stood up and looked at the group.

"I have a dare for you. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, 'do I really have it so bad right now?' If the answer is yes, then I'll tell you about each and every scar on my body, and how i got it. All three hundred and eighty two of them." and without another word he left.

They all sat there, staring at nothing when a small movement caught their eye.


The blade had come down. Beastboy had lost his head, and everything had started to tumble.