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Chihaya's Pov:

*This can't be happening...No, I bet this was all a horrible nightmare and I'll wake soon...Any day now... *sigh* This is actually happening to me. Now I'm a bad person! I should just call Louta and tell him what happened. He will know what to do! ... "Mitarai residence, Shouta speaking!" I heard from the other line. "Hey, can I talk to Louta please?" I asked calmly. "Sure, one sec!" he exclaimed. I wonder how long it will take for him to-"Hey Chihaya," Louta interrupted. "Hey babe..." I said becoming more and more choked up. "What's wrong," he asked after a short pause."N-nothing. N-n-nothing is wrong," I croaked with a lump in my throat. "I can hear that something is wrong."Well, you're wrong."Just tell me."I-I just can't!"Wait...Were you choked up because of something that happened?"Yes..."...OMG! PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU DIDN'T GET PREGNANT FROM WHAT HAPPENED A FEW WEEKS AGO! I started to sob. "Oh god. I'll be over in 5 minutes!" He hung up. I broke into tears on the floor of the production studio.

I just can't do this. I'll be a horrible mom! You know what, I'm going to wipe my tears and take an off day. I just can't work like this today. "Good morning Chihaya-san!" Yayoi exclaimed from across the room. "Hey," I said, feeling downcast. "What's wrong Chihaya-san? You usually seem happier in the morning."It's probably just the flu," I lied, "I'm going to take the day off." I left to my apartment without saying another word to anyone.


Takane's Pov:

"This is going to be so exciting!" Azusa exclaimed as we walked to the production studio. "Just calm yourself down," I said. "I can't! Doing a group tour with only us and Chihaya will be so much fun!"I know that it will be very enjoyable, but your excitement can turn into stress and that is not good. For us especially."I know, I know. It's bad for the baby."Good job. You finally remembered something I told you," I said.

At 765 Pro...

"Good morning Azusa and Takane! What's up?" Yayoi said when we entered the office. "Nothing much, but have you seen Chihaya today?" I inquired. "Chihaya said that she felt sick and took the day off. But I heard her crying about something when I was walking up the stairs."Did you hear anything that she said?"All I heard her say was 'I just can't do this. I'll be a horrible- something'. I couldn't make out the last word she said."Well thanks anyway." Could Chihaya be in our situation too? I wonder...

*:Chihaya is looking at a positive pregnancy test.

**You know how babies are made. I didn't want to elaborate on that.

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