I sat on the tree stump, waiting for him to hurry up, and say that the cure was working. Cole hadn't shifted in weeks, and he had developed a new theory. He had injected himself with something, an idea he had been working on.

'You ready yet?'


I hugged my jacket around me, flipping the hood up. The inside was warm, but it was quite a thin fabric. The blue sleeves hung down past my hands, I didn't bother rolling them up. Oh yeah, this was Cole's jacket. Oops.

'Hurry up!' I yelled, crossing my arms.

'Chill, I'm here.'

Cole stood by the woods, his hands in his pockets. Why, whenever I saw him, was he normally half-naked? I stood up, and walked over to him. His jeans were coated in mud and grass stains, where he had nearly shifted.

'C'mon, then.' I said, rolling my eyes as he approached me.

'For God's sake, I'm coming!'

Cole stood next to me, and we walked slowly up to the house. I sniffed, it was too cold outside. Curse stupid Minnesota weather. Raising an eyebrow, I wondered how the hell Cole wasn't cold. I was freezing, shivering as I walked.

'You cold?' he said, a smirk on his lips.

'Nah, I'm roasting. Gonna put on some shorts and a vest top.'

'Haha. Real mature.'

'You can talk about being mature.'

'Yes, I can actually. I learnt to speak when I was 1, and I found out what mature meant when I was about 9.'

I rolled my eyes at the idiot, and elbowed him in the ribs. Cole swore, and reached out to get me.

'Crap' I muttered, and started running. Cole chased after me; it wasn't fair, he was a wolf half the year and they are the best animal at running. My hands were in my pockets, and the hood flew off my head as I ran.

He caught me, catching me round the waist and lifting me off the ground with his unnatural strength. Screaming, I tried kicking, but he held me off the ground.

'You bastard, let me down!' I squealed, hitting his hands repeatedly.

He wouldn't let me down, so I bit his hand.


He dropped me, muttering 'bitch' under his breath. I straightened up, smoothing down my hair and jacket. Cole walked up in front of me, the dead leaves under his feet crunching. Over a head taller than me, Cole looked down at me, grinning.

'My jacket?' he said, a surprised expression on his face.

'You left it round mine, so therefore it is mine now.'

He placed a hand on my cheek, his hands somehow warm. He really was a freak sometimes. Cole ducked his head, kissing me softly.

'Flipping hell, Isabel. You're lips are cold.' He muttered, his breath hitting my face.

'I'm cold.' I said, looking into his sparkling eyes.

Cole smirked, and kissed me again, lifting me off my feet. I shivered, and Cole pulled back.

'Can we go inside?' I whispered.

'Yeah, otherwise you're gonna die of coldness, then who am I going to annoy?' he stated.

'Gee, thanks.'