Hello friends!

Long time no see... been missing you all!

I've been busy publishing 'How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennett to love again' . And 'Friendship of a special kind' is selling! I even have an Amazon page! My blog Hot Rio Chick has all the details!

To celebrate its success - 100 copies sold on the first month - I give you this vignette. Sweet, sexy and funny.

Hope you enjoy it.

Blurb: This Vignette finds Darcy and Lizzy between chapter 40 and 41 of 'How Darcy persuaded Lizzy' published as 'Friendship of a special kind'. They are back together after she had the break down and still have some ends to trim, but mostly are in love... and dealing with friends & family.

It's a bit long, so I divided in two parts.

First part is on - it has its own story threat, search by my name. Will post the second one next Tuesday.

Thank you Mischa for beta'ing and being sooo sweet!

Comments? You know I refresh my phone every twenty seconds looking for your comments...