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Molly's POV

It was a remarkably warm October day, the day after the other schools had arrived to compete in the triwizard tournament. My fellow Gryffindors were enjoying the particularly nice day by gallivanting in the shallows of the lake, wary of the giant squid that lay below. Neville and Ginny partaking in a particularly nasty water fight, while Harry, Ron and Hermione were enjoying the mid day sun and I, I sat in the shade of a willow watching my housemates enjoy the day. I decided to enjoy my time reading renowned muggle author Lewis Carroll and his adventures of Alice in Wonderland. I don't know how long I sat there, enjoying the nice day when someone sat down beside me. We enjoyed the silence, looking out at the people obviously enjoying the nice weather so late in the year. We didn't need to say anything, content in silence until the person asked,

"why you not in vater with friends?" The voice was deep and strong, although not very confident with the language.

" I find that am quite content with the current company. This book offers quite the escape." I said while intently reading the pages. The person beside me chuckled, a deep rough laugh that soothed me in a way I didn't think possible.

"Vell, should I be going?" the voice asked. And I too quickly offered a response.

"No, please! I find that I like your company. I'm Molly by the way, 3rd year Gryfindor." A blush then rising from the depths of my body to cover my entire face. This time a hearty laugh rose into the air, drawing even the slight attention of those in the water.

"Don't vorry, I too find that I like - what you say, company and I am Viktor Krum student from Durmstrang. I find the quiet is nice." He said contemplatively, as I finally turned to study my companion I was struck by his strong profile looking out at the lake. His closely shaved goatee, his cropped hair and his strong arms, stand out against the scrawny physique of Hogwarts boys. He looks…. Safe. A strong wind blows by as the last of my fellow housemates exit the lake, I cannot even hide the shiver as the wind passes.

"Are you cold? Vould you like help?" He asks apparently concerned for my wellbeing.

"A little help would be nice." Thinking he would use a warming spell, I prepare myself. But instead I find myself hauled into a warm cocoon of furs and body heat, seated on his lap. I cannot help but sigh and lean back into the warmth of his chest. At this he laughs, feeling the vibrations move against my body. I think to myself, I could stay here forever. I hadn't felt so safe since that horrible night. The one that changed my life beyond compare and left me unable to truly be comfortable in the presence of anyone of the opposite sex. Despite my fear, my body was the ultimate traitor. I soon became lost in my own thoughts,

That was the night after the choosing of the champions, I was sitting in the common room when I heard Hermione stating her desire to do research knowing that she was only worried about the fate of her best friend. Ginny had told me not to worry, that was how Hermione dealt with stress but even then I couldn't help but wonder if there was something I could do. That was how I found myself in the library ensconced in a tiny dusty corner of the library not too far from the nook where Hermione had placed herself. I could hear her tapping her quill in frustration and finally I heard a gasp and the scraping of a chair moving over the stone floor and then hurried footsteps that exited the library. I had shrunk the books I had gathered, immensely helpful in order to take them back to Harry, then maybe they would even notice who I am.

I ran out of the library hoping to catch up, when I was pulled behind a suit of armor. In front of me stood none other than the overpowering brawn and stature of Marcus Flint, captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team and all around bully. His eyes cruel and calculating yet present within them a trace of confusion.

"Sweeting, you aren't that delicious specimen that is Granger but I figure you will suffice." A cold laugh followed, something more akin to a growl escaped his throat at his words.

"Why don't you get over here and spread your pretty little legs for me, you know you want to." He advanced on me, his eyes bore into me. With that he unceremoniously ripped my skirt, yanked off the buttons of my blouse and released himself from his pants, poised to rip my innocence away. I tried my hardest to keep my legs together, but a well placed jelly legs jinx took away all control of the situation. I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst and when the worst did not come I opened my eyes. There on the cold stone in front of me laid Marcus Flint, paralyzed and knocked out and standing over him a furious Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy.

Malfoy looked down at the prone form of Flint, secured by the incarcerous spell and casted an ennervate and in a cold voice stated,

"I may not be as old as you Flint, I may not be as strong. But my mother also told me that even blood does not give you permission to violate a woman, much less a scared third year.", with that Draco spat on the form of his surprised and embarrassed quidditch captain.

"Molly, are you no longer cold? I can help as long as you vould like." He looks down at me, so small in comparison to his body and kisses the top of my head. Despite the residual fear from my attack, I cannot help but think I could get used to this. Thinking how good my name sounds on his tongue, I nod off feeling the remaining sun of the day warm my face. His head leans down onto mine and a feeling of safety, I hadn't felt before seeped into my being, allowing me to sleep.