"I don't know, Plato...what if they don't accept me...?"
"Come on, Bella! They have to accept you. You are a Jellicle Cat, after all!"
"Yeah, but you told me about the whole Grizabella incident..and she was a Jellicle Cat too.."
"But she left of her own free will...Macavity kitnapped(you see what I did there...kit..instead of...kid...nevermind..)you when you were just a little, defenseless kitten. Everyone knows that. They coud'nt possibly blame you for that."
"Just come on! Mom and Dad'll be so happy!"
I gave in to his persuasion and we ran, paw in paw, to the entrance of the Junkyard, where we stopped. Mungojerrie was the first to notice us. He ran over, greeted Plato, and began to study my face.
"Oi. You look familiar...do oi know you?"
"Well-" I was cut off by Coricopat and Tantomile, who seemingly appeared out of thin air, saying, "Yes. You do know her." Plato's grin was growing increasingly larger with their every word. "She's-"
"She's my sister!" He practically screamed. "It's Bella! Been gone for nearly five years, and now I've found her!"
Mungojerrie's smile exploded.
"BELLA! I MISSED YOU!" He yelled as he grabbed me around the waist in a bear hug and spun me around, creating such a fuss that every cat in the Junkyard turned around to look at us. Munkustrap came over to us.
"Did you say that this is Bella?" He said, incredulous. "Your mother and father have been waiting for you to come back to us ever since the day you were taken! We've all missed you and are more than happy that you're back."
"I'm afraid I don't remember much of anyone except for Mungo and my family..I'll have to get reaqquainted wth everyone. If you don't mind, I'd really love to go see them.."
"Go right ahead!"
Plato grabbed my paw and led me towards where I assumed my parents lived. The older cats who remembered me either hugged me or warmly welcomed me home. Most of the cats the same age as me or younger either didn't remember me or had never known me. I remembered most faces, but I could only place a few names with them. We came to a stop in front of a neatly cleaned den, from which the smell of cooking fish eminated. "You're just in time for supper!" Plato exclaimed. We walked slowly inside. My mom, Jellylorum, was standing over a makeshift stove, cooking.
"Mom, I've got a surprise for you." Plato said, a grin spreading across his features.
"What is it, dear?" She asked, turning around. She saw me and was quiet for a minute, before she ran to me and engulfed me in a hug, her whole body heaving from uncontrollable sobs.
Dad, hearing the commotion and thinking something was wrong, rushed in.
"Jelly, what's wrong? Why are you-" He stared at me in shock, and then ran and hugged me. Plato joined the hug. After at least five minutes, we all backed away with tear stained faces, including me.
"We can't...how did...we missed you so much darling! We knew you would come back home! Curse that Macavity for taking you away from us..." My dad put a comforting hand on my mother's shoulder.
Overcome with joy from seeing my family for the first time in five years, I didn't speak for fear that my voice would break and I would cry more. I don't like to cry in front ofothers.
"Oh! Dear, you have nowhere to stay! Don't you worry, we have an extra room you can sleep in-"
"Mother...father...I've missed you both a lot, don't get me wrong..but I'm too old to stay with my parents.."
"Well, you can stay with me and Victoria!" Plato offered.
"Is she your mate? Wow...I've missed a lot..but congratulations! And are you sure she wouldn't mind? I don't want to be a bother."
"You could neverbe a bother to me, sis!" He assured me.
"Alright then. I'll stay with you until I can get my own den." I agreed.
"Great! I'll go tell Vickie the good news!" He exclaimed as he was rushing out the door.
"Bella, we're so glad you're home, safe and sound." My dad said.
"Yeah. I'm glad I'm back too."
"Well you should go talk to the other cats..see if you can make new friends and catch up with old ones." My mother proposed.
"Yeah, that's a good idea. I ran into Mungojerrie on the way in."
"I'll bet he was happy to see you. You two were the best if friends as kittens."
"Caused a lot of trouble, too." Dad added.
I laughed. "Yeah, I remember. Well I'm gonna go catch up with everyone. Bye! I love you."
"We love you too!"
I hugged them both and headed out the door.