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Shape Shifters,

Creatures of dawn and dusk,

During new moons,

Full of fright,

For then,

Powers take flight,


During that very special night,

Beware my friends,

'Cause you may die.

Angel's POV

I walked down the street, hardly anything in sight. No one comes to this place, it's on the verge of becoming a ghost town, but never the less, there is food. Food. That's what keeps humans alive. But I'm not human, no, I'm a shape shifter. We all are, my friends and I. Kicked out of our homes to protect our families from the danger we cause. Now your probably asking, what is a shape shifter? Well, first off we are creatures. Hence the term, we shape shift. Creatures that shape shift. I like that. And that's the nice way to put it. Most people call us abominations, monsters, basically anything that defines a stereotyped creature. If only they looked past our being and looked into our hearts... They'd see a normal person, no, they'd an abomination. They always do.

This is why we never tell anyone what we really are anymore, this is why this town is so empty, this is why the only people that care about us are ourselves and our parents. Not even our brothers or sisters know who we really are. Some don't even know we exist. Sad, no? But it's a sacrifice we all have to make.

I unlocked the door to the old colored house at the end of the street, and inside I found all my friends lazily sitting around the television. "The death toll is drastically increasing, many people believe this is the shape shifters' doing. If you're wondering what shape shifter is, it's a horrid creature that-" with that the TV was shut off.

"BS! All of it! This is just one of the government's desperate attempts to capture us all!" May, the short tempered brunette exclaimed in fury.

"Jeez, Maple. Chill out, would ya?" I said completely annoyed.

"Well if you were around to see what those humans," May said in disgust, "did to me back at home, then you'd be just angry as I am."

Now let me explain. What May went through was absolutely terrible. Both the citizens of Petalburg andLittle Root formed a huge riot outside her home. They wrecked everything. Her father's gym in ruins. Her best friend, Brendan, abandoned her. In fact he was a spy for the townsmen, that's how they found out where she lived. They had cornered, ready to kill her, until Dawn saved her. They've been best friends ever since.

"Well, let's just forget about those humans then." Dawn reasoned, "I mean, what can they do? We're practically invincible for crying out loud."

"But if mess they with our heads? You know, kidnapping our family or something." Lyra, the second brunette, said. The other girls looked at her as if she had grown a second head.

"Why would you even go there...?" Misty asked. And like almost all bad TV shows, they started a comical argument.

Leaf, the last brunette, suddenly walked in the room, with some very important information may I say, only to find a full fledged fight with May putting Lyra in a headlock, Dawn clawing Misty like a manic, and Marina twirling around and using her hands as blades while Angel was blocking them.

"Do I want to know how this happened...?" Leaf said quietly to herself as she rubbed her temples, "Hey!" No response. "HEY!" No response. "HEY!"

Everyone looked up. Leaf lifted up a newspaper from her hand. It read, "Top students at Machamp Fighting Academy."

"Okay... so what's so important about this?" Marina asked.

"Look at who's number 3." Leaf said. Number three, Drew Hayden. My younger brother was at a fighting academy. I sat down and covered my face. I heard a clicking sound and the tv turned on, apperntly I sat on the remote.

"We've got some great news everyone. We've found the shape shifter's hideout, it's a place called Tenna Town. A local there just called it in to the police and they're on there way to capture the monsters."

"We have to move. Now." May said jumping out her seat and walking briskly to her room.

"I'm with you on that May!" Dawn exclaimed while she ran upstairs to her room.

"But where are we going to go?" Lyra questioned.

"To Machamp Fighting Academy." I said after calming myself down.

"And do you plan to do that? It's an all boys school afterall." Leaf said.

I picked up my phone and dailed a number, "Let's just say I've got my older sister's number who, according to this newspaper, is the dean of the school. And she might just be able to do something about that 'boys only' rule." I confirmed with a smirk.

Machamp Fighting Academy here we come!