Edward left me in the forest...in the same forest he told me never to go into.

And for a single, horrifying moment I felt depressed; I mean my boyfriend the person if anyone had asked me I would have said was the love of my life had just left me. Thrown me away practically.

My breath caught in my throat as something snapped. I remembered all the times I'd been afraid to talk, afraid to speak up for myself, defend myself because I was afraid...afraid he would leave and now here I was.

He had left me, and it hadn't been for anything I'd done. He'd left me because he was bored, because I wasn't good enough for him.

'You never meant anything to me or my family. You were just a toy, Bella. I've never loved you."

He'd said, his voice cold; his eyes distant.

So, yeah for a moment I was crushed..but know all that was their was an anger so intense I thought I would explode.

How dare he? How dare he tell me I was a toy? Tell me what was best for me and then have the nerve to tell me to move on with my 'normal, boring human life'.

And his family. Had this all been a joke to them? I had loved them, I had considered them my second family and at times favored them over my own family.

I mean dammit I could understand Rosalie maybe even Jasper, but Alice? Emmett? Carlisle? Esme? Hadn't I met anything? To anyone?

Traitorous tears fell down my cheeks, but I hurriedly wiped them away. I wasn't going to cry anymore, I'd cried enough.

I had always just sat back and cried. And I was done with it.

The blistering hot rage that was in my stomach made me feel empowered, made me feel like I could do something..like I had to do something.

I knew at this moment he could be in my room, fulfilling his promise that it would be like he never existed.

He was going through my stuff, in my room and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. And I hated it.

I wouldn't let myself go through this again. Never again would I let someone have this power over me.

If that meant living a life of being single so be it.

I will never need another person to complete me, I Isabella Maria Swan, was am a person and I'm complete on my own.

I'd never felt so..light as I did as I stood there, in the middle of a forest; rain pouring down as I sat on the ground just thinking.

I seemed to be a million miles away from earth then, somewhere else just sitting there and thinking about nothing and everything.

I don't remember my eyes closing or lying down, but at some point I must have because when Sam Uley from the reservation found me he said at first he thought I was dead.

I'd been gone longer than I had thought and Dad had sent a search party after me, and some of the reservation boys -like Sam- had come to help.

And after countless hours of avoiding all talk of the Cullens and their mysterious disappearance and what I was doing out in the woods I was finally allowed to go to sleep in my bed.

I'd been right in thinking Edward would take everything, not even my pictures of him or his family remained.

I had a headache, I had a bunch of little scratches that probably needed to be cleaned, and my clothes were wet and muddy and yet I still flopped onto my bed.

I would clean it later, but for now I needed sleep.

Glorious sleep.

"Bella, you've got to be kidding me." Jessica complained as I walked towards her.

"What?" I called as I narrowly escaped getting run over as I crossed the Forks High School parking lot.

"Sweats? With holes? As your bestfriend I can no longer condone..this." She said as I reached her, gesturing at my clothes.

Okay, maybe I had taken it to far with the sweats with holes and tennis shoes. But I really didn't have any clothes and I was currently to lazy to wash some.

"Yeah, well if you'd come do my laundry for me I wouldn't have this problem." I said, dismissively.

But Jessica was like a dog with a bone.

"This is the last straw-I'm taking you and Ang shopping. She hasn't been much better lately."

Jessica shook her head at me as we walked towards class.

"Yes, shopping. Shopping will fix everything. Plus we haven't had a girls day sinc-" Jessica suddenly stopped talking.

I knew why, we hadn't really brought up the Edward thing since he'd left. It'd been three weeks now.

"It's okay, Jessica. You can talk about him. I don't mind." I said slightly stiffer than I wished I was.

Something I had recently learned was saying I was over someone wasn't as easy as getting over them.

I didn't feel particularly heartbroken, but the fact remains that I had made up my mind to be with Edward for the rest of my life and know that wasn't an option.

Not to mention, no matter how much I denied it, I missed having that short pixie headed Alice around.

It's been hard getting my life back to normal and I realized how much of my social life -hell my entire life had been solely dependant on the Cullen's.

No wonder Rosalie had thought I was pathetic. I had been.

It refused to be that girl anymore, it was harder not to be her than I realized at the beginning but I refused to go back to being that stupid naive girl that everyone just pushed around.

And I would take the second step; and go shopping, get new clothes and have some well deserved fun.

"I think I'll take you up on your offer, I've been needed some new clothes." I said distractedly as Jessica hauled around the school.

"Told ya."

The rest of the day had been spent in quiet whispers of preparation and once Angela heard of our plans she had also readily agreed, albeit blushing slightly as she looked down at her holey jeans.

So the time was set and dates planned for and Jessica threatened to skewer us if we messed up the plans.

The scary thing is I wasn't sure if she was kidding or not. I guess the devil really does wear Prada.

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