"Beastboy! Team meeting! My office! NOW!"

Beastboy was in trouble. Again. Robin was yelling at him and telling him to be serious. Again. No one was saying anything in his defense, they never had, they agreed with him, and he was tired of it. Earlier that day he saved a little girl from being shot by throwing himself in the way, it alerted the hostiles to the presence of the titans and things didn't go as smoothly as Robin had planned, but he had saved the little girl. For that he was being punished. He snapped and decided to end this crap he cut off every emotion he could at that time, and detached himself. His eyes lost their light and he seemed to be another person. Robin was yelling.

"…and you could've gotten someone killed! You need to stop goofing around and take this seriously, it's not a game Beastboy, lives are at stake! You need more training, more discipline, and more punishment when you screw up because obviously it's not enough! I'm adding thirty reps to every one of your workouts and an hour more on your training every day. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I agree." He replied with as little emotion as Raven

"I don't care wh…you agree?" Robin was baffled and so was everyone else. "What do you mean you agree?"

"I mean that I haven't taken this seriously enough, I do need more training, and I do need more punishment. As of now, in my personal time I'll revert to my old Doom Patrol training regiment, I will take every punishment you hand out and I will no longer goof off. I will be one hundred percent serious. If that is all sir I request to begin my punishment as soon as possible so I may begin training." Robin looked at him and was furious, he wasn't taking this seriously, worse, he was mocking him in front of the team.

"Since you were so polite with me I'll make it two thousand extra pushups a day for a week."

"Thank you sir." He didn't move, he didn't show any emotion, he didn't do anything, it was like he was a robot, and it wasn't taken that well because it was assumed to be anything but what it was, Beastboy being serious. "Is that all sir?" again, dead. Robin nodded. "Request permission to be dismissed sir."

"Oh, just go to your goddamn room Beastboy and be serious for once!" still, no one believed Beastboy.

"Yes sir!" he saluted and then left headed for his room. Everyone watched him as he left.

"AAAAAUUGGHHH! Why can't he just take this seriously for once! Once, it's all I'm asking, is that too much to ask?" Raven spoke up.

"Robin, I think he was. I felt almost no emotion at all coming from him when he was speaking."

"Oh? And tell me, what emotion did you feel?" he said mockingly

"Don't patronize me or ill rip your testicles out through your nose." Robin stiffened "He was filled with…resentment and self loathing, like he hates himself. And what's strange is, this didn't suddenly appear, he's been fostering these feelings for quite some time now. He's usually so happy I can't even sense anything wrong with him, but….all of his other emotions, joy, sadness, fear, love, apathy, empathy…they all just…disappeared."

"Is it anything to worry about?"

"Not right now, he might just be trying to be serious, because he was serious, completely and utterly serious, he meant every word he said." Cyborg spoke up

"And that's nothing to worry about 'not right now'? I think y'all need your priorities checked, I'm gunna go check on the little green bean." Star raised a hand

"I also wish to do the 'checking up' on friend Beastboy. I shall accompany you friend Cyborg." So the two of them left. There was silence between Robin and Raven for a number of minutes.

"Anything to add Raven?" she shook her head, "Well then, I think I'm going to bed." But at that moment there was a high pitched scream from Starfire followed by a large crash. And shouted Tamaranian. The two teens looked at each other then ran and levitated out to the source for the noises, which happened to be Beastboy's room. Upon arriving they saw Cyborg collapsed in the hallway clutching Starfire who was clutching him back and both were up against the far wall, trembling, clearly in shock over something.

"Starfire! What is it, what's wrong?" All she could do was point a shaky finger at the door to Beastboy's room. The two titans were cautious as they approached the doorway. They opened the door and rushed in…but they were shocked silent by what they found. Beastboy's room was…clean. The clothes were packed away, the walls were clear of posters, the floor was clean and most all of his possessions with no practical purpose could be seen in cardboard boxes in the changeling's closet. The smell that they had, on several serious occasions, tried to get rid of was gone, his floor was clear, his sheets were changed and the rug everyone thought was brown, had been steam cleaned white. In place of all of this was a set of weights, a pull up bar and a bench press. In the middle of it all was Beastboy, doing his push-ups. "Beastboy?"

"Yes. Sir?" he said not even stopping in his work out. "How may. I help you. Sir?

"What is all this?" he asked looking around.

"Decided it was time. For a change sir."

"When did you do all of this? When did you have time?"

"I did it. Yesterday sir." He still didn't stop.

"Beastboy, what are you doing?" he didn't answer, but instead counted off.

"187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194."

"You're doing your pushups?"

"Yes. Sir."


"You said to. Sir."

"O….kay. We'll be leaving now, sorry to disturb you?"

"No problem. Sir." The team was out in the hall. Cyborg and Starfire were recovered but still shocked. Cy pointed to the room.

"Okay, I'm only going to say this once. What the hell was that? No, seriously, what the hell was that!" he was freaking out. "His room was clean, clean! It's never clean!"

"Yes friends, it was most the 'freaky as hell' yes?"

"Yeah Star," Robin agreed "that was freaky. What was that?" Raven spoke from the shadows.

"He was being serious." She said, then turned and walked down the hall to her room.

"Not for long," he said. He was confidant. And confidence comes before the fall. "he'll be back to normal at the end of the week."

"I don't think so." and she walked into the shadows and disappeared. Cyborg watched her leave and turned back to the group.

"Well, whatever that was, I'm going to bed, and I'll figure it out in the morning. G'night y'all." He left Starfire and Robin standing in the hall .

"Wanna watch a movie Star?" she smiled at him the smile she had only for him and said

"That would be….most enjoyable." Beastboy heard all of this outside of his room and stored it away for later. From now on, he would listen to everything that went on, and store it away. He was thinking he needed to talk to Mento, update his training schedule, he would show them. He would show them all.