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Let's get started!

Cultural Festival is ready to start. The school is filled with energy! Or are some of the students high?

"We already passed the health inspection. 'Riceball Booth' can proceed smoothly." Yuki said, "About the main ingredients of our riceballs, does anyone have any suggestions?"

Riceball…My fate seems to have a riceball as its part.

Saki was braiding Sakani's pink hair into a long ponytail so it wouldn't drag on the ground and get dirty and…stuff.

"Yes! What do you think about three colored riceballs!" Tohru said, "Riceballs that have three different ingredients should be welcomed by others!"

"Great idea sounds cute." Yuki said.

"That's not really good Souma-san…" one of the Yuki fan girls said.

Tohru turned to them.

"I want to try and have, chicken, Konbu, and pickled plum together…can it be good?"

"Waa! I want to throw up"


Sakani's hair was all in one braid down to her knees and came to join Arisa and her pole, "Shut your faces!" Sakani said, "Your personalities are what makes me want to throw up!" Arisa said.


"What about fighting riceballs." Kyo suggested.

"Fighting riceballs?"

"One on one fight. No rules as long as you're alive, weapons are ok…" Kyo said and got up and put his fist up, "Bleeding is ok, arm getting torn off is ok too…USE RICEBALL AS A REASON FOR FIGHTING!"

"REJECT!" Everyone opposed Kyo's suggestion.




"I CAN!"


"…What about encouraging people to buy… whoever buys one will get an extra one for free…this idea to encourage buying would be welcomed." Yuki said.

"AGREE!" Everyone agreed to Yuki's statement.

"WHAT!" Kyo yelled, "Why do we have to listen to his ideas! We don't have to listen to him!"

"Your idea is weird, who wants to get all bloody over a riceball!"

"Stop playing Kyo Kyo!" a boy said.

"DON'T CALL ME KYO KYO!" Kyo yelled.

"…I have to attend a representative meeting! Please find some wood." Yuki told the girl who as helping him, "Mmmm, I understand." She said.

"AH! Wait I have a question!"

"Yuki! I have a question too!"

"Yes, Yes!"

"Souma-san this…"


Then a bunch of cats appeared on Kyo, "AH! CATS!" a girl yelled.


"WOW… what is this!"


"When and where did they come from?"





"I don't know anything!" Kyo yelled as he kicked open the door and went out.

"Wait Kyo where did all these cats come from!"

Broke the door!

"What, what?"

Chatter, Chatter

"What is it?"

Chatter! Chatter!


"What's with the cats?" the girl asked.

"Suspicious…" Saki said.

"Relax! Your actions are suspicious too!" Arisa said, "That guy really has a fiery personality…"

"Looks just like a naughty kid!" Saki said.

"He's the complete opposite of the prince!"

Sakani felt the back of her head.

"A braid seems heavier…" Sakani said.

"Don't worry you're going to get use to it." Saki said.

"FOUND YOU!" Tohru yelled, "So you're on the roof!" Tohru said.


"You guys are always suddenly…" Kyo said.

"Kyo you really like high places!" Tohru said.

Sakani picked up a cat that was hanging on to Kyo and it purred against her.

"AH… how are you kitties…" Tohru said.

Tohru picked one up and put it against her face, "Cats are so cute…they like you a lot too!" Tohru said.

"Yes…" Sakani held the Kitty up in front of her, "I think this kitty is in love…with you…"

"HEY!" Kyo yelled.

"What…I read its mind…" Sakani said.


"Who knows! They love to chase me around and not let go!" Kyo said almost randomly, "Maybe its, 'same kind wants to stay together'!"

"Yaaa…isn't it great!" Tohru said.

"How's it great! This one time I was talking to Kagura in the mountains… e suddenly got surrounded by many pigs! I thought I was going to be their lunch!" Kyo yelled.

"AHH HAA HAA!" Tohru laughed.

"WHATS SO FUNNY!" Kyo yelled.

"Because you're so mad!"

"I think that it's the fact…that you're scared of pigs…" Sakani said.

Kyo blushed, "NO I'M NOT!"He yelled.


"Why are you to here anyways?" Kyo asked.

"Are you going to join the preparations for the festival?" Tohru asked.


"You don't want to join don't you?" Sakani said.

"Missing me won't be a problem!" Kyo yelled, "Just having Yuki is good enough!"

"So you're jealous…" Sakani said.

"NO! It's just…from when e were young, he was smart, he ne how to do things, and as popular." Kyo said, "Trustworthy…people around him knew about his abilities and respected him…I started practicing martial arts before he did…but he's better than me now."

"Only because of the curse… in reality you would beat him at least I feel that is so…" Sakani said.

The words played through Kyo's mind, 'The kids who are the year of the rat are very special.'


'Compared to that, the kid of the year of the cat…'

"…I get so mad…" Kyo said, "If I can choose I rather be him...that guy."

They envy eachother…Kyo is…he has his own good points…

"He is not one of the twelve zodiacs I feel he can live with other people more naturally!" Yuki said, "I really hope to be more like him…"

It's actually…Souma-san…Kyo-kun is envious of Souma-san. Who is envious of Kyo-kun on the other hand…although on the surface they fight and argue all the time?

Tohru was thinking about this all throughout work.

"I knew this from the start…they are both envious of eachother all from the start…" Sakani said as they were walking in the hallways from work.

But from my point of view they both have their own strengths and they both have their good points. Why…

"Tohru look out!" Sakani said as Tohru slipped on a wrapper of some kind of candy. Sakani grabbed her hand with her right hand but only to fall down with her and bump her head.

"WAAYAA!" Tohru screamed.

'OWW.' Sakani said in her head.

"Walking while thinking is too dangerous…" Tohru said.

"I think all the time…" Sakani said.

"Hee Hee" A blonde haired boy laughed, "Ah hee hee!"


Long socks?

Silly glasses?

Painted nails!

This boy looks gay but in his mind he is not…

"Yaa…good day…" Tohru said.

He saw that!

What kind of person is he?

In a building late at night…why is a boy here?

"TOH NU!" the boy yelled.

"Ko ta toh nu!" The boy said again.

"AA, AA, what?...are…you saying?"

"Sieh do! Welch ein Gluck!" he said.

"Können sie englisch sprechen, können wir noch nicht genau wissen was sie sagen:" Sakani said.

"Ich freue mich, Sie zu seheh" he said.

"He says that 'I am glad to you to visit'" Sakani whispered in Tohru's ear.


"Sehr Angenehm" the blonde said.

"He said, 'pleased to meet you'" Sakani said.

"Sehr hubsch" he said.

"Very nice…that's what he said…"

The boy kissed Tohru and Sakani on the cheek.

"AH!" Tohru screamed.

"Don't worry this is just the greeting, he's speaking German…" Sakani whispered.

"Haben wir auch zu…" Sakani said then all of a sudden Tohru pulled her hand, "WE HAVE TO GO!" Tohru yelled.

Sakani and Tohru ran outside, and Yuki as standing waiting to go home "Honda-san why do you look so nervous?" Yuki asked.

"Eh! I'm not nervous, eh ha-ha, yaa!" Tohru said nervously.

I sense rabbit energy from that boy…I wonder…

I didn't know he had to kiss us to greet! I didn't know Sakani knew how to speak German!

"What really happened?" Yuki asked.

"A German rabbit kissed us." Sakani said.

"Hn?" Yuki and Tohru were both confused.

"Eh…ha-ha nothing, nothing at all, don't worry at all, let's go home!" Sakani said, "Anyways," she bowed, "Thank you for picking us up!"

"Don't thank me for this…if you two have any trouble, please let me know…because I will help both of you."Yuki said.

"Thank-you!" Sakani and Tohru said at the same time.

Yuki smiled.

Souma-san is very nice and so is Kyo-kun…but why must people be envious of others? Why don't they realize their own good points?

Tohru was in the kitchen making riceballs.

"Are you preparing to open a riceball shop?" Kyo asked.

"Ah! Yes, good morning!" Tohru said.

"Why isn't Sakani helping?" Kyo asked.

"Ah, she can't help because of her hand, her left hand she still can't move it…" Tohru said.

She's always wearing a bandage…

Kyo picked up a riceball, "AH! Kyo that!" Tohru was about to say it, "That's a leek riceball!" Tohru said before her put it into his mouth.

"WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS!" Kyo yelled.

"Oh, I'm making this for the cultural festival, just trying out special riceballs…" Tohru said.

Sakani went down stairs and picked up a riceball, "Wait… does this have meat in it…?" Sakani said.

"N…um…I think so…?" Tohru said,

Sakani broke the riceball in half, "Nope this is leek…you want it Kyo?" Sakani joked.


"Gosh…can't take a joke…" Sakani said.

Kyo saw tears in her eyes, "Ah, nevermind…"

"Forget about it…" Sakani said wiping tears off her face and walked up the stairs.

"Uh…" Kyo was confused.

"Don't worry, Sakani is more vulnerable in the morning, she gets mad but sad more easily…like that time when you poured a bucket of water on her…today she said she had a meatmare…"Tohru said.

"A meatmare?" Kyo said.

"Ah, it was a nightmare about meat, she actually thinks herself that one day she might skinny to death without meat but still refuses it." Tohru said.

"Has she ever had meat before?" Kyo asked.

"Um…yes before the day her father lost their house and they started living in the wilderness, then she ate grass too live. She said it taste bad at first but she got use to it…meat became something of the past, she says since she's not used to meat she can get sick, the last meat she ever had was fish!" Tohru said.

Grass! Eating grass! Blaa!

Tohru changed the conversation, "Kyo do you have any ideas?"

"Riceball having fish or pickled fish is good enough!" Kyo said, "Hmmm, I'll make my own!"

Kyo got some rice and started to make a riceball.

"Kyo! You're so great! Your riceball technique looks like you had practice!" Tohru said happily, "Impressive! I would never have thought…!"

"…When I train, I have to make riceballs for myself…but technique doesn't mean it taste good!"

"Really?" Tohru asked, "A person who is training to make riceballs…would definitely be envious of your technique!"

"Who would train to make riceballs!" Kyo yelled going into the living room.

"A cook would," Sakani said sitting on the couch.


"I thought you would pay attention more!" Sakani yelled.

"Shutup…" Kyo said.

"NO! You shut your face!" Sakani yelled.

'Ah… she's getting mad! Oh what should I do!' Tohru thought.

"I'M MAD NOW!" Kyo yelled.


"SHUTUP!" Kyo yelled.

"Oh, is that all you have to say, I know you can do better!" Sakani yelled.

"YOUR SO FULL OF IT!" Kyo yelled.


"SHUTUP!" Kyo yelled.

"What's going on so early in the morning…" Shigure said rubbing his eyes.

"Are Yuki and Kyo-kun fighting?" Shigure asked with blurred vision.

"Actually it's Kyo and Sakani," Tohru said worried.

Shigure snapped.


Even though Sakani felt sad inside she got madder on the outside.

"Um…Shigure we should do something Sakani has many, many things she would say when she's mad…" Tohru said.

"Like what?" Shigure asked.


"Like that…"

"YOU MAKE ME WANNA!" Kyo crushed the riceball in his hand then punched her straight in the face.

"SAKANI!" Tohru yelled.

Blood flowed out of Sakani's mouth and her nose was red.

"Kyo, she's just a girl!" Shigure said, "You really need to control your temper…"


"I'm sorry; I'm very s-sorry for yelling at y-you…" Sakani said and then was knocked out.

"Sakani?" Tohru asked.

Yuki came down the stairs toward the living room where Shigure was blocking the way.

Kyo stood there frozen.

"What's going on?" Yuki said rubbing his eyes.

"Like always, Kyo can't control his temper…" Shigure said.

Yuki went in the living room and his eyes widened when he saw Sakani knocked out on the floor, "YOU STUPID CAT!" Yuki yelled and kicked him all the way out the sliding door.

Sakani heard a loud noise and her eyes fluttered open and Kyo ran away.

"Sakani, I'm very sorry, that stupid cat…" Yuki said as he walked over to Sakani.

"You don't have to a-apologize…it's my fault," Sakani said.

Looks of sorrow went through Sakani's eyes as her eye color weakened, "Sakani?" Tohru asked.

Sakani rose back up and stood up suddenly a little wobbly, "I have to fix this!" Sakani said running out the door that was now broken.


She doesn't have shoes or socks on…."

He's not on the roof…he couldn't have gotten far…I sense his energy somewhere in the woods. My nose hurts really bad.

Pant Pant Pant

How far could he have gone! I sense his energy somewhere high… up in a tree…

Sakani kept running and looked up.

It's cold and I'm not wearing shoes or socks.

Sakani looked around and saw a figure walking close,


Sakani started to run back and Chuck ran after her.

My ponytail is weighing me down.

Sakani took the rubber band out the bottom and released the braid then went on running for her life.

Pant Pant…

I thought I would've gotten to the house by now… I'm running the wrong way!

Sakani turned left and kept running then bumped into someone.

"Uh… sorry I got blood on you're…" Sakani looked up, it as Kyo.

Thank god…

Sakani pulled him behind a tree where Chuck wouldn't see them.

Pant, Pant

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry for yelling and saying stupid things, I'm so sorry," Sakani said with tears rolling down her face bowing over and over again.

Kyo wiped the tears and looked into her sorrow eyes, "Hey, ah I'm...sorry too…you are still the same girl from long ago"

Sakani smiled, "So you do remember…" butterflies rushed around them.

Kyo kissed Sakani on the lips, which was then blushing madly, "The kiss, I remember…"Kyo said with a smile.

Sakani looked down the slapped him in the face, and smiled, "Pay back,"


Kyo looked at her madly but then forgot about it, "Let's go home!" Kyo said.

"Sakani!" Tohru yelled and gave Sakani a hug.

Tohru wiped the dried blood of Sakani's face, "I think your nose might be broken…" Tohru said wrapping it up in bandage.

"We still have some time before school so Ima lay down a bit…and braid my hair back up…" Sakani said going upstairs.

Kyo went back in the living room an plopped the TV on.

Tohru was still wondering, He never thinks about his good points…why hasn't he realized yet?

"Ah…maybe it's on the backside…" Tohru said out loud.

"Huh?" Kyo said.

"For example, a person's good points, it's like a sour plum in a riceball." Tohru said, "That sour plum is just on its backside. In this world everyone's backside…has various different colors and tastes of sour plums. But that's on another's backside…so no one can see within his or her sour plum."

He'll think that he's just a plain riceball, that he's no value…

But it's not like that at all.

"…you envy…"Tohru said, "When you envy others…that's only because you can see their plum and not yours, that's all! I can see… Kyo's back I clearly see a distinguished sour plum."

"Souma himself is also very distinguished, but Kyo…you too are very distinguished!" Tohru said.


"I'm sorry I should have used fish as an example!" Tohru said.

Tohru turned away and started walking away, "I'm sorry!"

"Hey…" Kyo said before she walked out, Tohru looked back, "You have it too! Your back has it too…sour plum. I can see it."

"Really? Really?" Tohru said.

"Only a tiny plum…very very tiny…" Kyo said.

"Tiny plums taste the best!" Tohru said.

Maybe many people envy you and you don't realize it…maybe people are already envious!

Once I think about it that way, there's a wave in my heart. Work a little harder. If I work a little harder maybe the results will be different…

"Did you see ponytails nose?" someone said.

"Yaa, I think it's broken…"

"Her hand has been broken for a while too…"

"Good thing she's right handed!"

Kyo as working on the stand, "Hey…this shop is a little tilted…"

"Cat lover really notices very little details!"

"Yeah Cat lover!"

"Just don't destroy anything Cat lover!"


"I know…even though you say mean things, deep inside you are loving and you love animals!"

People just misunderstand…

"I just came back and it's already noisy! That guy! With his personality he should be a salesperson," Arisa said.

"…But how did he come back so calmly…it's very rare…"

"Because Souma-san is Souma-san and Kyo is Kyo and they both have their specialties!" Tohru said.


"If this continues that guy is gonna think he has fans!" Arisa said.

"That is definitely a possibility!"

"Hey PONYTAIL!" a girl said, that same girl who jumped out the window!

"Why is your nose broken! Someone give you the dump!" the girl said, Sakani stood up madder than ever, "Or were you stupid enough to run into a pole!"

"SHUTUP!" Sakani yelled, everyone gasped as she speed over to the girl and got a grip on her shirt, then pushed her against the wall, people started pouring in to see what was happening, "You're going to wish that you were never born…" the window slammed open itself, "And you're going to leave me the hell alone!" a bunch of wasps flew in an people backed up, "and my little friends are going to chase you to hell!" Sakani said and then the wasps flew after the girl and she ran and jumped onto the window seal, "See you again, the cousin I hate the most," she sneered and jumped out the window. Sakani stormed out of the room.

"That really got everyone in the room…" Arisa said.

"YEAH THAT WAS THE BEST FESTIVAL SHOW EVER!" someone cheered and then everyone got loud.

"Yuuuki!" some girls screamed.

Yuki turned around, "We would like to give you a gift Yuki! We would like you to wear it during the cultural festival, everyone chipped in to buy it!"


"LOOK…LOOK!" The girl said showing a nice woman's costume.

"Yuki's special used woman's costume!"

Everyone became wide eyed.

"…come on… it's your fault for letting me see this thing." Momiji said throwing the flier on the floor, "You started this!"

Hatori shook his head.

"Why not you can use the chance to see Yuki and Kyo…Hatori you haven't seen them in a while too…" Momiji said, "Plus the two Hondas, Tohru and Sakani…Sakani has pink hair! You'll definitely like them!"

"Momiji…did you see them… Honda Tohru and Honda Sakani?" Hatori asked.

"Ja! Sehr hubsch!" Momiji said.

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