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He ran his sweaty palms up and down his neatly pressed robes, while his silver eyes darted around the hall in anxiety. Regulus inhaled and exhaled slowly in a weak attempt to steady his nerves. Excited whispers floated around the hall though they meant nothing to him, Regulus felt excluded from the hushed conversations taking place on either side of him. What did he have in common with these children? A stool and a hat. Until this moment Regulus had never thought about the irony behind the sorting. A mere object held his fate in...Well obviously not its hands. Such an important life changing decision should not be intrusted on a ridiculous hat! Didn't they realise how important that one choice was to him? Swallowing apprehensively, he turned his head slowly in the direction of the Slytherin table.

There Narcissa sat her glossy golden locks braided over one shoulder although a smile was not present on her pretty face. Narcissa's teeth had sunk into her bottom lip and she tore at the flesh in what Regulus recognised as nervousness. The older girl's eyes found him amongst the swarm of students and she forced her lips to curl upwards in greeting. Almost instantly her dainty hand shot up into the air and waved in greeting. He could not summon a smile himself so settled for a tiny terrified nod instead. She was worried. Of that he was certain. Narcissa was desperate for her little cousin to join her for after all family honour had always been important to her. Many perceived Cissy Black as cold and vain, Regulus admitted she was all these things and more however she had one redeeming quality. She cared for her family, she was loyal to them.

It was this thought that caused Regulus to turn his head away and blink furiously. One person who was not loyal was also sitting in this very hall. A small voice fought to take control of his thoughts he's still your brother it seemed to cry. He was a disappointment, an abomination but Sirius Black was still a Black and deep down that was what truly counted. Perhaps it would not be so terrible if Regulus himself was not a Slytherin? He could join Sirius unlikely as it was for the youngest Black found it difficult to see an ounce of bravery inside of him. It was an option though. His life was not set in stone. He was lying to himself now and everyone knows good things never come from that. You can fool others but never yourself. Plucking all the courage he could manage Regulus dragged his eyes towards the Gryffindor table.

Hungrily he sought out his brother and found him seated near some other boys deep in discussion talking loud enough for all to hear. He looked happy. Was it possible for Regulus to be that happy also? It only took a few seconds for him to find the answer. No. Sirius was too happy much too joyous to want Regulus in his life. There was no gaping hole in Sirius' world, no empty space for Regulus to fill. He did not fit in any longer. He waited a second and then one more just to see if his brother would say "hello" or look in his direction, neither event took place and so Regulus Black made a decision and nothing would be the same again. The choice was not the hats to make; Regulus had already chosen where he was going long before his trembling legs made the journey to the rickety stool, before he hesitantly sat down sucked in a long breathe and changed his life forever.

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