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Mizuki crawled in the blood-stained snow and struggled to reach Korra. In the corner of her eye, she could see Unalaq striking multiple blows onto Raava. Mako and Bolin rose up again after being attacked by him, but they would be too late. Vaatu was at the cusp of victory and Mizuki knew she was partly responsible for this. What could she have done to unwind this chain of events and prevent 10,000 years of darkness?

She could have stopped herself from going to the Glacier Spirits Festival, but how could she and her companions have known what dangers awaited them there?

If she never came to Republic City, then she would never have met Hiroshi Sato or Amon… but she could also never imagine her life if she hadn't met her beloved friends. Her heart had called her to the city where something more awaited her.

Maybe she should have perished that day in the Fire Nation Palace instead of unlocking her waterbending to save herself. No need for her to train in the Northern Water Tribe, to be under Unalaq's watchful eye, and never to have met Tarik and Kaimu. It was partly out of her love for the latter that she unknowingly became Unalaq's pawn. Yet in the end, she would never regret falling in love, even if it made a fool out of her.

Would she have been able to stop Grandfather Sokka from taking her away that fateful night? She was so young and Sokka had listened to beings beyond his understanding. As she finally succumbed to her injuries, she wondered if everything was inevitable then, that it began the day she was born.

"I have a feeling you and I will be great friends in the future, young one." Aang smiled at the newborn girl in his arms. Despite his failing health at age sixty-six, he still traveled to Kyoshi Island to visit Sokka's newest granddaughter. "Such lovely eyes," he remarked. "What shall you name her?"

Aang handed the baby back to his nephew, Fuyuki, and his wife, Ting-Lan. Her siblings, Askari and Chun Hei, were fighting over who got to carry their baby sister. "To be honest, we haven't thought about it, I was so worried after she was born. She seemed so quiet and weak, thank the spirits she is much stronger now." Ting-Lan smiled and handed the baby to six year old Chun Hei, "Be careful, dear." The little girl nodded her head while her twin brother was making faces to amuse the baby.

"Why don't you name her for us, Uncle? I'm afraid my father might name her after some meat dish or something like Cuddly Poops…" Fuyuki would normally entrust this to his mother, Suki, but she and his father were away observing the younger Kyoshi warriors in training.

Suki had suggested the Avatar should name her grandchild. "It will be a blessing upon her." Plus she had the same fears that her husband would offer an inappropriate name as well.

"That does sound like something my brother would do." Katara's eyes were full of humor as she noticed her youngest son meditating outside the house. "Tenzin!" she called out from the window.

The airbender answered, "Yes, Mother?"

"Come inside and meet the baby! You're the only one who has not properly greeted her yet."

Little Chun Hei handed her sister to Tenzin who was out of his element holding the child. He was the only airbending master in the world aside from his father, but he didn't feel very comfortable around children yet.

"Loosen up, baby brother! You look like a block of ice holding that baby!" Kya teased.

"Oh, he just needs practice. Before you know it, he'll have a family of his own," said Katara.

"Tenzin and babies?" Bumi laughed at the thought of his overly serious brother handling crying infants.

"All right, let's leave Tenzin alone," said Fuyuki. Tenzin was grateful for his cousin's interference. "We still haven't named my daughter yet."

"I sense great strength in her, yet she seems so quiet," Aang noted.

"She rarely cries at all still, I hardly have trouble with her. Then again, I was a new mother with twins the first time around," said Ting Lan.

"She was born under the full moon, wasn't she?" Her parents nodded. "Then she shall be named Mizuki," stated Aang.

"Mizuki," Tenzin repeated as he observed the now sleeping baby.

Sadly, Avatar Aang passed away two months after his visit. Baby Mizuki arrived at Republic City for the first time with her family for his funeral, but it would not be her last visit.