'Then with the winged sandals, magic sack and helmet of invisibility, Perseus flew in search of the monsters' hideout. He eventually found it on an island and saw three monsters sleeping. They all had snakes for hair and they were surrounded by several stone statues of men, women, children and animals that had all fallen victim to the dreaded gaze of the gorgon.

Knowing that looking into the eyes of a gorgon can turn people into stone, Perseus held up his polished shield as he searched for Medusa. He eventually found her as she was the only one of them who had the face of a beautiful woman. He had to kill her to save his mother and the rest of the kingdom. However, Medusa awoke and heard Perseus's footsteps and immediately opened her eyes, but her gaze bounced off Perseus's shield and upon seeing herself in the reflection of the mirror shield she turned into cold stone.

Perseus cut off her head with the strongest blade ever made and flew off with the head back to his kingdom, ignoring the other gorgons' angry howls as they mourned their sister. The evil king was overthrown and replaced with Perseus. He gave back the magical items to the Gods and gave the head of Medusa to Athena. As for the gorgons, they were never seen again, but some say that Athena lost the magical head of Medusa. Its whereabouts are still a mystery to this day, being lost for thousands of years, but it is said that the Gorgons will rise once again in the distant future…'

The figure that sat by the crackling fire closed the book carefully and replaced it on the wooden table beside them. The figure grinned, pictures of the previous story flashing like cameras in their mind and the images zooming past, so real that they actually could've been.

"Such a splendid story," the figure smirked, "A fabled fabrication still-or so some people think…"

The figure let out a cold chuckle, gazing longingly into the flames as they danced around the wood on the cold, frosty night.

"How amazing it would be to make that story into reality. After all, anything is possible if you just keep working for it…"

The figure trailed off in midsentence and slowly rose from the armchair. She threw her hair gracefully behind her back and closed her blue eyes in extreme concentration. They were a stunning sapphire, but there was a dark hint of evil in them as the figure mouthed wordlessly, her face becoming screwed up with extreme hunger and desire.

"I suppose that it's time to inscribe the future of human kind," she muttered in a voice barely more than a cracked, hoarse whisper, "Nothing will get in my way. Nothing. Not even one puzzle-solving gentleman and his little troupe of brats."

The figure strode confidently across to the other side of the room and clutched the doorknob with such a strong grip that there was an echoing crack as the knob was wrenched from its hole. She flung open the door after taking one final look around the room and exiting, with the fire still flickering gently, spitting out ashes and burnt pieces of wood aggressively as if completely disagreeing with the figure's plans. The figure smirked evilly.

"Watch out, Layton. This is the final puzzle-of which you will never solve…"

A deafening echo of piercing laughter filled the entire room with an icy fear long after the dark figure had exited, with all becoming silent and the fire's flickering flames now extinguished completely in a dead cold state…

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