Chap 2

While Will and Gilan continued their debate on whether or not the mustache suited Gilan, Halt walked outside until he could no longer hear them.

What's Gilan doing here anyway? He grumbled. He always shows up randomly, with no reason. He does actually do Ranger duties, right? Anyway, time to prepare my plan.

He built a fire just outside the veranda, and began to boil water. Will and Gilan could be heard inside, still bickering in ye olde English.

"How dost thou think it compliments thy complexion? For 'tis as tan and ruddy as mine own, yet thy 'stache is as fair as a morning in June?"

Halt plugged his ears.

"Where the heck did he learn that language? It's inappropriate for a boy his age!" he said, with, of course, a few colorful phrases thrown in. Next, he unveiled his secret weapon: Jamaican dark roast whole bean coffee! It was sealed carefully so that not even a whiff of the intoxicating aroma escaped. Halt piled several damp, green tree boughs onto the fire, creating a thick mask of smelly smoke; then, and only then, did he open the bag to grind the coffee. He had to exercise enormous self-restraint not to plunge his head into the bag and inhale the heady perfume of coffee. His eye started to twitch as the strong brew boiled, and it was all he could do not to start rolling on the ground frantically. Soon, the heady aroma wafted through the smoke screen and into the cabin.

"I thinkest that thou art a pollywoggle. So there, ye-" Gilan halted mid insult. His nostrils expanded and his eye's dilated. Will looked at him confusedly until he too smelled the intoxicating brew. The two handsome, sensible young Rangers were transformed into blathering animalistic fools in mere moments; primal instincts, such as coffee location and inhalation, kicked in. Howling to the moon, which wasn't even out, Gilan and Will bounded out the threshold on all fours.

Bounding around the fire, tongues lolling, the duo where halted by and impervious boot and an imperious command.

"Halt!" said, er, Halt. "You pathetic dogs. Want some coffee?" Halt held two steaming mugs in each hand. Gilan and Will sat on their haunches like puppies and nodded eagerly, tongues lolling. "Well you can't have any!" Halt jeered triumphantly at the looks on their faces.

"Awoooo! I dost desire thy fragrant brew! Thou give it unto me at once!" howled Gilan. Will frolicked madly in tight circles.

"Awoof! GrrrOOF! Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee…"

Halt grinned sinisterly. It is all going according to plan…

A/N Ik it's short! But I'm spacing them to give me more time to figure out where I'm going with this..Suggestions?