Accepted OC's for Digimon Invasion + first Chapter

Well, this is the list of OC's I have accepted and made changes to. Now, it was quite hard to decide an OC from the 16 that I was given. There were only minor changes done to OC's like age and partner. Here is the list.

Gallantmon 7196 – Frost North (15yrs old) and Guilmon3

Kairi Avalon – Blake Ryder (14yrs old) and Falcomon

Rainbowkitteh – Caroline Himura (14yrs old) and Leomon

PrincessOfDestiny14 – Sakura Shiba (15½ yrs old) and Salamon

Jackpot 2 – Reji Hayato (14yrs old) and Dracomon

Pokemon Fan 1991 – Jonathan Johnson (14yrs old) and Flamemon

Digital Saviour – Ryan Trayner (14yrs old)

Queztionz – Zyon Jacquel (15yrs old) and Gaomon2

Amaya-CheshireNeko – Michelle Evans (13½ yrs old) and Labramon

Sorry to those who weren't picked as main protagonists. They might have cameo roles in it though.

Now down to business. If you have any chapter ideas or digimon you want your OC to encounter, just tell me as they're all welcome. What was quite funny was all the flirting put down in personality for number of male OC's. It's not exactly like Boy Hunters but has these sorts of things. There may or not be a DigiQuartz. Haven't really decided. It'll have that tamer/Boy Hunters mix if you understand me. I don't know if I should have all OC's in the same School. Anyway, enough stalling. Here is Chapter one of Digimon Invasion.

(10yrs ago – Digital World time stream - Unknown location)

"There is nothing we can do Azulongmon, The barrier is going to shatter in mere seconds, digimon are going to fall through into the human world" A large tortoise creature with two heads and a large tree on its shell said.

"There has to be something Ebonwumon, many digimon that fall through that barrier will have their entire self altered, becoming evil or virus type, even us" The large blue flying serpent creature said as blue clouds began to cover his body.

"There is one thing we could do Azulongmon, it may cost us all our digi-cores though" Ebonwumon said, slightly saddened by what had to be done.

"It is the only way we can save both worlds" Azulongmon said as his six digi-cores floated to his head.

The six blue digi-cores began to spin round the spike on Azulongmon's head and gradually got faster and faster. Six green digi-cores began to spin round the tree on the digimon's shell. The 12 digi-cores span till they became two rings that were shot into the sky.

"This is our last hope...If this doesn't work; it's the end for us all"

(Present Day – Odaiba)

"You really think you could beat me in a fight, Cody Sheenan" said a 14yr old boy.

The boy had short jet black hair that was spiked up at the front and was wearing dark green jacket, with a white long sleeved shirt underneath. Black pants, with red lines on each side, and black boots.

"I don't think I could beat you Reji Hayato, I KNOW I CAN BEAT YOU" the said 14yr old girl said.

She had fairly long dark brown hair that went down her back and she wore a white skirt, white blouse, black tights, white heels, leather jacket and a white glove that goes past her elbow on her right arm.

"Why are you two even fighting" said another 14yr old boy with messy brown hair that was standing not to far a distance from the two teenagers.

This boy seemed to have a weird style of clothing. He was wearing Black Chino's, White shirt, black bow tie and checkered braces.

"Cody's fighting because she doesn't understand why Reji doesn't like Ice cream because it's too cold, that explain it Ryan" the 13yr old girl beside Ryan said.

This girl had long blond hair that curled at the end, average build and fairly pale skin. She was wearing a Sleeveless white and light pink vertically striped blouse, green shirt with buttons on top undone and white tennis shoes.

"It explains it, but they do need to get a room, don't you agree Michelle" Ryan said as he straightened his bow tie.

"WE HEARD THAT!" The two teenagers shouted as Ryan and Michelle cowered in terror.

The 4 teenagers continued walking round the park in Odaiba.

Lurking in the shadows of the trees was a 15yr old boy. This boy had some of his hair tied into a ponytail. His clothes were stained in blood and where ripped in places with visible cuts.

"That's my decision made, now I just have to wait for Greyson and Lance, to choose their Hunters"

The boy then disappeared into thin air.

(Other side Of Odaiba)

Another group of three kids were sitting outside of a cafe quietly talking to each other.

"Anybody got any stories they care to share, how about you Jonathan" said the fifteen yr old boy who has onyx eyes and long shaggy black hair who was sitting down with his legs on the table.

This boy was wearing a black sleeveless hoodie, black jeans, sneakers and black fingerless gloves.

"Well Zyon, I heard that these scientists have detected this meteor kinda thing above earth's atmosphere, It's probably just a load of rubbish" said the 14yr old boy.

This boy was wearing a red jacket, blue shirt, black jeans, black shoes and a bandana on his hand.

"How do you know, it would explain the northern lights appearing over the Sahara desert" said the 14yr old girl with short curly black hair that is barley touching her shoulders, and dark hazel eyes who was sitting across from Jonathan.

She was wearing a white long sleeved shirt underneath a very dark red t-shirt, a leather necklace with various shark teeth hung about, a long brown skirt that reaches a few inches under her knees and brown leather boots.

"It's very unlikely though, these people have gotten things wrong in the past" Said Zyon as he drank the last few drops of Cola.

Oblivious to the three teenagers, a 14yr old boy was hidden in an alleyway. The boy had a large number of cuts all over his body, a large rip down the side of his white shirt, burn marks all over his face and blood stains all over his black jeans.

"They'll have to do, there's a weird aura to them"

The boy then vanished as he stepped into the shadows.

(Rainbow Bridge – Odaiba)

Three teenagers were standing at the side of the bridge. Two guys and one girl. The 15yr old boy was tall, has dark brown hair, blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. He was wearing a crimson t-shirt, a New York Yankees baseball cap, ¾ length trousers and red and grey sneakers. The 14yr old girl had Waist length brunette hair with pink and blue highlights, fair skin and blue eyes. She was wearing a pink mini-dress with ¾ jeans, silver ribbon heels and a jean jacket. The 14yr old boy has messy black hair and violet eyes. Slightly tan skin and athletic build. He was wearing dark blue open jacket, brown gloves, black short sleeves shirt, a belt hidden under his shirt, dark gray jeans, and a pair of sneakers(black/white).

"Come on guys, It's not even that high up, just one jump at least" the 15yr old boy said, filled with anxiety.

"Frost, I want to know if you are actually trying to kill us, who in the right mind would bungee jump off the rainbow bridge" Said the 14yr old boy.

"Come on Blake, don't pussy out on this one, Sakura wants to do it so why won't you" Frost said.

"I shall not bow down to peer pressure" Blake blurted out.

"If you don't jump off this bridge, I will push you off it, we clear" Sakura said with burning red eyes.

"YES MAAM" Blake shouted as he covered with fear.

The 3 teenagers eventually jumped off the bridge, bungee stuff attached and the like. They eventually stopped going right back up and had to unclip themselves and fall into the water. Unaware there was a 15yr old boy hiding in the metal frame under the bridge. The boy was fairly muscular from exercise, bright blue eyes, blue hair (Was naturally black) and very strong legs. The boy wore a plain tee, brown khaki shorts and white running shoes.

"That's definitely the three I'm supposed to look for" The boy said, "Now time to get back"

The boy then dived from the metal frames into the water, but before he hit the water, he disappeared in a flash.

(Unknown Location)

The three teenagers were standing in an almost completely black room. Each stood on one point of the large glowing triangle on the floor.

"Tell me Greyson, who have you chosen to accept the gift from Azulongmon and Ebonwumon" The 15yr old boy with the ponytail said.

"I've chosen four, 2 boys and a girl, I've done the whole background check and everything" A screen appeared in the middle of the triangle, showing images of the 3 chosen teenagers.

"Zyon Jacquel, suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, his parents are divorced and he is supposedly good at free running", "Next is Caroline Himura, she's an only child, budding archaeologist and a brilliant personality"

"Last is Jonathan Johnson, very OTT, he hides his true emotions under his wacky personality and a very strong will to fight"

"I'd say that's a fair choice of chosen, but now you'll meet mine" Said the blue haired 15yr old, " There is Frost North, I think he may be an alternate version of the one we met before during the Nova reality collapse, can be angered easily and seems to be very quiet"

"I would like to point out we're not supposed to pick hunters just because we have fought with the alternate version, You understand Lance" said the unnamed boy standing at the right of the triangle.

"I know that John, I just believe he may have potential" Lance said, "Now my second choice is a child known as Sakura Shiba, she can adapt to situations quickly and seems to be pure", "Finally, Blake Ryder, From a middle class family, headstrong and quite adventurous"

"All right, I've gotten four in total, 1st is the infamous Cody Sheenan, before she becomes who we all know, reckless which is good and pure of heart" Said John.

"Wait wait wait, it says that the next two people show relation to me, how's that?" Greyson said as he inspected the two pictures.

"That is because they show background radiation relating to you and your friend Jessica Lestry" John said.

"That can't be possible, it says there is even the same D.N.A structure, he even has almost the same name" Ryan Greyson said, shock filling his mind.

"Dude, we've got the same name, I'm a Ryan as well" Lance said, pointing out the obvious.

"Back to me, Ryan seems to follow the same as you, he has quite a weird style of clothes, he has the same personality as you and he is incredibly stubborn and obnoxious"

"Was that an insult" Ryan Greyson blurted out.

John ignored him and continued talking. "Michelle Evans, large amount of curiosity so she would dig deep into facts, incredible artist because of photographic memory and a to be musician"

"Yawn" Ryan Lance shouted.

"Last is Reji Hayato, he seems to be quite competitive, has a drive to win and seems to come from a loving family" John said.

"If that's us done going all NCIS, I'll make sure they receive their Xros Loaders and Digi-eggs" Ryan Greyson said as he walked off into the shadows.

"Try not to get involved with them" Ryan Lance shouted.

To Be Continued...

So, hope you liked this chapter. I know this might not have been the best introduction to the OC's, but this is just to get it started into the first arc. Leave a review PLEASE. And Goodbye.