A/N: I apologize if the translations of the Swedish and Romanian are wrong, I did my best and searched for the best translator, but there is only so much you can find on the interwebs. Hope you enjoy it!


Through the Eyes of Brothers

Draco and Blaise had seen many things in their short lives, death eaters, killing curses, torture among others but until that moment they could not truly understand the depth of Molly's compassion. They inched into the room slowly and quietly, watching their new sister look up at this newcomer with the biggest smile they had ever witnessed. Molly turned to them and spoke three words, "They are coming" before breaking out into grateful tears.

"I am such a mess, I apologize boys. Aunty Pam, these boys are my blood brothers Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini." Molly looked towards the boys and beckoned them closer.

Minerva McGonagall's eyes widened at this declaration, not yet cognizant of the depth of the connection made between these three students. Not to be outdone, two minutes later, in walking Fred and George Weasley. Fred began

"Sister, dear I'm saddened.. how could you"

"forget the most handsome of your protectors. Folly you should be ashamed." George continued.

"Can you believe it Morge? Good ole Molly plum forgot to introduce the best mates. Isn't this unacceptable?" Fred continued.

"Yes, sissy dear who is this lovely woman and how is it we have not been introduced yet? It is a reasonable request, aren't I right Gred?"

Minerva looked at the two troublemakers with affection and smiled, Molly would be well protected with this ragtag group of protectors. Molly giggled and put her face into Pam's chest, stifling her laughter as she popped out of Pam's lap and went to stand by her comical siblings.

"Well my dear Aunt Pam, these two rapscallions are yet again two of my blooded brothers, Fred and George Weasley, also known as the diabolic duo, but together we are Folly, Gred and Morge and our creations bring laughter to the students." Turning to Fred and George, she continues

"Gred, Morge this is my Aunt of sorts Pam Ravenscroft. While we are not blood related, Pam, her maker Eric and grandmaker Godric had a large part in raising me because of the nature of my parent's jobs" with a growing smile on her face she continued, "and judging by her presence her, it means that you boys get to stand in line because my biggest and loyalest of all protectors are coming… soon."

She looked up at Pam for confirmation and shared a knowing look as all four boys puffed up their chests and all three women shared a knowing smile and a laugh as Draco, Blaise, Fred and George all asked the same question,

"What makes them so special? We are doing just fine." Ending their statement in a pout. Looking up at Pam, her eyebrow raised in a matter reminiscent of Eric's own signature look Molly returned her gaze to the boys in front of you.

"Pam, should you start or should I?" Pam nodded, allowing Molly a seat on her lap again as she played with her hair. Molly started,

"I bet you are wondering how Pam isn't uncomfortable with me like this. The truth is, she could probably lift Hagrid without any issue." The boys eyes widened and Molly continued, " You see, my family isn't quite normal ." Draco and Blaise's eyes once again became wide as they realized what was coming. "You see my Pam, my Eric and my Godric could snap you in half without trying… oh yeah, they are also vampires." Fred and George's eyes widening, jaws becoming slack as Molly continued. "Between my Aunt Pam, Eric and Godric they have around 3,500 years of fighting experience. I feel bad for Marcus Flint because well, if Eric and Godric find out what happened there wont be anything left to bury." Molly said nonchalantly.

"Do you want to hear more?" The boys heads bobbed in an affirmative and Pam and Molly shared a chuckle.

"You should know that before Eric was brought into this life by Godric, he was a Viking Ruler, Jarl Erik of the North although nowadays it's just Northman and he was one of the most bloodthirsty and cutthroat Vikings in history, taking no prisoners. But with me he is just my Eric, my family. He was found at the brink of death after a fatal war wound, atop a ready pyre, by my Godric who offered him this life. Godric was born long before, almost 1,000 years old by the time he met my Eric. He was death, when you see him you may not see it, but in his lifetime he has seen much and experienced much. Godric helped to put a steady head on my shoulders and doesn't indulge me as much as Eric and Pam do, but granted Eric is my blood relative. I wont even go into the generations, Eric says it makes him feel old, but years later Eric made Pam and years after, when I was born Eric and Godric decided to reintroduce themselves into our family's daily life. It wasn't difficult to accept the idea of vampires, especially as a witch but Eric and Godric as well as Pam have been there for me since I was born. Helping to raise me, living on Eric's family estate and property in Sweden, passed down to my mother. So you see why while I love you, they will always come first". The boys and Minerva gasped at this revelation, it was not common for vampires to hold any relationships with humans even less likely to maintain close ties with family. Pondering this oddity, Minerva didn't even realize the presence at the door until she saw Molly's eyes change and a smooth, deep voice stated,

"Tja syster, kommer vi bättre först särskilt eftersom vi släpade våra åsnor ända hit. Din ångest blev stor sötnos." (Well sister, we better come first especially since we dragged our asses all the way here. Your distress was great, sweetheart." The Viking Eric had arrived and despite years of training and constant vigilance, Minerva was astounded. It was then that she noticed the second figure in the doorway, a smaller man but in no way any less formidable,

"De acord, surioara n-am să vă spun să stea departe de necazuri? (Agreed, little sister did we not tell you to stay out of trouble?) Godric unlike Eric who was playfully smirking at the object of his affection, kept a serious face for the space of 10 seconds before he opened his arms for a hug. Rather than the warm greeting they had expected, Molly marched over to the two people who filled the hole in her heart, turned to Eric and said,

"Käre bror skulle du sinne böja sig ner lite? jag glömde hur lång du var." He complied and in the time it took him to she had brought her hand up and slapped him soundly across the face. The sound echoed in the room, as with tear filled eyes she continued,

"Om du tar bort dig från min närvaro för mitt eget bästa någonsin igen, äldre bror, kommer straffet att bli mycket värre än ett slag. " (If you remove yourself from my presence for my own good ever again, older brother, the punishment will be much worse than a slap.") The collective breathe in the room released as she then launched herself soundly into his arms and began peppering his cheeks with kisses as he lifted her up to his height to look her in the eyes,

"Det var ett bra skott, lillasyster, även med din ynkliga muskler. Du måste ha haft en underbar lärare." (That was a good shot, little sister, even with your puny muscles. You must have had a wonderful teacher.) Eric said with a smirk. Molly rolled her eyes, "Yes, a wonderfully conceited teacher. Now let me down. I have another to deal with." Molly then crossed her arms signaling the end of the conversation, Pam letting out a barking laugh. Eric let Molly down, ruffling her hair as she gave him another brief embrace. With the first perpetrator down, she turned her eyes to Godric,

"Deci omul vechi, întotdeauna am crezut că ai să fie inteligente unul. Cum ar putea-aţi gândit vreodată că aş fi în regulă fără tine ambele? Nu a fost o gaura in inima mea nimeni nu a putut repara. Trei ani, trei ani naibii Godric. Cum este bine?" (So old man, I always thought you to be the smart one. How could you ever think that I would be okay without you both? There was a hole in my heart no one could fix. Three years, three fucking years Godric. How is that okay?) Her eyes held his, violent twins lost in a gaping void of hurt. Those in the room who spoke Romanian, granted it being only the adults, gasped at her use of profanity knowing that their little sister, little sötnos was hurt. Godric sighed, feeling the gravity of the pain her proclamation had on his childe and grandchilde. Godric glanced at Molly tear stained face, and tired eyes and did the only thing he could at that moment.

"You are more than just my little sister. Dragă, this past decade has changed me, which is hard to do at my age, believe me. You have brought so much into my life and I was afraid that with you leaving for school, to be around other witches and wizards you wouldn't need me, or us anymore. So we left, it was not Eric's choice and I will have to live the fact that I deprived someone I love so dearly of something so important to them. I have no mate, my memories of my human family faded thousands of years ago but you my little girl are the best thing that has happened to this family and I can never apologize enough." Molly brought her gaze to her older brother, her father, in some ways her son and understood how hard it was for Godric, someone so used to control to be vulnerable and in that moment her anger dissipated as she looked into his eyes, face streaked with red and embraced him. One of need and desperation of acceptance and love, and she looked to Eric and Pam and in turn they both sensed her need for them and joined the embrace. In that moment, Three ancients and a girl stood grieving for lost time, and it only took a moment and a Malfoy to break the tension. When under his breathe, one of the two Slytherins who had quickly become her protectors muttered under his breath,

"I still say I could take em… I don't see what is so special." Like a child who had been scolded about eating cookies before dinner, he didn't even realize his mistake. Four heads popped up, escaping from the intense emotions of their reconciliation and looked in the direction of the fidgeting protectors. One of whom realized their mistake, his eyes widening to a point of where his eyebrows were no longer visible. Rather than the anticipated clicking of fangs, instead a deep chuckle from all four embracing parties became a full bellied laugh and the tension in the room eased.

Minerva looked on in amazement at this girl before her, knowing that despite her vast knowledge this enough was evidence of her true place in Gryffindor. Then yet again, her door opened and in walked Severus Snape who was immediately confronted by two overprotective vampires and a sight he could not comprehend so late in the evening.

"What the bloody hell is the racket in here Minerva, you would think you were hosting a…." Looking upon the visages in front of him, his eyes widened, "And people say I look like a vampire." This time the laughter started with the students and Snape still didn't understand what was funny. Then again, without her knowledge Albus Dumbledore entered the increasingly tight space that was Minerva's office and calmly walked over to the two agitated vampires, Eric and Godric's eyes immediately recognized the man in front of them and calmed. Albus reached out to embrace Eric in the customary arm hold of the Viking culture and bowed his head at Godric, winking at Pam.

"This is indeed quite the party. Severus you may leave, all is well here." And with the billowing of his robes, he was gone. "It has been quite a long time Jarl Eric of the North and you as well Godric Brigante. The years have been good to you, you haven't aged a bit, I see you have decided to drop in." Dumbledore stated a twinkle in his eye, as Eric chuckled. "It is good to see you as well my old friend, you know as well as I that cannot deny the needs of family and so I followed my tie here to my little sister." Eric took Molly in front of him, resting his chin on her head as he snuggled into his embrace. "Then by all means you are welcome to stay as long as you like, Pamela has an efficient means of travel if you want to settle your affairs in the states before remaining here at Hogwarts, we could use both of your expertise with the oncoming battle. The ancients consulted each other and then Godric spoke,

"If it is alright with you, I need only to make a call to my underlings in Dallas to pass on my position temporarily and my childe must do the same. Pamela however must return to oversee the affairs in Louisiana, there is no one else there I would trust more." Eric nodded and Molly turned to Pam.

"Aunty Pam you will be back right?" Molly's eyes began to water, afraid of abandonment again.

"You silly little dove, of course I will be back. I can't stay away from my favorite teacup human for long can I?" They chuckled and with both shedding tears, Albus offered his handkerchief, and Pam took out her wand and disapparated back to Louisiana.

Molly's eyes widened, "Well that is convienient." Molly turned into Eric's embrace and realized the time. Eric looked down at his sister as she yawned, the nights events catching up with her

"Soră, it is early and you have your studies in a few hours, go to sleep and I will see you nightfall tomorrow." Molly furrowed her brows and telepathically added, Du bättre att inte vara borta på morgonen eller kommer du att se hur mycket jag lärt mig under de tre senaste åren." (You better not be gone in the morning or you will see just how much I learned in the last three years.) Eric's eyes widened and responded, mycket bra lillasyster, kommer jag att vara där vid solnedgången och du kan presentera mig för dina vänner. (very good little sister, I will be there at sunset and you can introduce me to your friends. )

Molly turned and grasped a Weasley in each hand, and walked out the door followed by two confused Slytherins, replying, "who says I want to introduce you to my friends." The sound of laughter followed them back to the Gryffindor common room, where upon arrival they turned to Molly for an explanation, "In the morning."

Pam sat in the seat observing the scene, her maker's eyes wide in disbelief and the obvious contempt. The girl she had known had definitely grown and developed a much needed backbone.