Flay found himself bored as usual since everyone had went to class but him. Normally he would amuse himself by teasing the teachers and other students, but he found it to be that time of day again, which gave him reason to do something else. He decided, after a long while of pondering, to go to the workshop for some on-campus weight training. He didn't, however, know what would be awaiting him.

When he opened the door, he noticed someone doing something near the ladder leading up to the seating; the figure appeared to be Anna. When he looked closer, he saw it to be her. He focused to try and see what she was doing, but his face flushed when he noticed; she was changing clothes! He had just seen her with nothing covering her small body! He didn't move. He held his breath as he watched her, oddly amused.

After a while, which he didn't know how long it had been since his mind kept focused on her, he watched her turn around. She screamed and grabbed her katana, which had been on the floor the entire time. He turned to leave as quickly as possible. "He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day! TAH!" he called, running out on her.

Instead of pursuing him like normal, she went to the window before sliding down onto her bottom. She sighed deeply, her face bright red. She put her hands over her heart and whispered, "Why won't you just talk to me instead of running away? Maybe...maybe someday."

Flay, who had gotten himself outside already and had hidden in the bushes behind said window, smiled, leaning his frame against a tree. "Well... that sure was...impressive? Maybe we can chat about it when she's older and willing to listen," he mumbled to himself, closing his eyes contently.