Author's Notes:

Michelle Tanner and Joey Gladstone have a lot in common. Not only do they have a lot in common with each other, but they also have a lot in common with other pairs of sitcom characters who have a lot in common: Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver and June Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver, Lisa Douglas and Eb Dawson from Green Acres, Maxwell Smart and Agent Larabee from Get Smart.

The number of allusions to Beaver and Max are very common and are typically references to specific episodes. Allusions to Lisa and Eb are much rarer. As for allusions to June and Larabee, sometimes they are specific and concrete, but they are usually general and abstract (for example, Joey and Michelle's heart-to-heart talks like June and Beaver's heart-to-heart talks, and Jesse being annoyed by Joey and calling him an idiot can be compared to the Chief being annoyed by Larabee and calling him an idiot), sometimes more of an allusion to the actor (Barbara Billingsley and Dave Coulier both did voices for the TV series Jim Henson's Muppet Babies; keywords for Robert Karvelas include "cousins," "twins," "Greek," and "Nikos the Village Idiot").

For "Michelle and Joey Haiku Season 5," I added another haiku ending, "Synchronous medley," in case something that Michelle and Joey did reminded me of situations involving three or more of the sitcom characters mentioned above. The situations may be general or specific.

[I'm not exactly sure how many of them are allusions, but so many of the scenarios seem too random and specific to be a coincidence.]

1 Joey in "The Apartment" 1

Jesse tells Joey

He's a tranquil idiot

Hints of Larabee

2 Michelle in "The Apartment" 1

She threw Mr. Bear

The desk was way too heavy

Hints of Larabee

3 Michelle in "Wrong-Way Tanner" 1

Danny put pressure

On Michelle; she lost the game

Hints of The Beaver

4 Joey in "Tough Love" 1

Nicky and Alex

Did not put Gonzo away

Because he's Joey's

5 Michelle in "Fast Friends" 1

No babysitter

Michelle helps Aaron's mother

(Beaver, Larabee)

6 Michelle in "Smash Club: The Next Generation" 1

Nicky and Alex

Are her personal servants

Hints of Larabee

7 Michelle in "Smash Club: The Next Generation" 2

Michelle put Gumby

In the microwave oven

Hints of Larabee

8 Michelle in "High Anxiety" 1

She dislikes the hat

But will not offend Danny

(The Beaver and June)

9 Michelle in "High Anxiety" 2

She climbed up too high

Danny sees she's in trouble

Hints of The Beaver

10 Michelle in "High Anxiety" 3

Michelle kissed Danny

In front of all of her friends

Hints of The Beaver

11 Michelle and Joey in "The Day of the Rhino" 1

They go to the mall

To tell Rigby what they think

He is a rip-off

12 Michelle in "The Bicycle Thief" 1

Michelle wants to know

Who stole the bike that she loves

Hints of The Beaver

13 Michelle and Joey in "Is It True about Stephanie?" 1

Joey tells Michelle

She is not eating raw fish

She is eating squid

14 Michelle in "The Last Dance" 1

What makes Michelle laugh

Is thinking about Joey's

Mouth full of donut

15 Michelle in "Michelle a la Cart" 1

Michelle wants to quit

Because Kenny is saying

Girls should not race carts

16 Joey in "Michelle a la Cart" 1

Joey wants to learn

Ballet so he can improve

His ice hockey skills

17 Joey in "Michelle a la Cart" 2

Practicing ballet

He rips the seat of his pants

Hints of Maxwell Smart

Haiku Notes: One, General Larabee; Two, Larabee in "Pheasant Under Glass;" Three, Beaver in "Beaver the Athlete;" Five, General Beaver babysitting, and Larabee in "How Green Was My Valet;" Six, Larabee in "How Green Was My Valet" and "I Am Curiously Yellow;" Seven, Larabee in "Witness for the Execution;" Eight, Beaver in "Beaver's Short Pants" and June in "June's Birthday;" Nine, Beaver in "In the Soup;" Ten, Beaver in "School Bus;" Twelve, Beaver in "Beaver's Bike;" Seventeen, Max in "Our Man in Leotards"

Author's Notes

Like for season 3, I couldn't find anything that Michelle of Joey had in common with Lisa or Eb. I haven't watched Green Acres regularly since 2004 or 2005. But what really surprised me was that I could only think up one Max-themed haiku, and that one was a bit of a stretch.

As for the many Larabee-themed haiku, I did note that season 7 was the first entire season of Full House that was filmed after the death of Robert Karvelas, who played Larabee on Get Smart. He died December 5, 1991. Season 7 of Full House ran from fall of 1993 through spring of 1994, and the episodes were filmed about a year in advance.