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Chapter 9

Bella POV

Usually I love sitting by the glass wall in my room, but today it's raining heavily and very depressing. My mood is no better than the weather, as Caius has been gone for almost a week; at least it feels like it. Every day it hurts more; the pain is getting harder to bear. I chose not to visit with Marcus today, but now feel I made a big mistake in being alone. The tears begin to fall as I sit here. I don't have the energy to move, and I'm begining to think Caius is never coming back. Even though I know he is, this is how I feel.

Marcus POV

Little does Isabella know, I can smell her tears, hear her softly crying. The pull must be getting stronger and becoming most unbearable for her. She must be quite lonely, as her mate is not here and Aro has sent the twins to collect the Cullen family. All this would cause her more discourse. Good lord, what is that lunatic brother of mine thinking? With Aro, one will never know.

I sit, thinking about calling the Major to find out how Caius is today, but wondering if they will think I'm meddling. I don't know how much more of this she can take; I worry for her health and well-being. So I do what any father would do. I knock on her door, hoping to rouse her into talking to me.

"Isabella, may I speak with you?"

"Come in."

As I open the door, the sight of her in tears breaks my undead heart. I go to her, wrap her in my arms, telling her, "I understand how you feel, but he will be coming back. As a matter of fact, mia figlia, he will be here within a couple of days. Can you imagine how he feels?"

"How? I know I hurt and don't want to do anything."

"Multiply how you feel by one hundred, then you will know how Caius feels. Just be glad you can feel only a fraction of it. He feels it all…as for Jasper, I know he feels it as well, but I think it's only because of Caius' bond to you. I cannot be sure until he is here, where I can see his bonds or ties to you, as well as everyone else."

"B-but isn't J-Jasper A-Alice's mate? I know they are or were m-married…"she asked in between sniffles.

"No, she is not his mate; wife maybe, but mate no. They never were. Most of the bonds you have with the Cullen Coven are still there, bright and vibrant, but some are broken beyond repair. Tell me how you feel about the Cullen's."

"Where do I begin? I always felt inferior to them…I mean they are all so beautiful and I am just a plain human. When I first met Edward, he was so angry. I wondered if I had done something wrong. He went away for about a week, then when he came back, he was calmer and more approachable. He did everything he could to deter me from him, but after I was almost crushed by a van, he always found a way to be around me. That was the day I met Carlisle. When he walked into the room, I thought I was looking at Zeus' better looking, much younger brother. Edward and I got closer before he brought me to his house to meet his family. Esme was very forthcoming, making me feel like her daughter; much like Carlisle did. I thought Emmett to be intimidating because he was so big. His wife, Rosalie, well she was another story. I thought her to be unapproachable... very angry. She always made me feel uncomfortable because she was so beautiful."

Bella was clearly overwhelmed. I watched as she gathered her thoughts before continuing. "Alice reminded me of a hyper pixie on speed, always having the need to go shopping, or using me as a life sized Barbie doll. Jasper... I was never allowed around him alone. Edward made him sound dangerous, saying he would hurt me, without giving me a reason why. I tried to tell him Jasper wouldn't; but nothing I said mattered. For me to be around Jasper someone always had to be with me as a precaution. I had a feeling about Jasper, felt he was misunderstood and I knew he would never hurt me in any way. I felt safe around him... more so than with Edward, I always felt calm with him near. I don't know if he was just dazzling me but that's how I felt even with everyone else in the room."

I listened intently to her then said, "I can tell you that you are correct with your assumptions of Jasper, he would never hurt you in any way. As a matter of fact, Isabella, he would rather die than hurt you. What did you feel when they all left?"

She thought for a moment then said, "I'm afraid, that's a little harder to tell you about Marcus. Edward hurt me beyond reason by taking me into the woods and basically telling me he was tired of playing a human, going to school, and being close to me. He said I was a toy, a pet, and left me there knowing I would try to follow him. He said his family were leaving because people were beginning to see that Carlisle was not aging. He also said that my mind was like a sieve and I would eventually forget them, it would be as if they never existed for me. When he left me it was like someone had opened a hole in my heart and forgot to close it. It didn't bother me that Rosalie left because she never liked me to begin with. Emmett was another story; it was like losing my brother. Carlisle and Esme were like losing my parents, and with Alice, it was losing my best friend and sister. I didn't know Jasper very well but felt bad because I thought he was beginning to come around and we would become close. I also felt Jasper would be relieved that he wouldn't want to kill me anymore, but felt foolish because he never tried to attack me in Phoenix during the James incident."

"That's where you were misled Isabella. Jasper never would try anything to hurt you. He protected you and was trying to protect you from his own 'brother'. You are Edward's la tua cantante or singer." I replied.

Her eyes widened as she asked, "What is that? I mean I know I smell particularly good to your kind but what do you mean by singer?"

Marcus looked at her as he pondered how to tell her as easily as possible without scaring her and said, "Stella mia, a singer is one whose blood calls to a vampire like a vengeful siren seeking sailors lost at sea. You see Edward was drawn to the scent of your blood and how he abstained from draining you is a miracle in itself. Your blood is the sweetest thing he has smelled in all his life and he wanted it all for himself. That's why he thought you were his mate. What he did not know is that a true mate would never claim their singer as such."

Bella listened intently to my voice, then gasped as I finished. She had no idea what Edward had been thinking, but most likely she surmised that it only had to do with the scent of her blood indeed causing him to believe she was his mate. She then squared her shoulders, asking, "Marcus, do all vampires have the ability of compulsion -or as I call it- dazzling? What I mean is can they compel a person or vampire to do what they say or want them to do?"

I knew her question was a valid one, but how do I explain we all have that ability without her getting upset. Do I also tell her of the other kind of vampire out there, as well as everything else that goes bump in the night?

"Isabella, I can answer those questions for you, though I think it would be irrelevant at this time. I will tell you this much. As far as I know all vampires have the gift of compulsion, or dazzling; it's one of the ways we lure in our prey. As for getting people -humans or vampires- to do as we wish, I guess it depends on the vampire. I am not discouraging you or telling you this to scare you, but you needed to know." I gave her a small smile as I heard Aro and the Cullen boy whispering in the halls nearby. I need to put a stop to Aro and his philandering, consorting with someone to keep Caius and Bella apart. He's being ridiculous. I then said gently, "I shall return shortly. There is a pressing matter Imust attend to immediately."

"I don't plan on going anywhere, because being someone's lunch is not an appealing thought. I'll just read or work on some Italian until you get back."

I got up and walked to the door, telling her I would be back in a little while. As I closed it behind me, I heard the voices of Aro and Edward get closer. I called to them, "I can hear you Aro, we need to have a little chat. As for you, Mister Cullen, I suggest you go visit your sister Alice. Isabella is otherwise occupied at the moment. Also, you will no longer be allowed near her without a chaperone. Am I making that clear enough for you?"

"Of course, Master Marcus. I have no wish to upset her... or you for that matter." Edward replied.

"Marcus what has you in this state of emotion, brother? Has Isabella done something for you to be like this? May I glean the reason from your thoughts?" Aro asked.

I watched the boy disappear around the corner, then turned to Aro, saying, "Brother, you and I need to have a talk about what is going on with you. Then I suggest you go see Sulpicia. You both need some time together, as I know you have not been intimate in a while."

"Marcus, what do you mean? Why do we need to have a talk? Have I done something to upset you?"

"You know very well what you are doing. You are trying to keep our brother from his mate and happiness, by carousing with the Cullen child. Have you no respect for mates? Were you not the one that made into law, and I quote, 'True mates are not to be kept apart for any reason. The penalty is determined by the reasons they were kept apart.' Aro, for the love of all things on earth, what is going on in that mind of yours?"

"I was just toying with them, brother. I was not going to make Caius and Isabella stay apart. As for the Cullen boy I wanted to see what lengths he would go to, to keep her. We both know that Caius would never stand for it. If it will appease you, I will tell Mr. Cullen that he would do better to find his true mate. She is alive and very much a vampire, is she not?"

"That I do not know, Aro. I am not a seer like Alice Cullen, nor do I just know things, like our brother and Peter Whitlock. I do know this much. Carlisle and his coven will be arriving at the break of dawn, and I do not want them to upset Isabella in any way."

"Marcus, you know as well as I that Carlisle would never hurt her intentionally. We both know that when his coven left Forks WA, it was at the request of his first turned, not because he wanted to leave. However, I do promise not to allow them near Isabella without her permission first."

"There is one thing I need to bring to your attention before we are through. Jasper Whitlock will not be with the Cullen coven. He is away from them on a private matter. He will be here when Caius comes back, though."

"Oh…? And when did you find this out?"

"When and how I found out is irrelevant. All I know is he is meeting up with Caius on his return to Volterra."

"Fine. I wish to see them both when they return. I have questions that need answering. But then... you could just show me what I need to know."

"Why not try asking, Aro, instead of raping the minds of those you come in contact with? You may find it enlightening. I will tell you if you ask, as I have nothing to hide."

"Is there something going on between our brother and Major Whitlock? Is Alice the Major's mate? Is Isabella Caius' la tua cantante as she is to Carlisle's Edward?"

I sat listening to his questions, then decided to answer them as I knew how. "Aro, I can only tell you what I know. The first question I do not now have the answer for. As for the last two, no and no. Alice is not the Major's mate, and Isabella is not Caius' la tua cantante. Her relationship with Edward Cullen was somewhat forced. Not completely like reclusione del la anima, but caused by compulsion -or as Isabella calls it, dazzling. When the Cullen's left her, her bonds to Edward became fractured and severed; with the others, she was hurt by their abandonment. When she came with Alice to 'rescue' him, her bonds didn't repair themselves. Instead, she formed new bonds to us. Hers with Caius is a true mate bond, like yours with Sulpicia."

"You have no idea how much that pleases me and sets my mind at ease, brother. It feels as if a weight has been lifted where Caius is concerned. Thank you for your honesty, Marcus."

"Aro, I know about your conversations with Edward Cullen. I will not tolerate his threats to take Isabella from this castle. If anything happens to her, brother…you will deal with me. My anger will be swift on this topic. I will also be the one to inform our brother if it is not stopped.

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Mia figlia- my daughter

La tua cantante- your singer or singer

Stella mia- my star

Reclusione del la anima- imprisonment or confinement of the soul…