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Chapter One-And They Thought It Was Over

"Do you have a death wish, Tony?" a man with short brown hair and blue eyes said.

A girl with long brown hair and sparkling green eyes was glaring at the taller man the question had been directed at.

"After recent events, I'd prefer not to die in the way you're thinking, Barton," the taller man, Tony, said.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I mean, Clint. You know, one of you should really change your name so we stop having this issue," Tony corrected himself.

"Shut up, Stark, neither of us are going to change our name," the girl said.

"Tony, I'd leave her alone," the other man, Clint, said.

"Really? What is it with assassins and being left alone?"

"People who like to be alone like being around other people who like being alone, get it?" the girl asked. "Now leave me alone before I set Natasha on you. Go do your little science things with Banner that you two enjoy so much."

"Whatever, you guys aren't any fun anyway," Tony said walking down the metal platform on the flying aircraft carrier dubbed the "Helicarrier."

Elaina had been recruited to S.H.I.E.L.D a few weeks before most of Manhattan, her home, had been blown to bits by hostiles from another world. The Avengers Initiative had been activated and basically the world's superheroes had been pulled together to battle the forces of evil. The Avengers had saved the world once, but from what Elaina had seen it'd taken some work to get them together. She felt out of place as being the one of the newest members of S.H.I.E.L.D, but everyone had accepted her with open arms. The Avengers had been particularly interested in her past work, or at least a few of them had.

"Thanks again, Clint," she told him.

"Sometimes Stark is the best person to be around, other times he's the worst," Clint said.

Elaina smiled at him as he turned around and walked up the stairs next to them. She knew where he was going and where she could find him almost all the time, but she didn't follow him, he need his isolation just as she needed hers. She felt awkward toward Clint, maybe it was because of the first day. Nick Fury, the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D, had called on "Agent Barton" to report to him, that's when Clint and Elaina had first met, they both had reported to Fury. Elaina had thought there was a mistake, but sure enough, Clint Barton had showed and so had she, Elaina Barton. They weren't related as far as Elaina knew, it was just an odd coincidence, she'd thought Barton was a pretty uncommon surname...apparently not. This was probably also why Elaina had gotten to know Clint, they'd gotten along pretty well from the start. Both shared common interests, certain fighting methods, and most importantly both mostly preferred to be left alone.

She made her way to her room in the Helicarrier, Elaina decided she wanted some time to herself after her encounter with Tony. She liked Tony Stark, but sometimes he annoyed her beyond the point of ridiculousness, he just didn't know when to step away. Natasha was the only female in the Avengers group and also one of the ones interested in Elaina's past. Natasha herself was a Russian spy and an expert assassin which made Elaina understand why Natasha had taken interest in her past. Elaina then walked past a taller man with his short blond hair swept sideways, he was much taller and more muscular than the others.

"Hello, Captain Rogers," Elaina said smiling at him.

He returned her smile, flashing bright white teeth, "Good day, Miss. Barton," he said back continuing walking.

Elaina liked Captain Steve Rogers, she was particularly fond of his 1940's attitude, he was a living legend so to speak. After taking out a Nazi force called HYDRA during World War II he put a jet programmed by HYDRA to destroy cities in the U.S into the ice of Antarctica. He'd been frozen in the ice for seventy years, but he'd still been alive. After he'd woken up in the twenty-first century Fury had recruited him for the Avengers Initiative. He was very brave, putting others before himself and he always went by his values, this is also why Elaina liked him. It was very interesting to her, working with all the Avengers, each had been the legend of their particular time or city therefore each had an ego or opposite personality, Steve and Tony were ones that usually ended up getting into a heated argument.

Elaina sank down in her bed in her room, she didn't even bother changing from her navy blue S.H.I.E.L.D uniform, it's not like she would get much sleep anyway. Soon Fury would call her and the Avengers in to discuss the new mission they were about to be handed. She slowly drifted off into a dreamless sleep, not that she wanted dreams because they usually turned into horrible nightmares.

"Agent E. Barton please report to Director Fury," the sound of her earpiece woke her up.

She looked out the window she was fortunate to have and saw the sun had almost set. She was glad for a few hours sleep before a mission, missions always derived sleep from everyone.

"So they figured out a solution to the name confusion," she mumbled to herself as she pulled on her black combat boots.

She walked back to the main deck of the Helicarrier, seeing Clint perched up high on one of the metal bars near the roof of the ship where she knew he could see everything below and beside him for a few hundred feet. He was the most intriguing and complicated of the group for her to try to figure out. She guessed that's what protected him, being so isolated. She knew he was watching her as she located Fury and walked up to him. The dark-skinned, bald-headed man wearing a black eye-patch radiated command.

"Agent Barton, I picked you, for this particular mission, to work with the Avengers directly. If you review the file you will soon see why. I do not mean to bring back any memories you may have wished to forget, but it is crucial that we work this mission," Fury said.

Elaina had a bad feeling about what was in the manila folder stamped with S.H.I.E.L.D's emblem he handed her.

"I'll look at it right away, sir," she said receiving a smile and nod from Fury. "And, sir, if it's crucial to saving the world I don't mind having a few bad memories."

Fury gave her an approving nod and turned back to the flat screen tablet-computers beside him. Elaina started to walk back to her room to read the file, but stopped when she opened the cover. She stepped off of the main walkway of the ship to read the first page of the file. The picture of the blue cube made Elaina's eyes widen.

He held Clint's arm tightly, preventing him from moving away. Elaina looked on curiously, wondering what the assassin would do.

"You have heart," the tall man gripping Clint said coolly.

He touched the point of his scepter against Clint's chest. Elaina watched as Clint's eyes widened and changed colors from their normal bright blue to black then back to a blue matching the glow of the man's scepter and the Tesseract. Clint became stiff and replaced his gun to it's holster around his leg. Elaina knew something was wrong, Clint should be attacking this man, not putting away his weapon. The man aimed his scepter at the computers next to Elaina, but she was too busy worrying about Clint to dodge the blue energy he shot at them, she was thrown to the floor by the blast. Blood dripped into Elaina's eyes from the cut on her head, disappearing on her navy uniform. She laid there hearing words exchanged between Clint and Fury, but Clint wasn't talking to Fury, he was talking at him, their words were blurry to Elaina. She forced herself to her feet, just as Clint was walking by her.

"Hawkeye..." she said through her blurry mind.

In the background the ceiling was cracking and the ground was shaking. Her words didn't phase him.

"Barton!" she was desperately trying to reach some part of him.

They were almost out of time, the whole aboveground part of S.H.I.E.L.D's base was about to crash down on them, hundreds of thousands of pounds of rock and concrete. She quickly switched tactics.

"Clint...stop, Clint..." her words were choked between waves of pain. "Clint, please, what are you doing?"

He turned to her, seeming to see her for a second before wincing as if he was in pain and going back to looking distant. He walked away after the tall man and Dr. Selvig. Elaina couldn't have imagined how much pain and harm he would soon cause.

"Elaina?" she jumped at his voice.

She whirled around, facing Clint, preparing for an attack before realizing the file had brought on a daydream. Not a dream or a flashback, a horrible nightmare she'd actually lived.

"Hawkeye, thank God, I thought..."


"Never mind what what I thought, did Fury tell you about the mission?"

"He just did, I saw you up here and was going to talk to you about it. And I'm not going to attack you, Elaina, I hate what Loki did to me," Clint said.

Damn him for being such a good assassin, to read her face so well. She knew it would be pointless to lie to him, so she didn't.

"We all did," she replied simply and started walking.

The only reason the Avengers had been called back was because now the world faced this new danger. The reason Elaina had been called to work with the Avengers was because of her past; her abilities and the fact that she'd faced the new threat before, like Fury said.

The file was thick with information that S.H.I.E.L.D had collected on this master mind. Elaina had a feeling they were missing some information or they wouldn't need her. Dr. Durov, she shivered at the mere mention of his name, he made Loki look sane. Loki, an Asgardian who considered himself a god, had opened a portal between his world beyond and Earth by stealing and using the Tesseract, which had been in S.H.I.E.L.D's hands. The Tesseract was a cube of pure energy and an artifact of Asgard. Loki wanted to rule Earth using his army transported through the Tesseract, but the Avengers had put a stop to that. Not before Loki and his army had destroyed half of Manhattan, though. Loki had been captured and escorted back to his world by Thor- one of the Avengers, also an Asgardian, and not to mention Loki's adoptive brother. Elaina read over the file and realized why Fury had said it might bring on bad memories, it already had. Dr. Durov had come back to the surface and hadn't been to discreet about it, he'd been on S.H.I.E.L.D's radar immediately. He'd planned to steal and use the Tesseract's power to create some kind of weapon for mind control.

Too bad someone beat him to it, Elaina thought sarcastically.

She knew, though, that he was obsessive and would not give up his plans so easily. As she read down the page she saw S.H.I.E.L.D was well aware of this. They didn't know, however, about his favorite hiding spots and labs, she made a metal note to inform them about that.

After dropping the file off in her room Elaina returned to the main deck of the Helicarrier. She quickly got permission to use the high-tech computers and went to work scanning all of Durov's known hideouts for any signs of him or his henchmen. When all of them came up clean she searched all the locations she knew for his labs She was so into her work that she hardly heard him walk up behind her.

"So, you can work some technology of your own I see," he said.

Elaina turned around, facing the man that was almost ten years older than herself.

"Hello, again, Tony," she said in an annoyed voice, hoping he'd go away.

He seemed to take it the exact opposite way and sat on the desk next to her.

"I'm sorry, really, about earlier I had no idea you were so defensive of your past work," Tony said.

"It's fine, not a big deal," she replied focusing on the computer screen.

"You looked like you wanted to kill me, which seems like a big deal to me," Tony insisted.

Elaina turned in her chair to face him.

"Tony, it really was nothing, I wasn't in an answering mood for all your questions. I was tired and a little concerned, that was all. Now, if you want someone to look at you with genuine murder in their eyes, go brag about yourself in front of Captain Rogers."

Tony laughed, giving her one of his million-dollar smiles, which applied to him since he was a billionaire.

"What're you working on there?" he asked curiously.

"Been informed about the mission yet?"

"A couple minutes ago," Tony said with a nod.

"I'm trying to locate Dr. Durov, I sort of know some possible locations he could be hiding in because of my 'past work'," Elaina said.

One of the computers she'd been working on started beeping.

"Looks like you got a hit," Tony said. "I'm hoping for some place tropical."

Elaina smiled, rolling her eyes and turned back to the screen, reading the location.

"So is it the Bahamas? Jamaica?" Tony asked.

"No, I hope you like Russia."

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