Author's Note: Well, the first scene hit me and the others came quickly, too. No crime, just the aftermath of what happened in "72 Hours". If you haven't read that you may want to so you can understand what's happening. As to the title, well, just didn't really know where this was going to end so it seemed appropriate.

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Emily slowly awakens to the feel of feather light touches on her back. At first she thinks it's the remnants of her dream but as she becomes more aware she recognizes the soft lips of JJ tracing a path down her spine. Emily moans, a smile spreading across her face. JJ's lips caress the bruising on Emily's lower back, testament to the several kidney blows the profiler had gotten from Sheriff Delpy.

"That feels so good," Emily whispers.

JJ says nothing, just continues her gentle kisses. Her right hand starts to knead Emily's ass. Emily automatically thrusts against the mattress. JJ smiles and begins kissing her way back up Emily. As she reaches her girlfriend's shoulder, she kisses her way to Emily's ear.

"Turn over."

JJ eases back enough to allow Emily to roll. Emily looks up into cobalt eyes filled with desire. JJ leans in for a long, deep kiss, her hands tracing a path to Emily's breasts. As the liaison fills her hands she feels hard nipples get incredibly harder. Emily thrusts against the thigh that is inserted between her legs. As the kiss breaks, JJ stares into Emily's eyes.

"I love you, Emily."

"I love you, too, Jennifer."

As they stare into each other's eyes, JJ's right hand moves lower. Emily spreads her legs more as JJ slides her fingers past a hard clit and across wet folds. Emily's eyes close at the contact.

"Open your eyes," JJ commands softly.

Emily forces her eyes open, staring into JJ's. As JJ thrusts into Emily, their eyes remain locked, needing to see each other, to remind themselves that they made it through the hostage ordeal okay. As Emily nears orgasm, JJ uses her thigh to help her thrust harder, deeper. Emily's hips buck faster. Their eyes never leave each other's until the orgasm rips through Emily, forcing her eyes shut as a scream rips from her mouth.


After a moment, JJ leans down and kisses Emily softly. "I love you, Emily." She lays her head on Emily's shoulder as she slowly removes her hand from her lover. Emily's hips buck once more at the loss of contact. She wraps her arms around JJ, thanking every God she's ever heard of for giving her a chance with this woman.

Just as Emily becomes aware of a wet spot on her shoulder, she hears JJ sniffle. She eases back a bit but JJ's golden hair hides her face. Emily brings her hand to JJ's chin and gently forces her face up. Tears stream down the woman's face.

"Oh, JJ, I'm okay, sweetheart."

"That…that…you screamed…and then…the shot…I thought…God, Em."

JJ's tears come harder as she loses the ability to speak. Emily rolls them slightly so she can look square into JJ's eyes.

"I'm right here, baby. I'm right here and I am okay." To emphasize her point she leans in and kisses JJ deeply. She pulls JJ tightly to her, knowing the woman needs to cry to finally release all the stress from the past few days. She rubs her back gently, comfortingly. Finally the tears end.

"I was so scared, Em. Please don't do that to me again. Ever," JJ whispers.

Emily kisses her forehead. "I will do my best, Jen. I swear, I'll do my best."

JJ accepts that, knowing there are no guarantees in their job. They lay that way for several more minutes, both content to stay that way all day. Unfortunately, Henry has other ideas. His "I'm awake and hungry" cries come through the baby monitor.

"Want me to go get him for you?" Emily asks.

"Yeah. Thanks. Guess after a couple days of pumped milk he gets to go back to the real things."

"Mmm…lucky him," Emily says with a grin.

JJ chuckles as Emily gets up and pulls on a robe. JJ watches, once again thanking God that Emily is okay.