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"Miss Mira, look, I picked you a flower," a slightly grubby hand stuck a pretty little daffodil in the kneeling woman's face.

"Ah, thank you Annie," the pretty woman smiled when the little girl tucked it behind her ear, enhancing her strange impish features.

"You're very welcome," the girl recited, proud of herself, she, like all the other kids running around the garden the woman was planting, would do anything to make Mira happy.

"Now, go play with the others," Mira grinned when Annie nodded and ran off to play with the others. Standing up, she smiled at her handy work, cleaning her hands on her jeans. The orphanage she took special care in, as it was the one she had lived in herself, was already more beautiful now she helped it along. A new paint job, a small tree house complete with swings underneath, and now a garden made it look wonderful. After cleaning up the various tools, she called the kids to her.

"Now, I planted this garden for you to play in, I want you all to help take care of it, okay?" her voice was cheerful and soft as all the children echoed an "okay."

"Mirach Larkson, may we talk with you?" a strong feminine voice asked, looking up to the house she saw a woman with flaming red hair and a handsome older man whose clothes looked crumpled as if from a flight. Blinking in confusion she nodded, turning her attention to the kids, she told them to go find Sister Lauren and tell her she had to leave.

"Yes, what can I do to help you?" she led them away, not quite trusting the way they felt, they had a strange aura about them.

"I am told you have remarkable… talents," the woman continued, all business.

"Oh? And knowing of these gifts, you still searched me out," Mirach gave a gentle smile, these people were strange, if they came to harm her they had another thing coming.

"Yes, we need your help, a threat has arisen that may threaten the world as we know it," the woman wasn't wasting her time, Mira thought with a slight smile.

"And what am I supposed to do? Are you sure you know the nature of my talents, I'm not made for war," Mira laughed then, noticing the others stayed serious, she actually picked up anger from the tall man, "so you come to the first freak you can, trying to appeal to her humanity? You want me to save the world? You think I wanted any of this!" her smile dropping.

"You would be of more use than you believe, the man threatening us is known as Loki, god of tricksters, I saw that your power would negate his silver tongue, and hopefully you could persuade him to stop his plans."

"So, I have a file, then? They promised I could live a normal life, after all of those awful experiments I had to endure by him," the girls' smile was back and it was ironic, "if my powers can even work on a god, then you have my help, anything to protect others."

"Good to have you on board, my name is Natasha Romanoff, and this is Doctor Bruce Banner," at this the man winced. Nodding the dark haired woman climbed into the car after them, telling the driver where her house was located, a sick feeling he already knew entered her mind.

~Bruce's POV~

After being rushed onto the plane, the beautiful agent turned to me, "we have one more person to collect, then we're off to the base," she explained, as I tried to keep my dinner when the plane hitting more turbulence.

"Who's the poor sap who you're going to steal away?" I asked, smirking at her thoughtful look, as she pulled out a thin folder.

"Her name is Mirach Larkson, she's 25 and has persuasive abilities with a high observation level, she is a doctor of psychology and volunteers at some orphanage, where she is supposed to be right now," Natasha looked back up to me, I didn't know what to say, her case sounded somewhat similar to mine, wonder what they had on her that would make her work for S.H.I.E.L.D. It was a long awkward silence until we landed on an airstrip in Boston. After being ushered into a black car, we made it to the outskirts of the large city, a nice looking Victorian style house came into view, painted a soft yellow with a sign proclaiming it to be "St. Mary's Orphanage," a common enough name.

"Hello, we're looking for a Mirach Larkson," Natasha said to a nun rushing around the main entrance.

"Oh," she stopped her cleaning to turn her attention to us, "Mira will probably be out back, playing with the children. Nodding our thanks, we followed the nun through the house, passing by some rooms, some empty while others contained kids reading or playing with some toy, finally making it to a sliding glass door in the back.

"Is that her?" Natasha was motioning to a short, fairy-like brunette who was rushing around, cleaning up trowels and shovels and empty plant containers.

"That would be our Mira, after her…accident, she came back and wanted to help again, the poor dear didn't realize she was the one who needed it the most. But we accepted, the children love her, she has always had a way with people," the nun was looking on the girl with proud, soft eyes. Bruce immediately felt pity for the girl, and then his anger, the anger that never left, flared up. This girl was being brought into something bigger than us all, when she just wanted to live a peaceful life; he wondered what this accident was. Following Natasha, the two approached the girl, her eyes, which were a soft amber color, widened, but her smile didn't falter until she began questioning why anyone would want her help. But she agreed in the end, which surprised Banner, Natasha didn't have to threaten or blackmail her, she just smiled and let herself into the car and asked to go to her house to pick up her things. And that's what she did, as they all boarded the plane; the short girl gave Bruce's hand a quick squeeze.

"Everything will be fine, no worries, I may not be the strongest person in the world, I won't let anything happen to you," the girl must not have heard of him, heard of the destruction of Harlem, he felt touched she would offer help, smiling at the pixie. He wondered what she could really do; this tiny girl Fury wanted on the team, what Natasha said seemed too vague.

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