And here is the last chapter! I will probably start a sequel after the next movie that has an Avenger in it, I hope you all enjoyed the story! I'll be sure to update on this story to tell you when I start the next one.

It really happened too fast for Mira; Tony flew into outer space, Hulk roared as he pushed himself into action, leaping to the open portal, but it was closing too fast. This wasn't good, they weren't going to make it. Then, by some miracle, Tony fell through the portal just before closing.

"Thank god," Mira cheered out, but her excitement left as she watched the playboy genius fall to his death; only to be stopped by Bruce, who had leapt from a nearby building and caught him.

She ran with all her being, to see if she could help. The Avengers were surrounding the two, the same look of concern on their faces, she could feel the tension in everyone but Tony. Her powers were picking up nothing from the prone hero; her hand flew to her mouth as she kept in her sobs. Her Bruce's roar broke her out of her grief. She was shocked when Tony's eyes flew open, and she fell onto him, pulling him into a one armed embrace.

"Oh-Ithought-thankgod- urgBruce-Tony," Tony would have been more amused if he wasn't in pain, at the girl's unintelligible sobbing.

"Sorry, Bruce, guess I stole your girl, they just can't resist a hero," Tony's voice was hoarse, having had the wind knocked out of him. He grinned when he heard Hulk grumble.

He was shocked when Mira punched him with her good hand, seeing her other was swollen, "shut up, you were dead. I saw you die, you were no more," Mira would've continued her rant, but Hulk nudged her, practically toppling the tiny girl, "what? Bruce, love, I can't always be composed, can't I react to what's all just happened?"

Bruce internally chuckled, Mira was a worrywart, he adored that about her.

"Damn, even when you're the Hulk, you two are nauseatingly cute," he flinched when Mira swatted him again, "I was hoping Pepper would be the only one to resist my charm."

"If charm were dollars, you wouldn't be the billionaire you are," Mira said flately.

"Ouch," Tony groaned, he looked to the others and saw they were enjoying Mira's abuse, "so how does sharwarma sound, I flew by a place, never had it, it sounds good."

But he was shot down, they had business to take care of first.

"So how about that drink?" Loki asked, and Mira laughed.

She managed to look abashed when everyone looked at her like she was crazy, "what, you have to admit that was unexpected…"

Loki was soon restrained, a metal mask over his mouth to cage his silver tongue. Mira felt sympathetic; even she could see it was degrading to the dark god.

"What's wrong?" Bruce asked, seeing her shudder, placing his large hand on her shoulder.

She glanced up at him, a bitter smile on her face, "I suppose it's something only another manipulator can appreciate. I don't like using my powers, and you know I'm all about free will, but caging the mouth is like wearing a straightjacket."

Bruce nodded, he gently guided her into a warm embrace, "I will not let anyone lay a hand on you," his murmur was resolute, but the moment was ruined when Tony looped his arms around each of their shoulders.

"Who's ready to go to Stark tower?" his voice was sing song, and he was actually excited to introduce Pepper to his new friends.

"A-are you sure you want us to come?" Bruce asked, but his worrying left when he felt Mira squeeze his hand. He didn't know why he was worried, he now knew he could never be angry at her, at least not enough to let the other guy out.

"No," Tony deadpanned, "I invited you as a cruel joke… actually, pretend I didn't say that, don't say a thing Mira." He knew what she was thinking, that he would pull cruel jokes on people.

"Wellll, let's go then," Mira smiled, as she led Bruce to the car Tony jumped into, blushing lightly when Bruce held the door open for her to climb in, before scooting in himself.

Tony revved his engine as he slowly rolled past the other Avengers, "and next time, don't come crawling to me, don't work well with others, remember."

Mira laughed happily as they drove away, her hair flying around her head, she'd have to send Fury a little gift for introducing her to these wonderful people.

-ittle time skip-

The three made their way to Stark tower, the battle's marks were still obvious, though the fires were put out across the town. Scuffling her shoe against the floor, she waited for the infamous Pepper Potts to make her appearance. Tony had regaled them with the story of their meeting, and how they got together.

"I think she'll love you two," Tony said for about the tenth time or so. But before he could continue, the British voice of Jarvis interrupted him, announcing Pepper's arrival.

"Tony, what the hell happened to the city?" her voice reached them before she actually walked through the door, "were you doing science again." Her sarcastic nature helping her cope with her anxiety.

She was shocked, however when as soon as she walked through the door, she was pulled into a hug by Tony, who kissed her passionately, before stepping back to scold her, "you didn't answer your phone, I wanted to tell you not to come to the city, and that I love you."

She chuckled, brushing his unruly hair out of his face, "I love you too, um- who are those two… and what happened here."

Mira was blushing lightly, a bit uncomfortable now that she was in a spotlight, "h-hi, my name's-" but Tony interrupted her, stepping in front of Pepper again.

"The little elf is Mira, and that's Bruce Banner," Tony puffed up proudly, "They're my new friends, I brought them here so Bruce could play with the toys."

Mira shoved him out of her way, "Mirach Larkson, but you can call me Mira," she shook the woman's hand, feeling confusion and amusement roll off her, she decided to give Pepper a kind smile, "I don't know how you put up with him."

Pepper laughed, this new woman was quite interesting, and from the body language, had a thing for the taller man behind her, "sometimes I think the same thing. You can come with me, I feel like I could get a better story from you, besides, we can let those too tinker with their little gadgets."

And with that Mira followed the bright-eyed redhead. The two talked and laughed, finding out they had a lot more in common than a love of scientists between them. It wasn't long before Bruce and Tony came back from their time in the labs.

"Hey, love," Tony grinned, "how bout we all go out to dinner?"

"I suppose," Pepper sighed, rolling her eyes to Mira, who chuckled at her new friends' antics. It was obvious they loved each other very much.

And with that the two couples walked out.

Bruce pulled Mira to him, leaning to her ear, "this doesn't count as our date. I do want to spend some alone time with you."

Mira smiled coyly, "I suppose," she stood on her tip toes to give him a soft peck, making him stare at her in shock.

"You mean we're-" Bruce cut himself off as he watched Mira nod happily. He hadn't been this happy in a long time, and he decided he could get comfortable with this new arrangement. He gathered her in his arms, kissing her more urgently than her sweet peck.

"Will you guys hurry up? I'm hungry," Tony whined.

Yes, Bruce thought, he could get use to this new life, he was sure.

AND END! I hope you all liked this story; it was fun writing it. I hope to maybe make a one-shot or so about the two's relationship. Tell me what you all think, I love reviews :D