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It was another peaceful day in Megaville, but what about with the Rowdyruff boys? They had just finished there daily training, and were taking a rest. Brick and Butch did fine, but Boomer had seemed off that day.

"Man! I wish we could go and beat those girls up already! It's so boring here!" Butch complained.

"Well, just be grateful Butch. We would still be dead if it wasn't for Dr. Brisbaine." Brick said. Brick was the most mature of the group. Butch was childish, and Boomer was, well, no one knew. He was always so quiet. Boomer was just sitting there, watching Butch stick his tounge out at his brother.

"Actually, Butch, I've seen you boy's progress much more than I thought. I suppose we could let you out today. As long as you behave , that is." I.M. Weasel said, looking up from his clip board. Butch almost exploded of happiness.

"Really, Weasel? You'll let us out?" Butch asked.

"Yes, I suppose you can leave. You are free to do as you please. You better come back, though." Weasel said, eyeing Butch.

"Don't worry, Weasel! We'll be fine! Come on Brick!" Butch said, pulling on his leaders arm."Ok, ok. I'm coming. Thank's, Weasel. Come on, Boomer!" Brick said, motioning for Boomer to come. Boomer quickly got up, and looked towards Weasel.

"Th-thank you. We'll be back as soon as possible, sir." Boomer stuttered. He than quickly flew off closely behind his brothers. Weasel watched them fly away, when Brisbaine came."They better not get themselves killed." He said. Weasel agreed.

Megaville Elementry

Blossom was sitting by a tree, reading a book with Dexter, Buttercup was practicing her punches and kicks, and Bubbles was drawing with some chalk, humming happily to herself. Then all of a sudden, a green blast came and hit the ground beside Bubbles. Bubbles screamed and jumped up. The three sisters group together along with Dexter.

"Oop's. Sorry about that. I was aiming for you!" Butch laughed from a tree and jumped down along with his brothers. Blossom gasped.

"The Rowdyruff boys?"

"How is that possible?" Buttercup asked.

"We blew you guys up!" Bubbles said.

"Well, I guess your efforts were in vain, because were back!" Brick said, smirking. Butch started laughing and sent a power blast towards Buttercup. Buttercup dodged it easily.

"Oh, so that's how you wanna play, huh? Fine! Take this!" Buttercup yelled and tried to punch Butch, but he dodged as well.

"You guys never quit, do you?" Blossom narrowed her eyes at Brick."Sorry, but that's just how we are. Deal with it." Brick said, and him and Blossom started fighting.

"I guess we'll just have to beat you again!" Bubbles said, and soon she punched Boomer in the face. He had stood up, holding his cheek. Bubbles waited for another attack, but nothing came. Boomer kept standing there, looking at the ground. Dexter had lost his patience and came to help Bubbles.

"Hey! Aren't you going to fight?" Dexter asked."Stop it, Dexter! We're not supposed to get them to fight!" Bubbles said, holding her hands up in defense. Buttercup punched Butch straight into the building. When he came out, he saw the scene between his brother and the girl. He got angry and walked over to Brick.

"Hey! Leader boy! Little boy blue over there is just standing around!" Butch said, pointing to Boomer. Brick frowned. They quickly left there fight and walked over to Boomer.

"Hey! Blondie! Pay attention! Aren't you going to fight that dumb girl?" Butch asked.


"Boomer?" Brick asked.


"Boomer, I swear! If you don't punch that girl right know, I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" Butch shouted, getting ready to punch him. Boomer flinched and appearently came back to reality. He quickly flew over to Bubbles and punched her in the stomach faster than you could blink.

"Alright! Nice one Boomer!" Butch said, grinning. Boomer came back to keep his distance and stood by the tree. He started shaking, his hair covering his eyes. To him, everything started spinning. Brick noticed this and walked towards him. He put his hand on his brothers shoulder.

"Boomer? Are you ok?" Brick asked. Boomer had been a little off today in training, so maybe he's just tired. Boomer looked up at his brother and said something quietly.

"It hurts…" He said. Brick noticed that his brother had his fist clenched tightly, from keeping a ki blast from coming. Brick's watch started flashing and a picture of Dr. Brisbaine came up.

"Sir? What's wrong?" Brick asked, noticing his worried expression."Brick, you and Butch need to come back. It's very important.""What about Boomer?" Brisbaine shook his head.

"Leave him. He must stay behind." He said.

"No! I'm not leaving Boomer!" Brick said, looking determined to bring his 'younger' brother.

"You dare defy me? Brick, you have to leave him, or everything will be destroyed! You'll leave him behind if you know what's good for you!" Brisbaine yelled, to which Brick nodded in defeat.

"Alright. Come on Butch." Brick said and flew off looking back at Boomer."You better live, ok?" Brick said and they flew away. Everyone just stared at Boomer. He looked worried and frightened.

"You better not move one inch, or your dead!" Buttercup said, trying to look menacing. Boomer nodded slowly.

"Buttercup! Can't you see something's wrong?" Bubbles asked.

"Nope. He looks fine to me." Buttercup said, looking bored."Hey guys, look!" Blossom said, and when they all looked, Boomer closed his eyes and fell to the ground oncontious. Bubbles gasped.


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