My alternate ending for the movie Mirrors.

2 weeks, after defeat of mirrors.

"Honey I'm off to work." Ben called to his ex wife. Amy, came to Ben and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"See you after work." She says than walks off. It had been two weeks after Ben defeated the evil Mirrors and saved his family from death. The Mirrors, wanted the woman named Anna Esseker, the body that held a demon, that demon was held in the Mirrors and no longer in the body. Anna sacrificed herself to save Ben's family who was being terrorized and injured by the demon. The Mirrors no longer posed a threat, so there was nothing to worry about.

Ben walked out the door, and noticed that the flag on his mailbox was up. He opened the mailbox and pulled out an envelope. He opened it and showed several pictures of Ben driving around, and causing several accidents. Must have happened when the reflection of his son stayed in the Mirror and when the boy moved away. He looked at the ticket and looked at the cost of the ticket. $6000.00 dollars.


You expect an real alternative ending. Well to bad. I just thought of all the times Ben went crazy on the freeway, going between the Mayflower and his ex wife's house. Review