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-Bruces POV-

Bruce looked through the eyes of the Hulk at the wreckage, glad that it was not his doing. He made his way to Stark Tower, making his way through all the Chitauri that crossed his path. Climbing up, he thought it almost comical that from everyone below, he probably looked similar to King Kong. With a final hoist, he made it to the top. Glancing down, he noticed Mira picking her way through the aliens, her brown hair, tousled into a halo as she dipped and ducked their large hands, as they tried to kill her. He had hoped she would just stay with the others, but of course, with Mira he would be wrong.

"If it isn't the beast," he heard the cold voice of Loki, turning around he came face to face with the man who caused all the recent problems, "you look confused, or maybe that's just the fact you seemed to have lost your head. Mira seems to be back, and here I was hoping the girl would join me, she would have made an excellent goddess of the Earth."

The Hulk let a loud roar, before making his way to the man who had hurt Mira… his Mira.

"Enough!" Loki called out, temporarily stopping the Hulk, "all of you are beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by-" but with a lurch, the Hulk had him in his hands, flinging him around like a rag doll.

"Puny god," Hulk gave a smirk, "can't hurt Mira." And with that he leapt out the window, his landing causing the earth below to crater slightly. Now he was going to help the others, since Loki was out of the picture for now.

-Mira's pov-

Her wrist felt like it was on fire, but she couldn't let that stop her, now that she was in the thick of things. She kept one eye on Bruce as she fought, she would help him as much as she could, he brought out something she wasn't feeling since her ex had betrayed her.

"Mira," she heard a loud rumbling voice.

"Bruce," she tried her best to look into his eyes, straining her neck, "I-I'm so sorry," but the Hulk silenced her by placing a large hand on her head.

"Stay close, be safer," he muttered before taking off, Mira sprinting to keep up.

She watched in awe as the Hulk was swarmed, but he flung them off. One fell by Mira, jumping, she reacted. With a swift kick to the head, she knocked it out, then bringing her foot down, she felt several bones crush under her foot. She felt bad, but this had to be done, so she pulled a knife out of a holster on her thigh and slight it's throat to the bone. Blood sprayed out, some getting on her hands and arms, before she turned to help Bruce more.

The two did good together, Mira somehow managed to turn a few aliens against the rest, glad that Id had taught her a thing or two before she was pushed back. The Hulk was very much the brawns during this fight, his hand enclosed around another alien's throat, throwing it at another, causing both to fly until they hit a building. Despite all the Avengers did, the alien army seemed never ending. The pair was shocked to see a large missile fly its way through to the city, not getting very far before Tony flew under it, redirecting its course towards the large hole in the sky. What was he doing!? Mira clutched onto the Hulk, her hand finding its way to his own, his dwarfing hers. This was one of the craziest ideas Tony could come up with, Mira was afraid for him, and she could tell Bruce felt the same.

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