"Which one should we hunt? The boy or the bitch?"

Dean shrank back from the disgusting old man. He hunted people? Demons, ghosts, wendigos, of course. Deer and bear, maybe. But, people?

When Dean hadn't answered fast enough the old man touched the fiery poker to his arm. Dean screamed out. That hurt.

"You don't choose, I'll take an eye," he threatened, moving the sharp end of the poker to within millimeters of Dean's eye.

Dean looked at the burning red end. "The guy, the guy, take the guy," he said. He felt like a traitor, but Sam could handle himself better than Kathleen. If he got out of the cage, he'd get them all out.

The old man handed one of his son's a key from around his neck. Dean rolled his eyes. He had really wasted his time looking for it.

"Don't let him out. Shoot him in the cage."

"What? You said you were going to hunt him," Dean protested.

"I lied." The old man laughed showing his yellow teeth.

"You hurt my brother, I'll kill you," Dean threatened.

"Wait. Your brother? That makes a difference. You're right, Jared, they will be fun to hunt." He walked over to Lee and handed him a set of handcuffs. "These are the handcuffs we got off of him," he said nodding towards Dean. "Be careful because he didn't seem to have a key on him, but they're open now. Put them on the brother and bring him in here. You go with him, Jared."


Sam heard something. He exchanged a look with Kathleen. Dean had been gone about an hour and they had agreed that this was probably not good.

Sam's door swung open and one of the creepy guys was standing there with a gun. He grabbed the bracket he had pulled down earlier and flung it at the guy. He went down.

Jared saw Lee go down and rushed over and grabbed Sam and pushed him down on the floor. Lee got up and grabbed Sam's hands behind him and cuffed them.

"You're going to pay for that, boy," Lee said.

"How?" Jared asked. "Pa didn't say we could hurt him. He said to bring him in the house."

"Pa didn't say we couldn't kill her."

"No," Sam protested.

Jared grinned and stuck the end of his rifle through one of the holes in Kathleen's cage and pulled the trigger. Sam watched helplessly as a red stain spread across her t-shirt. He felt himself being pulled from the floor, a captor on each side of him holding an arm and propelling him out of the barn. He didn't resist them. He wouldn't get far with his hands cuffed behind him, but more importantly he thought they might to take him to Dean—if he wasn't already dead.

"Dean." He was relieved that Dean was alive, but he was tied to a chair and not looking so good. "Are you OK?"

"He's fine," Pa said. "You're the one I would be worried about."

"Why?" Sam gulped.

"Don't touch him," Dean said.

"Keep hold of that one," Pa instructed Jared and Lee and then pulled out his knife. He cut the ropes tying Dean to the chair. "Get up, nice and slow."

Dean got up while Pa backed away.

"Here's what's going to happen. We'll give you a two minute head start. Then we'll come after you."

"Do we get a weapon?" Dean asked, remembering the earlier conversation.

"You have a choice. You can either have a weapon, or your brother. You choose the weapon, we'll shoot your brother right here and now."

"I'll take my brother," Dean said, stating the obvious.

Pa laughed. "I had a feeling you'd say that. "Time starts now."

Jared and Lee let go of Sam's arms. One pointed their gun at him and the other at Dean, so they wouldn't be tempted to cheat and try to attack them here and now.

"Aren't you going to take the cuffs off?"

Pa laughed again. Dean really hated that sound.

"Nope. And he hasn't eaten in the two days he's been here, so I imagine he'll slow you down. Too late to change your mind on the weapon, though. Clock's ticking, boys."

Dean swore and grabbed Sam and pulled him out the door. They had less than two minutes before those crazy people started after them.