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MIRS (Miscellaneous Information Regarding the Story):

Battles, Appeals, Etc:

In this world of Pokémon, people fight alongside their Pokémon. Literally. The purpose of appeals are to make the Pokémon and their trainer shine.

Terms for this chapter:

Onee-san - older sister

Yandere - Should be pretty obvious in the story...

Yoi ikimono - Good creatures

Carpaccio - Thinly sliced beef

Kama - Japanese weapon, think of a Kusarigama without the chain

Kusarigama - Tsubaki's main form (Soul Eater reference... I don't own it.)

Katana - ...I will facedesk if you don't know what this is...

(Blade) Tessen - Metal fan

Chirigiki - Metal chain with spiky round thing on the tip


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"Hurry up, Angel! The police are tailing us!" Bianca screeched at the older girl, as she was trailing behind the others.

"I'm trying to reach Cynthia, 'kay? So shut up so I can call her again." Angel replied in a huff.

"But the police…" May decided to but in on coaxing Angel into moving faster.

"They're miles away, if you haven't already noticed. Besides, I sent Xatu in the other direct-" Angel was cut off with the sound of her phone ringing. Cynthia had called her back.

"Angel?" Cynthia's voice was put on speaker for all the girls to hear.

"Hi Onee-san. Can I ask a favor of you?" Angel said in a sugary sweet voice.

"…Okay shoot." Cynthia's tone of voice seemed hesitant, almost regretful for saying that.

"I was wondering if you could change the rule of the academy." There she goes, using that sugary sweet voice again. The other girl shuddered, as they had just experienced a whole new persona of Angel. Some might call it her Yandere mode; others would explain it as her extremely-sweet-then-ready-to-kill-you-in-one-slic e-mode.

"Which rule…?" Seems that Cynthia detected Angel's Yandere mode.

"The boys only rule." Angel deadpanned, switching out of Yandere mode -much to everyone's relief- and returning to her normal, straight forward and downright conceited self.

"What?! Are you crazy?! No way, why would I do that?!" Cynthia was pretty much screaming into the phone.

"I know father appointed you headmistress. And as long as know your… secret, I've got you tucked under my wing." A wide set smirk adorned Angel's face, she laughed evilly and many of the other girls huddled behind Misty as some sort of defense.

Cynthia sighed in defeat, "Okay, you win. I'll change the rule. I'm assuming you and the other yoi ikimono will be coming over soon."

"Stop calling us that, just because father let you in on our secret doesn't mean you get to call us the yoi ikimono," Angel paused to make a few calculations, "We'll be there on Sunday."

"Sorry about that. Call me when you get here,"There was a pause, "Be safe."

"We will. Bye." With that, Angel hung up. She sighed heavily and looked to other girls to see their reactions and such.

Misty was the first to speak up, "We should set up camp. Lyra, Dawn, can you two go find some berries? May, I need you to stop chewing on that twig and go look for some water. Angel, stay here and sharpen your cutting knifes and clear an area for the fire. The rest of us should collect firewood."

Everyone nodded and went to their tasks; Angel looked after the bags and was now rummaging through one. Most likely looking for her cooking utensils.

They ate in silence. Thinking about what might happen at the academy. May broke the silence with a very thoughtful grunt.

"Something occurred to me." she paused for acknowledgement from everyone, "Do we even know how to fight?"

Angel facepalmed and groaned, "Dang, I forgot about that." She stuffed the rest of her food in her mouth and stood up.

"Let's practice a bit so you guys don't look like idiots."

"Does that mean you know how to fight." Marina questioned.

"Yup. I'm a Hayden after all," Angel explained, "It's one of the reasons why they made the academy in the first place."

"So, um, training…" Dawn said nervously.

Angel's eyes lit up, "Let's do some weapon training first. I want one of you to shift into a katana…"

Word had got out fast about Machamp Fighting Academy converting to a co-ed school. Cynthia and the rest of the staff board were held up on interview after interview. Luckily, they had a beak as Danny, the vice-headmaster and Cynthia's younger brother, was trying his best to calm down the press and keep them from destroying the property's gates.

"Danny Hayden, was it? What is your input on your older sister changing the laws of your school?" one reporter shouted from the back of the large group of people.

"My sources tell me that your younger sister, Angel Hayden, is one of the few girls to join . What are your thoughts on this?" yet another one shouted from the front of the pack. She held a microphone through the gate, shoving it in Danny's face.

"No. I don't have a sister named Angel. She was a created as joke. Excuse me for a moment…" Danny lied, "Candice! Watch the gates for me!" As auburn haired man walked back towards the administration building, the gym leader scurried to the gates, holding back the press in her older brother's place.

Danny slammed his hand on Cynthia's desk, making her jump in her seat. The two glared at each other before Danny spoke up.

"Why wasn't I informed that Angel's coming?" Danny asked, his voice filled with surprise and anger. He did not like to be left out of the cold. Especially to the tabloids.

Cynthia's eyes widened slightly, "How did you find out?"

"Who do you think keeps annoying us every damn day?" the Orange Archipelago gym leader deadpanned. Taking over the roles of parents for their younger siblings brought a lot of stress over Cynthia and Danny, which also meant a lot stress and cussing. A lot of cussing.

Cynthia sighed, "It wasn't evadable. You had to know eventually."

"What if something goes wrong? What if Angel cracks and loses control? What if-" the wise Sinnoh champion cut her younger brother off.

"Enough what if's. They're merely possibilities. Besides, we'll keep an eye on her, as well as the other yoi ikimono."

Danny cocked an eyebrow, "Them too? Nice reunion… maybe we should the parents while we're at it."

"Don't be stupid. We do that; we start World War III. You know how much tension there is between all the others and their families. Even ours is falling apart."

It was Danny's turn to sigh, "I was only joking, but know you've made me feel bad."

Cynthia chuckled lightly, "Well, go on outside now. I'm sure if you let Candice wait any longer, she'll have Sneasel chasing you around."

With brisk nod, Danny walked out of the office building. Cynthia was slightly correct on her predication. Candice was yelling at her older brother and sending him icy glares. The blonde Sinnoh native laughed at scene before going back to paperwork.

"So tell me something, Norman."the reporter paused for a brisk nod from said man, "Is it true that your daughter, May Maple, will be one of the first female students to ever step foot on Machamp Fighting Academy's campus?"

Norman ran a hand through his blackish-purplish hair, "Well when you put it that way, then yes. I suppose you can say she's following in her father's footsteps."

"Oh my Arceus, the rumors were true! We need to tell the press immediately!" The reporter exclaimed, "Anyway, on to different matters. The viewers are all asking it, so I might as well say it: What level is your Slaking?"

Norman rubbed his chin, "Interesting question. Well, my Slaking is currently at-"

The TV was shut off and now the only source of light in the living room was the open window.

"Great, just great. Now sensei's letting a bunch of girls into the academy." A spiky haired brunette said in a huff.

"Don't be harsh, Gary. Besides, one's the daughter of a gym leader. That's gotta be good news for the rest of them." His raven haired companion chided.

"Amazing." A plum head walked into room followed by a blonde, "Ketchum said something intelligent for once."

"And Paul said a full sentence," Ash countered, "for once." He added the last part in an almost mocking way.

"Who are you and what have you done with Ash Ketchum?" a chartreuse haired boy said abruptly from the staircase.

Before Ash could retort, the PA system located in their house –more like mansion- sounded off.

"New student drill, attendance is mandatory." Cynthia's voice came out of the PA, she sounded tired and irritable.

"I'll go call the others." Barry, the blonde, piped as he ran up the staircase on the right side of the main room. [A/N: Sorry, I never studied 'Parts of a mansion'.]

Soon enough, three other boys joined the rest.

The grass head stared at Barry, "What happened to your face?"

"Push was watching a fight between Jimmy and Silver and I guess I interrupted it. Then I got punched in the face by Silver…" Barry said, while holding an ice pack out of nowhere to his black eye.

Silver chuckled, "It's your own fault."

"Drew and others, get your damn butts to the MPR before I drag you boys there. Everyone else is already here." Cynthia threatened, a lot of snickering could be heard in the background.

The green haired boy winced at the headmistress' tone of voice, "Let's go before she sends her Garchomp on us or something."

Danny was the first to see the boys walk in. He sat in their seats in the front of room and signaled Cynthia to start as he walked over to stand next to the elder woman.

Cynthia tapped the microphone on her mini-podium and spoke, "Now as most of you know, we have new students. Females students to be exact."

Candice, who stood near Cynthia, laughed at most of the student's expressions, "Obviously they haven't watched the news or read from the papers in a while."

Some of the other staff, who were also standing near Cynthia, chuckled in response.

"They must be caught up in training." Lt. Surge, one of the gym teachers, pointed out.

Cynthia coughed and glared at them, "I'd appreciate it if you guys wouldn't interrupt too."

"Yes ma'am." came a quick reply from a slightly scared Lt. Surge.

"Let's start evaluation." Cynthia said and gestured for Danny to walk across the stage to the other side, holding a small remote in his hand. A girl with gravity defining sky blue hair and sea green eyes was pushed onto the stage by someone behind the curtain.

"Name?" Cynthia asked in a bored tone.

"Marina Dani." Marina replied.

"Weapon choice?"

"The kama."

"Why not a kusarigama?" Cynthia looked slightly surprised by Marina's answer.

"The chain weighs me down."

Cynthia nodded in understanding, "Very well, execute demonstration."

Marina took a deep breath and took her ax-like weapons out of their holds and went into a fighting stance. Danny pushed a button the remote he was holding and a robot with a medieval shield appeared. Marina ran up to it, the kama in her left hand gripped the shield and threw it out of the way and the kama in her right hand simultaneously sliced diagonally through the robot's head. Cynthia jotted down some notes on Marina's performance and muttered something along the lines of 'Angel must have trained them last minute.'

"You're dismissed." Danny said. Marina walked behind the curtain and pulled a brunette with equally gravity defining pigtails onto the stage, as an act of revenge for pushing Marina on there.

Cynthia started the process over again, "Name?"

"Lyra Kotone." the brown eyed girl said as she glared at Marina behind the curtain.

"Weapon choice?"


"Execute demonstration."

Lyra held her weapon up and charged at the robot that had just appeared. She swung her chigiriki and caught the robot's katana, momentarily pulling it back before she swung it right back. Using its own weapon against it, a classic. Cynthia looked slightly impressed, along with the long forgotten students.

Danny gave Lyra a nod of approval, "Dismissed." Although Marina did just as good as Lyra, it seems Lyra left a greater impression on the academy and its inhabitants. An orange haired girl walked on stage, her aqua green eyes shone in determination.

"Name?" asked the Sinnoh champion.

"Misty Waterflower." Misty's hair style was very peculiar, her hair up in a high side pony tail and all. Her attire just screamed tomboy.

"Weapon choice?"


Cynthia rose an eyebrow, "Execute demonstration."

Four robots appeared this time, none of them had weapons though. In a single swing, Misty took out all four robots. Robot parts spewed all over the place, a small shriek could be heard from behind the curtain when some of the robot parts flew back there. She wordlessly left and the other weapon demonstrations whizzed by. Leaf put on a wonderful display with her kunai. Bianca got several laughs at her 25 ACP, but managed to surprise everyone with good aim. Almost everyone rolled their eyes when Dawn announced she used a Colt M1911 as her weapon, then all their jaws dropped when they saw her actually shoot. Then it got to May…

"Name?" asked the blonde headmistress.

"May Maple."

"Hey Gary, isn't that the daughter of Norman Maple?" Ash asked the brunette boy beside him in a hushed voice.

"Yeah, I think so," Gary allowed himself to smirk, "She's kinda hot, but not as hot as that other brunette."

"Which one? Leaf or Lyra?"

"Leaf. The one with the mini-skirt." Gary's smirk got wider.

Ash made a face, "Ewwww."

They directed their attention May's demonstration now. She held her katana close to her face and held her stance. She charged the robot and the two had struggle, pushing the katanas against each other, waiting for the other to give. May finally managed to pull a move on the robot and its katana was now useless, on the floor ten feet away. The sapphire eyed girl sliced the robot straight down the middle and waited to be dismissed. Once she got the word, May drifted back behind the curtain.

The next girl was a bit different, she went immediately into battle with a robot that had magically appear mere moments ago. She had two metal fans in her hands, that made whipping sounds that echoed throughout the room with them.

"They're my own creation; the blade tessen," she said, her black and gold hair swishing back and forth as she swung her weapons, "Call 'em blades for one reason and one reason only." She pushed a button on both fans and curved blades came out of the top of each individual part. [A/N: Wonderful description, Angel. Just brilliant. -.-]

The robot failed to flee the blades and the girl's emerald eyes flickered evilly. With multiple swipes, she managed to make robot carpaccio.

She smirked widely and remembered she didn't introduce herself.

"Oh the name's Angel Hayden." Angel watched her younger brother stand up and walk over to stage. So many people gasped, it was hard to keep track.

Candice squealed, "I knew it! You've grown so much since I last saw you!" Angel was pulled into a tight hug by her slightly younger sister and Danny, her older brother. Cynthia was trying her best to calm down Drew and explain everything to him.

"But she doesn't even look like me!" Drew screamed.

"Well, I don't look like you either." Cynthia retorted. Before Drew could say anymore, Angel wriggled out of Candice and Danny's grasp and engulf Drew in a hug of his own.

"Little brother…" She whispered, "You have no idea how much I missed you."

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