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Chapter 10

Back in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania

Caius POV

I felt my bones breaking and going back to their original positions. I knew I was changing back into my original state. My transformation was just about complete, when I heard Jasper's phone going crazy with that petulant ringtone for Marcus or Aro…I wasn't sure. When he picked up, all I could hear was, "Major are you there?"

Jasper- "Yes, I am, Marcus. There's no need to yell…We can hear you perfectly well."

Marcus- "You need to put Caius in the car and come back to the castle…NOW…as in yesterday!"

Jasper- "What's going on, Marcus…you sound frightened and upset?"

Marcus- "Do NOT worry about me. It's Caius' mate, il tuo compagno I am worried about. She may not have long… the pain she has daily is getting much worse."

Jasper- "Marcus, he is beginning to change back now; it will be at least another five or six hours before he is calm enough for the return trip to the castle."

Marcus- "Alright, I concede. I will do what I can to calm and keep her occupied. Call when you are returning, yes?"

Jasper- "One of us will. Tell her Caius sends his love. We should be there before she wakes up in the morning."

Marcus- "I shall let her know. By the way, the Cullen's will be arriving tomorrow evening. Alec and Jane had to track them down. They were not in Canada, but were found in New England."

Jasper- "Oh…yay…I gotta go, Marcus, your brother needs my help."

With that, he snapped the phone closed, sending a large dose of calm my way. Not that it would help, but it shows me he does care for my well-being. The last thing to go back to being normal were my eyes and nails. I watched as the claws retracted and my hands reformed. My hostility was still running high as I bit out, "Will you stop toying with my emotions!"

Jasper- "Ya know ya love me…darlin'…"

Caius- "You wish, empath!"

I knew I was in for a treat the moment my eyes locked with his. It didn't matter that my clothes had shredded when I transformed into the beast, as I knew I would not need them until my emotions were under control. In as many years as this has happened to me, Jasper has always been there. He's the only one who really knows me, knows what I am.

The more pronounced the ache in my chest got, the more I felt I needed to get back to the Castle. I knew for a fact that Jasper and his counterpart would not hear of it, especially since Isabella is still a mortal. I could understand the reasoning, but it did not help, when it felt as if my mate was being kept from me. I longed to pull her into my arms, to tell her my feelings. I wished to kiss her sweet lips, taste her arousal in the air, and sink into her moist heat. I had a deep need to claim what was mine, for her to bear my mark as proof of our mating.

I could feel my arousal becoming more pronounced as my erection became most painful. I could sense Jasper looking at me as he wondered what my thoughts might be. I cannot hold it against him. He is an empath; it must be bothersome to feel every emotion in his proximity.

Jasper- "What has you in a tizzy, m'lord?"

Jasper POV

I could feel a myriad of emotions coming from Caius while I sat watching him. When his lust spiked, I wondered what had him feeling as such. I imagine it was him thinking of Isabella, since his usual lust at these times was a normal factor. I, myself, had thought of her in indecent manners; kissing her, touching her in ways no one has, making her scream my name in ecstasy. As I look over to Caius, what I see astonishes me, even to this day.

The man was magnificent in his nudity as his body changed back to his human/vampire form. The way his muscles flexed with every movement while his bones were broken and reformed in their original places. The sound sickened me, but I could not help my own lust heightening at the sight of him. His erection, standing tall and proud, becomes more pronounced as his transformation neared completion. I tore my gaze away, allowing it to travel up his body. I looked past his scars, since we all have them. As my sight reached the contours of his face, I could see he was almost back to normal. All that was left were his nails and eyes. I watched in astonishment as his claws retracted, becoming normal finger and toe nails. His eyes swirled in anger as the gold receded and ruby red took its place.

As Caius' vampire body settles into its own again, I take a long look, allowing myself to appreciate what will be happening soon. I could feel it building in him, as it usually does during these times, but knew his aggression would have to calm considerably before we could make our way back to Bella. Fuck, was he sexy… and the thought of seeing her again made me painfully hard. My zipper would surely bust if Caius' lust combined with mine again.

Back to the point, though. It was time to release my friend from his self-imposed prison… but first, time to rile him up a bit. He'll need the rough and tumble to calm down for the trip to Volterra. "What has you in a tizzy, m'lord?"

With his deep growl that was meant to be menacing, I smirked at him, "You got any more than that, Darlin? That growl barely registered on my radar." He hissed in retaliation, "Fucking empath."

I stalked forward a few steps, making my movements as predatory as possible while taunting him a bit more. "Aww, poor baby. You want out of these chains and bars? You'll have to give me better than that, your highness. The longer you dawdle, the longer it takes for us to get out of here and reach our girl."

Caius roared as he rattled the bars of his cage, the sound of the chains rattling loudly around the room, then he growled deeply as his steely gaze met mine, "Don't you mean my girl, companion? Are you afraid to let the Major loose? You know as surely as I, I can handle him quite well, Texas. If you're afraid, though…"

I could feel it as soon as the word came hissing from his lips. Texas. That one word pulled the Major front and center quite forcefully. The rumble started lowly in my chest, and by the time it was released, The Major was fully growling at the man he called king. "Texas, huh? You ready to play now? Let's see how well you play with me tonight, Hybrid. I've been waitin' since I putcha in that cage for this li'l party."

As I stalked forward to release him, he laughed. At the raise of my eyebrow, he chuckled, "Hybrid… really? I know you can come up with something better, Major." I had reached his cell by now, so after unlocking the outer gate's chains, I opened the door. Taking the final steps toward him, I offered a sly grin, "Shall I call ya puppy instead? I can, ya know. You're such a beautiful silvery-white color, so fluffy and shiny, when you're a puppy."

Caius' emotions bristled, but I knew it was more about him still being locked up, than about my nicknames for him. "At this point, I truly do not give a fuck what you call me. Just get me. Out. Of. This. CAGE!" I chuckled, thinking about our little sessions, offering with a cheeky grin, "Oh, Darlin… you'll be givin' a good fuck in a minute or two… and maybe gettin' one, if you're a good boy."

Both his lust and aggression were at the same high level now, so I knew to prepare myself for two possible outcomes once I freed my king… either a fight or a fuck. I hoped for a bit of both, 'cuz damn, was he sexy like this. With that thought, I prepared myself as I locked eyes with Caius and unbound the last of his chains.

It happened just like I'd hoped. My shirt was gone the instant his cage door was open, with Caius trapping me against the stone wall, the length of his body pressed so tightly against mine that it was almost painful. With his growl rumbling deep in his chest, I nearly missed his, "It's about damn time, Major," as his hands pawed at my stone flesh anywhere he could reach.

Just as Caius was about to reach my jeans, I took the opportunity to flip our positions, pressing my aching length against his. With a long lick up the right side of his neck, I rocked my hips while grabbing his ass, offering in a husky tone, "If ya want a tumble, ya gotta earn it, Wolf Boy. Ya know the rules. Catch me if ya can." I sprinted for the basement stairway in the same second.