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Cat's Pov

Beck and jade haven't done anything since they lost Dani. No hanging out with the rest of the gang, no going to kickbacks, no plays, and especially no parties.Jade has been meaner and Beck never shows emotion some people started calling him BeckBot. But I see that they are sad, hurt, and angry. I can see in their eyes. Right now we were in our Advanced Singing class. It was the only class Jade and I have together without everyone else. It's also the only class Jade has without Beck. We had a sub today. "Hello I'm Mr. Donovan we have a lot to do but first I'll tell you a bit about me. I used to be a music producer but i now I sub. I am married and have a 7 year old daughter" then he showed us picture of her. She was so cute. She brown eyes and curly brown hair. I looked at Jade. She looked so sad. Class went on and the bell rang. Jade was the first one out the door. I need to help them. I didn't think they'd like it but they needed it. I sighed and went to Lane's office tell him.

Beck's pov

I was on my way to Sikawitz's class and I was called to Lane's office. I sighed and turned around. Once I got there Jade was sitting on his couch. "Have a seat Beck" Lane said. I sat next to Jade and put my arm around her. "Why are we here" Jade said. "Your teachers and friends are worried about you two" he said. "We didn't do anything!" Jade snapped." Both your grades have been dropping from A's the D's or F's" Lane told us. "So if we bring out grade up can we go" Jade sighed. "No we also need to talk about your daughter" Jade froze she looked like a deer in the headlights. "What about her" she gritted through her teeth. "Have you talked to anyone" he asked. Jade kept quiet and stared at the ground. "No not really" I said. "Not even with each other?" he said. "No it's a hard topic to talk about" I told Lane. "Have you guys let your emotions out cried? Anything" Lane said. "I DON'T CRY!" Jade screamed. "How we go back to talking about school. You haven't been participating plays or anything you guys can't keep everything bottled up inside its not healthy." Lane said. "HOW DO YOU EXCPECT US TO BE LIKE! WE LOST OUR DAUGHTER!" Jade yelled and ran out the door. I went to go get her. i looked everywhere for her. i found her in my car. "Take me home" she demanded. "Sure" I said. The ride was silent. Maybe Lane was right but still so was Jade! How DID they expect us to act? How ARE you supposed to act when you lose your child? i pulled into Jade's driveway. She got out and slammed the door behind her running inside.

Jade's Pov

Hold in the tears. I repeated to myself on the car ride home. When we got to my house I ran before Beck could see me cry. "Jade? Is that you" my mom said. I collapsed on the floor crying. "Jade! What's wrong" she asked. "WHATS WRONG? Everything" I muttered. "Did something happen with you and Beck". I shook my head no. "Is it cause of Dani?" I nodded and cried some more. "Aw come here baby" my mom gave me a hug. "I'm so sorry mom!" I sobbed. "For what?" she said. "Because I got pregnant at 13 then I got the baby taken a away! Dad was right I'm a disgrace! I DO deserve to live on the street". "JADELYN WEST! Your father was not right! You are an amazing girl who is super talented! Your father is an idiot. I love you so much Jade. I want to help you through this" my mom said. "But you can't! No one can you don't understand! You don't know what it feels like to lose your child and-"I couldn't finish my sentence I was too busy crying. I HATED THIS! I must seem so weak right now. How can anyone love me! "Shh I know sweetie I can't imagine what you're going through. If anything happened to you and your brother I don't know what I'd do!"She kissed the top of my head just like I used to do with Dani. "Jade when was the last time you ate? You look like you lost 7 pounds!". "I don't know it's kinda hard to think about eating" I whispered. My mom helped me up and led me into the kitchen.

Cat's Pov

It was now lunch time. Beck and Jade weren't here. "Why aren't they here" Tori said. "They could be avoiding you after all its all your fault" Andre said. "ANDRE!"Tori said "I said I was sorry and I would do anything to stop what happened! Besides it happened 4 months ago if they really wanted to avoid me don't you think would have done long before today" Tori said. "True" Andre said. "Plus it's just as much Robbie's fault as it is mine". "HEY! It was Rex!" Robbie defended. "ROBBIE!" we all shouted. "What about miss no talent other there she invited just as many people as I did" Rex said pointing to Trina. Then everyone started fighting! "STOP IT!" I screamed. I', going to see if there ok" I said and went to Becks.

I rang Beck's doorbell. He opened the door. "Are you ok?" I asked. ""No not really" he said. "I sorry Beck" I said and gave him a hug. "Where's Jadey" I asked. "At her house" he said. "Is she alright" I asked. "I don't think so no" he said. "What that" I pointed to a whole in his RV wall. "Oh um I was upset because of…well you know and punched the wall" he said. I frowned. "I really want to help you feel better but I need to see Jadey" I said. He nodded.

I went to Jade's house and knocked on the door.

Jade's Pov

I was watching the scissoring with my mom trying to feel better. I wasn't laughing like normal. The doorbell rang. I was about to get up. "I'll get it" my mom said. "Jade! Its Cat" I slowly got up. My mom went back to the movie "Jadey have you been crying" she said pointing out my running make up and red eyes. "No" I said. "Yes you were but that's not why I'm here can we go to your room" she asked. I nodded. Once we were there I sat on my bed. "Are you ok" she asked. "I'm fine" I lied. "No you're not! Jadey we are best friends remember you can tell me anything". "Fine I'm not ok! Are you happy now" I said. "NO! I'm not and I won't be until you are! I" she said. 'I'll never get to watch her grow up Cat! I'm going to miss everything! Her first day of school, Her first crush, First everthing!" I told her. "do you need to cry?" Cat wondered. I shook my head no. "Thank you for being here for me" I said and gave her a hug. "Do you want me to stay" she asked. "No its fine you should go back to school" I said. "Alright call me if you need anything" Cat said then left. The rest of the day was uneventful. I watched movie's with my mom until I got tired and went to my room. But I couldn't sleep. Something was missing. I was also too sad. It was 2 in the morning and I didn't want to wake my mom. I left a note.


Went to Beck's


Beck's Pov

I was lying on my bed not sleeping when I heard Jade come in. "hi" I said. She sat on my bed next to me. After a long silence she finally cried. "Jade" I took in my arms. Right now she seems so small and fragile like Dani. "I'm so sorry" she cried. "For what? You didn't do anything" I told her. She didn't respond she just cried. "I think Lane was right we shouldn't keep our feelings inside" I told her. She nodded. "I miss her so much! How are acting so strong and I'm so weak" she asked. "Jade! Look at me! you are not weak! It's normal for you to feel like this! And I am not strong I have tears in my eyes as I speak but I'm trying to be strong for you, and for Dani. Ok?" I said. "Ok" she said. "I love you Beck" she said. "I love you too" I said as I started crying. "we'll get her back don't worry" I whispered.

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