Bound 2: Note of Secrecy

Chapter 1

AN: I'm sorry that this is short but I'm having trouble with writing it. This chapter may not make sense… but it will later on. Trust me on this. GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR IDEAS PLEASE. AND DON'T FORGET TO REVIEW :)


Gabriella's POV:

I squeezed my eyes tightly, in hopes of getting rid of all the present confusion. This can't be happening. I repeat. This can't be happening. He was dead. I even saw his dead body. But who was standing in front of me? It was none other than Peter Grayson himself. "P-Peter?" I stuttered.

"Hey Gabs." he replied softly. His face was covered in scars, no doubt came from Troy's knife and a fading black eye.

"What happened to you? I-I thought you were dead." I whispered.

He shrugged. "I escaped death."

"I don't understand Peter. I saw you… I saw your dead body on the hallway floor. I pulled the knife out of your chest. T-There's no way in heck you could of escaped that trauma."

"I'm a bit surprised myself."

"B-But how a-are you still alive?"

"Well, Troy was extremely mad at me for being in love with you. I guess to him, the only way for him to be able to have you, is to have me dead. So while he was torturing me, I closed my eyes and held my breath. That way… to him it would seem as if I were dead. Luckily, he fell for it and was stupid enough to not check my pulse. Fortunately, he didn't really have the time because you were coming out of the bathroom. Like most, Troy couldn't risk his reputation so he ran for it. At the time, I was in too much pain to move. I figured I would end up dying from all the blood loss. Surprisingly, you came to the rescue. Whether you realize it or not… you're the one who saved me. If you hadn't pulled the knife out of my chest, I wouldn't be here."

"But that was days ago Peter. Where have you been all this time? Where have you been all this time while people thought that you were dead?"

"Sweetheart" he paused. "I've been here the entire time."